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Chapter 126 - Prestige

The second morning after Liu Gan woke up, he immediately rushed towards the medical bay.

Zhang ShengLi was sitting up, and when he Liu Gan arrived, he got even more excited and voluntarily showed Liu Gan his wound.

“You guys are definitely not normal people, the wound healed up way too fast. Judging from the rate of healing, I can remove his stitches tonight. So by tomorrow, he will be completely healed.” said Dr. Lee as she examined the Zhang ShengLi’s wound.

“When he is healed, I will allow you to return to the local survivor’s camp.” Liu Gan said to Dr. Lee. Even though, this camp really needed a doctor, but he promised her safe passage, so he couldn’t go back on his word.

Dr. Lee’s full name was Lee Miao. Before the catastrophe, she was working at the hospital and her house was nearby. She was happily married with children, but the disaster took her husband and children away. She was the only one who was lucky enough to survive.

After hearing Liu Gan said that, Lee Miao peered at Zhang ShengLi, but didn’t reply to Liu Gan. As a lucky local survivor, survival was the most important thing for her. Even though the hospital side camp had a lot of people, but the food supply was running low. So in terms of food, the survivor’s camp was lacking.

After Liu Gan killed Tiger Lord, even though there were still some players who were keeping an eye on her, they were still courteous towards her as Liu Gan ordered.

The most important aspect was that she and Zhang ShengLi were getting along really well.

“Dr. Lee, why don’t you stay.” Zhang ShengLi suddenly suggested.

“Let’s talk about that tomorrow.” Dr. Lee Miao replied to Zhang ShengLi. She felt that if she immediately said yes, it would be misunderstood as if she had no reserves and essentially as an easy person.

Looking at the way the two talk to each other and the subtle expressions, Liu Gan felt there wasn’t a need to worry about his camp not having a doctor.

Wang DeCheng came over and whispered to Liu Gan “Elder Liu, it’s time for the morning meetings, we are all waiting for you.”

“Okay, I will head towards there now.” Liu Gan said as he left with Wang DeCheng from the medical bay.

Right now was the training time set by Tiger Lord. Since Tiger Lord was no longer here, the players were all gathered in an area close to the supermarket entrance which had a large vacant space. They were waiting for Wang DeCheng to call Liu Gan.

“Elder Liu Morning”

Every player greeted Liu Gan in unison. The troops lined up perfectly with every player standing their backs straight up. It would be a difficult to maintain long term obedience and strict formation in the real world. However, after days of hardship there was no need for regulating order, they voluntarily disciplined themselves.

It’s just like the ancient times in a court with government officials, when they had to face the emperor who had just seized the throne through force. They had to be honest in their intentions, otherwise, they could get beheaded any time. These regular players when they faced stronger players like Tiger Lord or Liu Gan, it was no different than a government officials facing the emperor.

“Morning everyone.” Liu Gan nodded to the crowd of players.

“Elder Liu, yesterday I followed your instructions and told all the patrol groups to pay attention to the two young sisters, but they weren’t able to track down their locations. Should we continue to expand the search radius?” Han GuangMing asked Liu Gan for instructions.

“You only need to notice them when you patrol, as for the patrol routes they will be managed by you so you can set the routes.” Liu Gan replied to Han GuangMing.

“Okay, Elder Liu” Han GuangMing shouted in a loud voice, in a prideful manner.

“Elder Liu, yesterday, I had them tally up the supplies and created a lis. Then, I created a detailed proposal for distributing it. With this distribution plan, our food supply can last for two months. You can go over it, if you feel like it is appropriate, then we will follow this distribution plan.” Wang DeCheng reported to Liu Gan holding several papers of proposal.

“No need for the proposal, allow them to freely eat, but don’t waste any food.” Liu Gan looked at the proposal and replied to Wang DeCheng.

“But that…” Wang DeCheng was in shock, and can’t wrap his head around Liu Gan’s reasoning.

Right now in this apocalyptic world, food wass the resource that was the most critical. If they eat without restriction, then the food supply wouldn't even last half a month.

“The supermarket is good, but it is too close to the city center, so at any moment there can be a corpse tide assault. These zombies are wandering aimlessly at the city center, so if we get ambushed , we will have to give up this campground. So all the food that we can’t finish, will have to be left behind.

Liu Gan replied to Wang DeCheng, “So we have to eat heartily so our brothers can eat to their hearts desire. Afterwards, I will find a better location for a base. That location must have a steady supply of food, so we don’t have to be so stingy with rations. The best outcome is to rake in profits without putting in too much effort.”

“Okay, then we shall do as Elder Liu says, the brothers are allowed to eat unrestricted” Wang DeCheng announced.

“Long Live Elder Liu” the crowd of players cheered happily. Tiger Lord had set up a harsh rationing system aside from the elite team players, all other players weren’t able to eat much. So they always had a feeling of hunger. Now that Liu Gan says that the can eat to their heart’s eat until they were full, there was nothing more pleasing and exciting for them.

Next thing was Liu Gan’s training program. Aside from the 4 patrolling squads to foil ambushes from the survivors, there were going to be two more groups. One group would remain here guarding the supermarket, another group would start leveling up with Liu Gan.

Under Liu Gan and Yin He’s guidance, all the broken and heavily injured zombies were left for the players to kill. Players who followed them were practically getting power leveled.

(ED: Good old Taxi)

Occasionally, there would be a level 2 player who would happily say that they leveled up, and there were some level 3 players who reached level 4.

After eating they were able to level up quickly with Liu Gan as the new leader, their prestige and cohesiveness collectively increased. The previous days, the players followed Liu Gan’s orders because they were afraid. Today, after killing countless zombies, their fears turned into appreciation and admiration.

Today, there weren't any movements in local survivor’s campside. They didn’t send in anyone to bother the player’s campground. Liu Gan knew that the quarrel between both sides was all due to Tiger Lord’s actions. So he dropped the idea of voluntarily attacking the local survivor’s base camp. Right before the thunderstorm at night, everything was still peaceful.

As thunderstorm approached, Liu Gan let out Yin He to go to the tallest building to feed herself.

Han GuangMing walked over to report to Liu Gan. The patrol groups haven’t been able to locate Lee Ding sisters or their corpses. Liu Gan guessed that the sister’s might not be gutsy enough to approach the camp and they were possibly wandering elsewhere.

“Are they that important to you, should we expand our search radius to where zombies are? They couldn’t possibly gone that far away.” Han GuangMing asked Liu Gan.

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