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Chapter 129 - Displaying One’s might

This whole day had been gloomy. Occasionally it would have thunderstorms. They never saw sun. Which made it impossible to recharge the PDA with the solar panels. So even if Liu Gan owned a very powerful tool, he was unable to use it to it's full potential.

The more Liu Gan thought about it, the more angry he got. When the game developers decided to hand this probing device to Jiang JinYuan, have they never considered the possibility of weather in [The Trembling World] and whether there were areas suitable for using solar energy as a power source or not, these were all such nonsense talk.

Right now, as Liu Gan was organizing a formation for his troops, he thought of using a traditional method of scouting ahead to see if it was safe. Scouts would climb onto the roofs of buildings to check their surroundings from time to time, then shout back the report to the group.

After passing through this district, they were going to reach the location by the river that the Lee DingXiang sisters had led Liu Gan earlier. Of course, the group wasn't going to backtrack to the location Liu Gan got teleported. The issue was the region that was at downstream of the wide river. According to Lee Miao, there was a large bridge. The wide river could bottleneck a large portion of the corpse tide, as long as the whole squad crossed the large bridge safely then they could escape from the grips of the corpse tide.

Even though the corpse tide, wasn’t chasing them, their current situation was no different from being chased. If the zombies caught up to them, only Liu Gan, Yin He, and a handful of players would survive, most of the other players would perish.

The geography of the streets made their situation complicated. They had two options. If they head toward the bridge directly from nearby the hospital then there was a possibility of getting caught from behind by the corpse tide. The second option was that if they could took a detour using a longer route, then it would shorten the distance between the group and the corpse tide and it would took more time.

Nearby the hospital didn’t have many zombies blocking the road, but Lee Miao said that along the detour route, there were patches of wandering zombies.

Even though these patches of wandering zombies fundamentally didn’t pose any threat to Liu Gan. He could simply one versus ten zombies or more than ten zombies and it wouldn't be a problem. The issue was that these type of battles would delay their travel. The longer it took, the threat of the corpse tide increased. So to escape the large scale corpse tide that was encroaching them, the group decided to use the hospital path, since it was a direct route.

Even though the squad was travelling by with caution and producing minimal sounds, but they still alerted a scout of a nearby patrol squad that was nearby the hospital. When Liu Gan was moving up to clear out the path with zombies, at least a dozen people appeared on both sides of rooftops of two buildings. They were wielding simple hand gripped self-made bows and arrows or a simple bamboo spears or had large rocks in their hands. The locals shouted for Liu Gan’s group to stop moving.

The group wasted precious minutes on deciding the path and the corpse tide was not too far behind so if they stalled any longer, the result would be unthinkable.

“I am not here to fight with you. We gave up the supermarket due to a large-scale corpse tide that is heading this way. You should also hurry up and escape, otherwise you won't make it if you wait too long” Wang DeCheng shouted in reply to the people on the rooftop.

“I am Dr. Lee, these people aren't bad. The one called Tiger Lord was the bad person, he was killed off by our new leader who is very kind hearted.” Lee Miao added as she shouted too.

“Drop your baggages, then turn back and leave. Otherwise, don't blame us for treating you impolitely” said oa physically-defined male survivor who was wielding rather long spear. He completely ignored everything Wang DeCheng and Lee Miao told him.

“Tiger Lord is already dead, so everything bad that he had done is no longer related to us. We don't want to treat you as our enemy, so please don't make this hard for us, we only want to pass through since there is a corpse tide coming. If you don’t take this chance to quickly notify your companions to escape from the hospital, then the corpse tide will devour everyone.” Wang DeCheng shouted in reply.

“You dead-beat-soldier, how dare you talk back to me.” said the physically-defined male survivor on the rooftop. The male survivor was very happy to hear that Tiger Lord was dead, since last time they fought against each other. Tiger Lord proclaimed that he was a part of special forces, that was why the male survivor called Wang DeCheng a soldier.

“Our new leader is stronger than Tiger Lord, so don’t make this difficult for us. It will bring you unnecessary trouble when we are only trying to give you our honest opinion with hopes of helping you.” Wang DeCheng replied to the opposition since they didn’t want to drop the issue.

“F&%K You!”

Wang DeCheng gave a warning to the opposition, in hopes that they would be intimidated, but the plan backfired. The physically-defined male survivor on the rooftop got more angry and threw the bamboo spear at Wang DeCheng. Yin He received Liu Gan’s order earlier and she was prepared to intercept the attack. Yin He quickly dashed and with mid air somersault she caught the spear. Quickly the other players picked up a very simple shields and looked shelters to evade the attacks.

As spears and rocks were raining from above, the physically-defined male survivor kept cursing and shouting out threats. The survivor kept threatening the players to drop all their baggages and to retreat from the location or else they wouldn't live to see the end of the day.

Right when this male survivor was about to shout arrogantly again, a female gently bumped into his body. Then, he turned to look. He discovered that there was a tall and sturdy player behind him, he was unsure of when this player climbed up to the rooftop.

“Who are you and what do you want?” the male survivor was frightened as he shouted.

“I am their new leader, I don’t care what issues you had with them before, but regardless of who is right or who is wrong, there is a corpse tide coming as we speak. I will give you this one last chance to stop this foolishness. Drop all your weapons, and let us pass. From now on, we won’t deal with each other anymore.” said Liu Gan.

From what the players told him said, Liu Gan knew that the earlier conflicts were indeed the player’s fault. This conflict started when Tiger Lord wanted to kidnap female local survivors. The players were responsible for their wrongdoings, so Liu Gan decided to give these people a chance to live.

As long as this male survivor promised to drop this issue and let his troops to pass through safely. However, if the male survivor continued to be blindsided by his foolishness and continued to block Liu Gan’s path, then Liu Gan could only massacre them all. After all the corpse tide waits for nobody. If the troop stalls for any longer, the chances of escaping were low.

“Who do you think you are! Do you think that when you say a few words and I will take your word for it? Do you think I won’t kill you right now?” replied the physically-defined male survivor as he recollected himself. The male survivor noticed that Liu Gan was the only player up on the rooftop, and there were many survivors, so in terms of numbers, he had the advantage. So he wasn’t afraid of Liu Gan anymore.

The male survivor was thinking that this player was quite stupid. He charged up to the rooftop solo and didn’t ambush anyone. He dared to stand in front of all the survivors without taking advantage.

“I am not here to negotiate terms, I am commanding you to leave now and stop your persistent behavior. Otherwise, don’t blame me for what I’m about to do next.” Liu Gan flared his eyes at the male survivor and started to take steps closer to the survivors.

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