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Chapter 128 - Departure

Wang DeCheng finally understood the purpose why Lui Gan asked him to leaving those backpacks and bicycles. If it wasn’t for Liu Gan’s prior preparations, then they would be scrambling to gather the materials and resources, and the amount they could bring would be a lot less than it was now. Because the preparations were completed, it made evacuation so much smoother and less hectic.

Even though the time arranged for the search was fifteen minutes, but by the time they found all the squads 20 minutes had gone by. Judging from the updated speed of the corpse tide, around 20 minutes they would reach the street facing Fortune and Youth supermarket.

There were obvious signs of discomfort and unease on the faces of some players. At the same time, there were some players who were mourning. Surviving in [The Trembling World] was very difficult. It was hard enough to establish a base camp in the supermarket. Then, they had to live with Tiger Lord’s strict rationing system and rules. Finally when they assimilated to the lifestyle of this temporary home and could satisfying meals with Liu Gan as their new leader something like this happened.

Even though Liu Gan did mention that the food they couldn’t eat would be left behind, but a large portion of it was still sitting in the storage. It was obvious that they didn’t want to leave, but so they could only carry a small load.

Even after leaving, they still had no idea on where to head towards. They also had no idea if the new location would have a big food storage like they had in the supermarket.

With such low morale, the moment it would be very troublesome.

“I believe you all witnessed my abilities, then you should know my personality. So if you don't want to follow me, then you can stay. I definitely won't force you.” Liu Gan announced as he stood outside the supermarket and looked all the players by their bicycles.

“Elder Liu, I am willing to follow you!” Shouted in reply by Wang DeCheng.

“I am also be willing to follow you no matter where you go!” the crowd of players shouted together, but it was undeniable that they were still scared.

“It looks like no one wants to leave the group, okay as long as you are willing to follow my lead, I can guarantee your safety. So everyone must follow my rules, and no one will die while we leave the supermarket. I will protect you and find a new camp so everyone can settle down. Once we find some food, then we won't have to starve.” Liu Gan continued with his speech to the crowd.

“Thank Elder Liu, long live Elder Liu.” Several of the players shouted as they started to brush away their uneasiness.

“Let me tell you some good news. Before I arrived here, I found a report which said in a certain direction in NinJing City there is a bay. In this Green Pao Bay there is a airship. "There is a huge amount of food provisions in the reserves of the airships. Besides, this ship is very safe both in the air and on sea. It can be used as our permanent base of operations anywhere and it is definitely safe. As long as we reach there fast, we will be able to own such a base." Liu Gan continued to the players.

Even though there was a chance that serenity airship left the Green Pao Bay, Liu Gan didn't tell that fact to the players. Since he wanted to give them hope. Just like when Cao Cao’s army was marching, but they were very exhausted and their morale was low. Cao Cao lied to the troops and said that just a bit further there were plum trees that had many plums and these fruits could be picked to quench their thirst. The moment the troops heard that, they marched faster with boosted morale and ultimately, reached their destination.

[TL: Cao Cao from the Three Kingdoms. What a beautiful ‘white lie’.]

Liu Gan told the players possibility if aserenity airship that may not exist, but it was so they could have hope for the future. They need to know that the leader had goal and location in his mind. Now, with Liu Gan leading them, they would set down their resolve to cross the entire NinJing City.

If Liu Gan, as a leader, didn’t have a target location in mind, only chose an escape plan blindly. That would contribute to their panic and confusion. If this was the case, then it would be very bad news to the escaping squad.

“Okay, let’s depart” Liu Gan used a brief minute to motivate the players, then with a simple order he lead the players away from the supermarket.

As the players left, many of them turned their heads back and looked at the supermarket. Their teary eyes revealed a reluctant expression. It was until they turned the corner of the street when they couldn’t see the supermarket anymore, and thus they lost their chance to go back.

“Elder Liu, if we continued this way, we will pass a large sized hospital. That hospital is the base camp that houses hundreds of local survivors. If we get discovered by them, they will definitely attack us. I suggest that we change our current route.” Zhang ShengLi looked on ahead and suggested to Liu gan.

There was no need to say it, but that suggestion was definitely not only his own. It came from the lady by his side, by Dr. Lee Miao. Zhang ShengLi was only voicing it out for her.

“What are your opinions” Liu Gan looked at Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing, since these two were more familiar with the location they would know what’s best.

“Brother Zhang is right, if we continue straight, we will be nearby the hospital. The local survivors are around 100 people, if they all use locally manufactured bows and arrows, and spears they will be of a great threat to us.” Wang De Cheng and Han Guang Ming agreed with Zhang Sheng Li’s statement.

“Okay, we will take a detour then.” Liu Gan nodded. Leading a group of players with this much resources, he didn’t want to add unnecessary troubles.

The most important resource that they were carrying out from the supermarket was food. Some of backpacks were heavier than others. The especially heaviest one had vacuum-sealed bag of rice. This vacuum sealed bag of rice was definitely suitable for storing so it must be brought along.

If they were average people, these players would simply be unable to carry a bag of rice so easily But now, they could easily shoulder three to four bags of fifty kilograms, seven bags of eighty kilograms of rice. However their speed of travel would still slower than before.

The bikes that some of these players were pushing were able to carry some resources. Yet, when a team carried too many items in this extremely crowded road, their advance would be slower but these were players leveled up their body’s properties. So the overall speed of the group wasn’t slow. Judging from their current speed, the corpse tide wouldn’t catch up to them.

Of course, this was very dependent on if they face an accidents or not. If an accident occurred, Liu Gan would order them to drop all of the resources and charge ahead. Even though it was hard to survive without food, but when their lives were threatened, food wass of the least important.

Within the city there were still more patches of zombies or possibly ambushes by the local survivors of the hospital. It was unfortunate that the PDA can’t be used, otherwise, Liu Gan could scan for possible ambushes up ahead and the current situation of the corpse tide behind him. Then, he wouldn’t be feeling this anxious.

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