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Chapter 127 - To be prepared

“No need, I recently met them. They were my guides me and I promised them food as compensation, but if you can't find them then I can't give them their rewards.” Said Liu Gan.

“Elder Liu is such a honorable person, who always keeps his word.” Han GuangMing said with admiration.

“That can only be said to the one who is qualified to keep that promise.” Liu Gan humbly replied to Han GuangMing.

“Elder Liu, we ate a lot of food today so please take a look at this. After releasing the restraints, the amount they consumed was a lot more than expected. Judging from their speed of consumption, we can last around a week with supplies we currently have.” Wang DeCheng said as he walked over with the ledger.

“No need to worry, we won't stay here that long.” Said Liu Gan as he pushed away the tally list since he had no intention of managing this.

“The Brothers were starving before, so since we opened up the food storage to everyone that's why they ate so much. They won't eat as much tomorrow.” Han GuangMing tried to comfort Wang DeCheng.

“Okay.” Wang DeCheng was still feeling unsettled, but after Liu Gan spoke out, he didn't say anything.

“Brother Wang, there is something I want you to arrange tonight.” said Liu Gan as he recalled something.

“Elder Liu, what do you need.” Wang DeCheng quickly replied.

“Can you gather the supermarket’s most important resources like medicine, easily storable food products, warm clothing and store them up in backpacks. Arrange it so that every player can carry them easily without it impacting their movements. Then leave them at the front entrance of the supermarket with all player's name written on them.” Liu Gan said to Wang DeCheng.

“Okay.” Wang DeCheng agreed, but he didn't comprehend the reason behind this action.

“In addition, the streets within the city are disabled with blockages, from what I saw I see it we can still use bicycles. Can you pump air into all the bicycles we have, then park them by vacant area in front of the entrance of the supermarket.” Liu Gan added.

“Okay, I will go arrange all of this, but I don't know why Elder Liu is going to do with these preparations” said Wang DeCheng.

“You will find out two days later.” Liu Gan smiled and didn't explain much.

Liu Gan wasn't sure of certain about what what will happen, but the only thing he could do was to be prepared for things that scared him. By placing these stuff at the entrance of the supermarket, they weren’t a hindrance. If nothing happened, then they could just disassemble the bags and take the resources out.

Another day passed. Zhang ShengLi’s body was completely healed. Seems like Liu Gan's judgement was correct. After the player's leveled up, all their body properties increased and the healing regenerative property surpassed that of a normal person’s.

After reaching level 4, Zhang ShengLi had superb healing powers. So since Liu Gan was level 5, his regenerative power must be even higher.

Originally after Zhang ShengLi healed up, as they agreed, Liu Gan was going to release Lee Miao back to the survivor’s camp. However unexpectedly Zhang ShengLi convinced her to stay. After a brief moment of convincing, she agreed to remain there.

In the post-apocalyptic world, people were lonelier. Only through dependency they could get through this. Just like Lee Miao and Zhang ShengLi. Originally, Lee Miao wanted to protect her life by saving Zhang ShengLi, but she developed some feelings for him while she treated him.

Since the camp had a doctor now, it was very a good thing for them. Liu Gan gladly created chances for them. For all his future plans, he grouped the two of them together so no matter what they did it would be a good opportunity for them to grow together.

As for whether they were compatible or not, was far beyond his control so it wasn't his main concern.

Today marked the 4th day Liu Gan arrived at the supermarket.

Right now, there were sixteen players who successfully reached level 4 under Liu Gan and Yin He’s guidance. The remaining players reached level 3. The camp’s overall combat ability was phenomenal and you couldn’t compare their strength to four days ago.

The local survivors at the hospital side had been very quiet. They didn’t cause any trouble to the players, they were unsure of what they were planning. Liu Gan didn't think too much of it.

The players killed all nearby zombies to level up, but there were moments when Liu Gan wanted to take them further away.

While he waso leveling up the players, Liu Gan was hoping that he would meet a variant zombie, so he can advance to level 6. His only regret is that he wasn't able to meet one.

“Elder Liu Liu Liu Liu”

Just as Liu Gan and Yin He were leading a squad of players to an area further away to kill zombies. A player from nearby patrol squad ran over breathlessly. He rushed up to in front of Liu Gan and he couldn’t catch his breath.

“What happened? Don't rush, tell me slowly.” Liu Gan saw the fear in the player's eye. Liu Gan could tell something bad was happening.

“A large wave of corpses are heading this way. They are close to the nearby street corner and the street are packed with zombies.” blurted out by the player as he finally caught his breath.

Liu Gan’s facial expression looked very ugly. He quickly rushed over to the street side, and started to climb a building nearby until he reached its roof. With his strengthened eyesight, he look at the direction the player said.

After looking in that direction, Liu Gan’s heart sank.

A large scaled, densely lacked corpse tide was slowly moving towards their direction. They didn’t look like the crazy rushing types, the way they were moving was like if they were being pushed. So naturally, they were forced to move. As for the what caused this corpse tide, it was still unknown.

He witnessed the densely packed corpse tide, with only half a kilometer left in between them. The only good thing is that this is a slow moving corpse tide, it was moving as if it was being pushed to move. If this was the fast moving corpse tide, then the patrolling players wouldn't have time to escape and these players just recently leveled up!

The direction they were heading, was precisely the storefront for Fortune and Youth supermarket. Even though they were moving very slowly,they take them around thirty minutes and one hour to reach the block that the supermarket was in.

With these types of corpse tides, were same as a large-scale ant swarms. No matter where they went, they would devour everything on their paths. So even level 5 players or even stronger players like Liu Gan would have trouble. If they were surrounded, the only route was death.

“You guys immediately split up and look for the patrol squads and send them back to the camp. If you can't find them then you have to return to camp in fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes, we will all leave this base camp” Liu Gan ordered as he jumped off from the roof top. Then Liu Gan and Yin He started to search nearby for the patrol squads as well.

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