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Chapter 125 - Brother Liu


Liu Gan’s original goal was to search Green Pao Bay, for the serenity airship. Now, his other goal was to set up a reliable base which made it easier for him to move around safely.


Tomorrow was the designated day when serenity airship was going to depart from Green Pao Bay, Liu Gan was definitely sure that he couldn’t reach there in time even if he left now. In addition, even if he wanted to take over the airship, he would need a lot of crew to do that.


These players within the supermarket were trained under Tiger Lord’s. So there should be some players who were above level 3, who had decent combat abilities. At least, they were stronger than normal people. If he and Yin He took some time to train them, then they could reach level 4 quickly.


If he could absorb around a dozen players into his personal team, that wouldn't be a bad thing. With his strength and Yin He, they definitely wouldn’t dare to revolt. The only foreseeable flaw in this plan was that there were too many people. The moment they left the supermarket, for find some food it was going to be troublesome.


So before finding a reliable source of food supplier, it was best to travel with a light group especially in this apocalyptic world. Since this supermarket could still supply food temporarily, Liu Gan was going to use this opportunity to observe these players. From now on, the players would be under surveillance and later a dozen players would be hand picked and trained by him and Yin He. When food shortage that couldn’t be resolved he would have to give up on majority of the players in supermarket. He could only bring selected few with him.


When Tiger Lord established his elite team, he had the same idea.


After a few more hours, the sky got gradually darker, however the thunderstorm didn't stop. Yin He was still outside, Liu Gan turned on the earphones that Yin He gaved him and attempted to reach her a few times, but there was no response.

Was it because of the electrical interference from the thunderstorm or  because she left the 800 meter range set by Jiang JinYuan?


If she ran away, he would be alone once again. After arriving to [The Trembling World], he placed all his trust on an android.


Could it be because their intimacy level wasn’t high enough which caused a conflict in her system procedures?


Standing by the window, the rain was pouring down and visibility was low. Liu Gan wasn't able to see clearly at the tall building across the street. If he heads outside now, it would be dangerous for him. So even if Yin He escaped and he climbed up to the top of the building to search for her, it would be pointless.


He could only hope that it was due to the interference of the thunderstorm that he couldn’t reach her.


Around 3am in the morning, the thunderstorm finally stopped. The night sky was about to clear up. Liu Gan was still sitting in his room quietly meditating, as he felt movement nearby, he opened up his eyes to find Yin He was back as he was in front of him as she stared at him.


“I'm back” said Yin He, now Liu Gan could finally relax a bit.




“Did you charge up? Liu Gan asked Yin He.


“Charged up enough for another day.” Yin He replied to Liu Gan.


“Didn't it take you a month and more to store up the electricity to 71% in underground? Since your installation efficiency rate is low, so how come all of a sudden you were able to charge up to a day's’ worth of electricity” Liu Gan curiously asked Yin He.


“I don’t remember all of it specifically , maybe they made me produce multiple electrical discharges, but tonight's weather was really good. The large building nearby had a lightning rod which could attract up to a billion high pressured voltage. So even if my plasma converter had a low efficiency, since I can get lightnings fromf that power, then with one strike I was be able to gather plenty of electrical plasma.” Yin He replied to Liu Gan.

“So it’s like that.”After hearing Yin He’s explanation, Liu Gan was he able to relax. There were many things in this area that wasn’t available, but if it was an electrical lightning. It looked like there were a few hours in a day when there would be a thunderstorm. Within NinJing City’s numerous tall buildings, as long as there was a thunderstorm, Yin He could go out and fill her daily needs.


Even though, Liu Gan didn’t personally witness the power of her electrical discharge, when her electrical plasma was fully charged, the [Thousand Voltage Discharge] attack might be enough to char up the enemy or even vaporize them completely.  


It was still possible that San Xing Corporation’s biochemical intelligence department had anticipated the end of the world. Especially after foreseeing that thunderstorms would be frequent,  they used this method to power up Yin He. Otherwise, it could be said that they were really stupid to use such a troublesome method.


“Master, you can rest now, otherwise tomorrow you won’t have a lot of energy.” Yin He told Liu Gan.


“Now that you care about me, does that mean our intimate level is higher than before?” Liu Gan attempted to tease Yin He.


Yin He thought about it briefly before answering “Yes, I can hold your hand now.”


“Only holding hands?” Liu Gan said with a disappointed expression.


“Only holding the hand.” Yin He restated firmly.


“Okay, let’s just hold hands.” Liu Gan stretched out his hand to grab Yin He’s hand. He could feel that her hand was ice cold just like a metal.


Yin He continued to stare at Liu Gan. Unsure of what she was thinking. Moments after, Yin He’s hand rapidly heated up. Liu Gan thought it was strange.


“Your hand is generating heat?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.


“Yes, Master, I use electricity and convert it to thermal energy, so that it will feel more realistic like a human touch.” Yin He nodded.


“Don’t call me master, it feels distant. From now on, just call me Brother Liu.” Liu Gan said after thinking about it.


“Okay, Brother Liu.” Yin He quickly adjusted to it.


“Really nothing more than holding hands?” asked Liu Gan while holding Yin He’s hands. This wasn’t because he had bad intentions, but he felt that even though he was with her for 2 days this closeness level was rising too slowly.


According to Jiang JinYuan, Yin He and Liu Gan’s closeness level had strict protocols. So in order to get it higher, it would have to be when her procedure had some conflicts. She still could be able to recognize him, remember him, and had a high intimacy level.


“Only holding hands.” Yin He maintained her stance as she answered Liu Gan.


“You are a starting point. It always starts with holding hands” Liu Gan uncontrollably said. In the real world, when Liu Gan was bored, he would read novels and soon he discovered that a lot of the novels were missing pages when it related to holding hands and romantic plots. Especially true with plots that involved holding hands and more.


“I am not a starting point, I am Yin He.” Yin He said in a strict manner as she had no idea how to answer to his strange statement.


“Forget it, I will just go to sleep.” Liu Gan shook his head and laid down on the bed.


Yin He sat down by Liu Gan’s bedside, and she reached out to touch his hand. Then retract it, only to reach out to feel his hand again.

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