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Chapter 130 - Hurrying Up

Now, it didn't matter, whether or not the opposition was innocent, as to how Liu Gan handled the situation. Since Liu Gan was the new leader of the player's group, his duty was to keep his group safe, and in addition he gave the survivors a chance. So if they didn't appreciate that, then Liu Gan was left with only one option. It was to kill his way out.

Yin He was standing by on the opposite building hanging in the shadows just awaiting his order. Once Liu Gan commanded it, she would immediately clear out the rooftop on her side.

“Kill him!”

The male survivor felt uneasy and took a few steps back. He lifted up the bamboo spear in his hand and threw it at Liu Gan. These lucky survivors seemed to have undergone the same upgrade as players after they killed some zombies since the survivor’s body qualities had all increased. The only difference between the survivors and the players was that the survivors don't know how they gained the strength. It was clearly evident that the arm strength of this male survivor was several times stronger than normal people.

The bamboo spear wasn't an optimal weapon for close combat attacks, so he had to increase the distance between them. So once they had a distance in between, he threw out the spear. And other survivors joined in with their weapons of bow and arrows and spears, and they bombarded Liu Gan with attacks all at the same time.

What this survivor didn't expect was that Liu Gan used both his arms and crisscrossed them in front of his chest, and then charged ferociously towards them. Like a shield, the spear bounced off of Liu Gan. Then with the next few steps he closed in on the survivor. Right before the male survivor could even react, Liu Gan lifted up his leg and and kicked him. The force of the kick sent him flying off the building roof top.

The male survivor produced high pitched shrieks as he flew. Flying backward 10 meters or so and landed onto the ground from a seven story building. His head was the first to make contact with the floor and it cracked like an egg falling onto the ground, with brain paste splattered everywhere. His whole body, bones and organs were shattered, leaving behind a pool of blood, as he laid there lifeless.

“The one you seek for your revenge is the previous leader, Tiger Lord! He has been evil for too long so I killed him! This is your one last chance for resolve this peacefully. Tell your men on the opposite building to back off! Otherwise, I will massacre every single one of you!” Liu Gan shouted to the survivors on his side of the rooftop.

Every survivor stood in place, shocked. With Liu Gan's ruthless behavior, they all subconsciously dropped their weapons. They didn't expect this player to be so strong and brazen and that he would kill their leader right in front of them. With such fearless tactics, they openly handed over the rooftop to Liu Gan.

He said he killed Tiger Lord, they realized his combat ability must be above Tiger Lord. So he must be the strongest one there. They'd all witnessed the male survivor throw the bamboo spear at the player, but the player just used his arms to block it like a shield. So his arms must be hardened like metal, otherwise the spear wouldn't have just bounced off.

Then, the male survivor was sent flying off the building roof with a just kick. It was so one sided that the male survivor didn't even have a chance to retaliate. Upon impact on the ground, he died instantly. Every survivor there knew that they were no match for Liu Gan. After the final warning from Liu Gan, they seemed to have awoken from their daydream and stopped resisting and shouted to the other buildings to do the same. Otherwise, they would all get slaughtered by this strong player too.

“I am Lee Miao! This is the new leader of the supermarket and he is stronger than Tiger Lord by a hundred times! If you don't listen then you will die! I wouldn't lie to you! Leave now quickly! A large wave of the corpse tide is heading this way, and in around ten minutes or so it will be here! We are all escaping so you should let everyone at the hospital know too! They should head toward the large bridge to escape this. We have to beat the corpse tide in reaching the river! Otherwise it will be the end!” Lee Miao shouted at the top of her lungs warning the local survivors.

The local survivors on the opposite building weren't as stubborn. Once they heard their fellow colleagues shout to drop their weapons and Lee Miao’s shout, they all obediently dropped their resistance and quickly left the premise of the rooftop.

They were very lucky to have made such a fast decision, if they hesitated for a minute longer, Liu Gan would’ve ordered Yin He to take care of it all. This was all for the sake of protecting the player’s safety. They didn’t have anymore time to waste on the likes of these people.

“Hurry and let the people know within the hospital so they can escape in time! There is really a corpse tide! Otherwise, we wouldn’t leave the supermarket full of food!” Lee Miao kept shouting out loud. Since she was once a member of the lucky survivor’s camp, she still felt a sense of connection to it.

Lee Miao’s loud voice attracted the attention of nearby zombies. A dozen of these stragglers followed the source of the sound and rushed over. However, these stragglers fell short of their target as they were killed off by experienced veteran zombie killers of level 3 and level 4 players. They used their simple shields to line up in a formation. First they blocked, then in the other hand they each had an axe that they used to casually chop apart the brains of the zombies. Then, they felt the warmth given off by the black orbs as it turned into experience to help level them up.

Liu Gan silently observed from above. From his point of view, he got to briefly taste what it would feel like to lead a small scale battle. Truth be told, if he could honestly train more squads of players, then he could lead a platoon of players. He will reach level 10, and every player in the platoon would be level 5. By the time there are a hundred or a thousand players, then what a magnificent sight it would be when they charged into battle.

Of course, it is just an idea. To execute that plan into action, it wouldn’t be too realistic, since the main concern in the apocalyptic world was still to secure a steady food source. If he had too many players following him, then there would be too many mouths to feed and that would be a fatal problem.

Even when Liu Gan was amongst the others, he still prefered to travel solo. Even if his status changed to the leader of the supermarket, that was only because he had to kill Tiger Lord. If by the time they reached Green Pao Bay, they still weren’t able to secure enough food for all the players, he would have to choose the option of abandoning them. At most, he could only take Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing and a few others.

If this doctor’s skills are as good as she says they are , then she could be taken along too, since her knowledge can save a life at a crucial point.

“Squads, we have to move quickly! The corpse tide is closing in! We have to rush over the large bridge.” Liu Gan quickly ushered the players.

The players increased their speed and they quickly passed by the hospital and its’ nearby district as they headed toward the direction of the large bridge. Right as they walked by the hospital backdoor, nearby that area the players saw from afar that a large number of local survivors frantically rushed out from the backdoor.

These local survivors were different from players. Every player that entered the game was healthy young men and after leveling up they had increased physical strength. However, the hospital local survivors were mostly the elderly, feeble, females and children. In addition, these few days, they had been running low on food so a large portion of them were as thin as a match. Their bodies were very weak. Even as they were escaping, there were many crying sounds coming from within the group.

“I will have to go help them” Lee Miao saw this scene and couldn’t bear it anymore.

“You stay right there in your spot! Otherwise, I will kill you immediately!” Liu Gan ferociously yelled at Lee Miao.

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