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Chapter 124 - Chemical Reaction


“Yin He responded and immediately charged out of the room, leaving the supermarket to search for a suitable place for attracting lightning.


Liu Gan was wandering around the supermarket. Due to the thunderstorm, all patrol groups were back in base. There were some players who have been out the whole day and only learned about the change in power when they returned. They all learned about the Fall of Tiger Lord and the Rise of Liu Gan.


After a while all players accepted the fact that there was a new leader now. They didn't care much about who the new leader was since they weren't very close to Tiger Lord to begin with. On top of that, there wasn't a huge change in the way things worked. The one positive change was that Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing became vice leaders, so these players were feeling at ease. It was well known throughout the base that Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing were very courteous people, and this indirectly influenced Liu Gan. It showed that Liu Gan as a new leader was a good judge of character and he wasn't malicious.


No matter where Liu Gan went, there were always some players who would come up to greet him. However, this wasn't Liu Gan's style since he didn’t like the flattery, which Tiger Lord enjoyed so much. As a second generation from a rich family, Liu Gan experienced these type of flattery and praises from a lot of people, so he knew that he valued his independent lifestyle.


By the time Liu Gan was about to finish his trip around the supermarket, he reached to the medical bay. Zhang ShengLi were already awake as he sat up on the bed frame and he was chatting with the female doctor.


“Brother Liu!” Zhang ShengLi cheerfully yelled as Liu Gan walked closer.


“Now that you are awake, how are you feeling n?” Liu Gan asked as he sat at the bedside.


“She said that you treated my wound just in time, then the doctor operated on my chest and lowered my temperature. So my current problem isn't bad, it is just a matter of recovering from it. But, I don't know how long that will take…” Zhang ShengLi replied.

“The sutures on wound seems to be healing fine.” Liu Gan looked at Zhang ShengLi’s chest. Liu Gan recalled his earlier years when he was very active in sports. He would get all types of physical injuries, which sometimes even required stitches. Judging from his memory, with this type of injury, in the real world it would take at least two days for his injuries to this state.


“Yes, I stopped taking pain killers since it isn’t as painful as before. Now, I can at least bear the pain.” Zhang ShengLi replied very happily. Zhang ShengLi had given up all hope and thought that he was dead for sure, so he never expected Liu Gan to pull him back from the verge of dying.


“That is good.” Liu Gan replied to Zhang ShengLi.


“Brother Liu, it is my fault that I am slowing you down… I also heard from people that you were fighting against a group? And you killed their boss?” Zhang ShengLi said apologetically.


“I didn't want to do it. He wanted to kill me so I had no choice but to defend myself.” Liu Gan smiled at Zhang ShengLi.


“Brother Liu… No I should call you Elder Liu. My life was yours ever since you saved me and this wasn’t the first time you have rescued me. If I can survive from the gate of death, then afterwards I will gladly be first person who will unquestionably follow your lead! No matter what you order me to do,I will do it Elder Liu!” Zhang ShengLi emotionally said to Liu Gan.


“No need to be so formal and serious, we are brothers.” Said Liu Gan as he patted Zhang ShengLi on the shoulder.


“Your personality is a lot better than Tiger Lord’s, if you were here earlier than the local survivors wouldn't have fought against you.” Interrupted by the female doctor.


“Wait until you completely cure him first, if there is anything wrong with him then you shouldn't hope to leave here alive.” Liu Gan replied to the female doctor.


“Relax, he is like a bull, he won't die so easily.” Female doctor  said as she glimpsed at Zhang ShengLi’s exposed muscles and she blushed.


“Doctor Lee is actually a very nice person. I discover it when I was chatting with her and I was very fortunate to have such a specialized doctor take care of me. Otherwise, I would be dead.” Zhang ShengLi quickly chimed in positive words to help the female doctor.

Liu Gan looked at the female doctor, then at Zhang ShengLi… No way. There possibly couldn't be some sort of chemical reaction between them right? This female doctor’s was at least a few years older than Zhang ShengLi. In addition, no one knew if she has been bullied by Tiger Lord and his people… but if Zhang ShengLi didn’t mind then all was good.


“I still need to walk around, you should rest up.” Said Liu Gan as he got up to leave.


“Okay! Elder Liu, thank you.” Zhang ShengLi gave his thanks, since he didn’t know how else to repay back Liu Gan.


“You are too kind.” Liu Gan smiled at Zhang ShengLi and left.


Liu Gan walked to the doorway of the supermarket and looked outside at the thunderstorm. Yin He still didn't come back, so he wasn't sure if she found an appropriate location to attracted lightning with a lightning rod. Since there was a 800 meters distance, would that be an effective restriction on her? What kind of android was she?


Liu Gan didn’t feel like she was an android that was limited by protocols and restrictions. At times, she gave off the vibe that she was a real princess.


Hopefully she will charge herself, otherwise by tomorrow night she would have to terminate herself. What a mind boggling issue. She also mentioned that the installation transfer efficiency was very low, so even if she successfully attracted lightning, it was questionable on how much of it could be turned into spendable energy.


She mentioned that when 71% of her nanometers were fully charged and that took 1 month to fill up to that point. If she is lucky, maybe she can fill up to 1% by tonight. It couldn’t possibly be that absurd right?


The most urgent task was to find her some high quality nanometers. To switch out these low standard electrical plasma nanometers. Otherwise she would end up like the PDA, and become useless junk that serves no other purpose than being an ornament.


He was unsure if there were other locations other than San Xing Corporation’s secret laboratories where he could find ways to upgrade her system or find some upgraded nanometers.


Tomorrow was definitely a good time to search around nearby to look for top secret laboratories. If those existed then they shall test their luck.

When Liu Gan was walking around the supermarket, he start to chat with the supervising players who were managing different districts. It looked like this supermarket was definitely an appropriate campground. Especially since the food supply was plenty. There were at least a dozen bags of 50 kg rice with numerous 20 kg bags of rice. With these With these all players would feed themselves around another half a month.


If it wasn't for the worry of a large scale corpse tide threat, Liu Gan would consider staying here and set up base camp. Since it was possible to stay and train these players then head out for other places to go, as this would be a safer method.


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