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Chapter 123 - Drawing lightning


“Brother Han, you have returned?” Liu Gan walked over to greet Han GuangMing.


“Brother Liu! You are still here!” Han GuangMing walked over excitedly and grasped Liu Gan’s hand.


“Elder Liu, how are you!” said the two standing guards as they politely greeted Liu Gan.


“What is the matter?” Han GuangMing was unable to make any sense of the matter.


“The Tiger Lord you know is already gone. This camp ground’s new leader is Elder Liu. The elite team that was following Elder Liu is also dead. Brother Han and Brother Wang have been promoted to the camp’s new vice leaders. So please take care of this younger brother here.” said the door guard to Han GuangMing.


“Ah?” Han GuangMing was even more confused. He was still in doubt as he looked at Liu Gan.


Wang DeCheng walked over from the medical bay and quickly pulled Han GuangMing aside to explain everything that had happened in his absence.


“Elder Liu was forced to take action. Li ChangHui was intolerable. Then, Tiger Lord killed Li ChangHui for his actions, but went back on his word on letting Brother Liu leave by attacking him sneakily…”


“Brother Liu beat Tiger Lord? Then… his true strength…” Han GuangMing looked at Liu Gan with a new view. He knew Liu Gan was strong, but he didn't think that he was more powerful than Tiger Lord.


“At least level 5 and above, it is hard to say!” Wang DeCheng answered Han GuangMing.


“Brother Wang, can you find me a place to sleep?” Liu Gan walked over to ask Wang DeCheng, now that he was full from eating and drinking, and all the tasks had been assigned. He had been drinking a little, so he was drowsy and wanted to find a place to sleep.

“Of course no problem! Elder Liu!” Wang DeCheng answered promptly and respectfully.


“Wait til I am awake, then we will drink and chat.” Liu Gan patted Han GuangMing’s shoulder.


“Okay, Elder Liu!” Han GuangMing was still stunned, but was able to reply to Liu Gan.


Perhaps Elder Liu didn't want to join his squad because he was different from them. He was the type of ambitious character that emerges in these dire situations. So it would've been belittling to have Liu Gan under his leadership. Now that he recalled everything, Han GuangMing’s face blushed from embarrassment.


“Oh yes, there is one more thing… Brother Han, please notify the patrol groups that if they see two stinky little girls or if they have arrived at the entrance of the supermarket, then invite them in for something to eat. Take care of them in my absence.” Liu Gan instructed Han GuangMing.


“You mean the two young girls that were following you earlier?” Han GuangMing said as he recalled the sisters’ images in his head.


“Yes, that would be them.” Liu Gan nodded.


“Then, I will send out the order to let the patrol squads know of their presence.” Han GuangMing answered.


Under Wang DeCheng’s new arrangement. The players tidied up the second floor of Tiger Lord’s room and switched out all the old bed sheets and mattresses so it would be new and clean for Liu Gan.


This was a real bedroom. It was originally an office for the supermarket, but Tiger Lord changed it into his bedroom. The new mattress was soft and comfortable, and this should be the supermarket’s most safe location. The outside players that have guard shifts were not allowed to create a ruckus, so this room was quite peaceful. Perfect for sleeping.


Before Liu Gan closed the door to sleep, he gave Yin He a few instructions. For her to stand guard by the doorway, to be on alert mode, she can't wander off, and if there was something unusual then she will wake him up. Thinking back on it, Yin He was a lot more reliable than when he was with Pan Hua and LuLu.


As for the other players, Liu Gan didn't have complete confidence in their abilities. Especially for Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing who had just been recently introduced so their respective abilities were still yet to be determined.


Wang DeCheng also came over along with the guards near the location where Liu Gan was sleeping. After the sudden promotion to vice leader, every player was very respectful towards him. So Wang DeCheng was personally there to be a security guard because he was terrified. He was afraid that if he made a mistake, then Liu Gan would have second thoughts about him being a vice leader, and revert his status back to the leader of his small squad.



Liu Gan was awoken by the thunder. By the time he woke up, the sky outside had turned dark just like the previous few days. Rain also started pouring down and thunder followed. It was a violent thunderstorm.


Yin He stood by the nearby window, and stared outside. She looked across the street from the Fortune and Youth supermarket at a very large building. Even though she created a small electrical plasma compression device,  nowhere around the supermarket area was appropriate for attracting lightning strikes, so she felt jittery and disturbed.


“How much of your electric charge is left?” Liu Gan suddenly remembered and quickly asked Yin He.


“Thirty percent, I can last until tomorrow night.” Yin He answered Liu Gan.


“Seems like we have to go out for a trip, to find a suitable place for luring electricity.” Liu Gan said with a slight headache.


“The electricity in the thunderstorm is quite dangerous to you. I can go alone. The distance from the top of the building to lure lightning is around 850 meters range.” Yin He said after she considered the distance.


“Oh yes, your program was set to a set distance of no longer than the range of 800 meters right?” Liu Gan suddenly thought and asked Yin He the question.


“You are my master, the procedure was set that I have to be within the range to respond to your presence.” Yin He answered Liu Gan.


“Respond?” Liu Gan drew a blank expression.


“Spirit response, as my spirit is very large.” Yin He continued to talk to Liu Gan.


“Androids have spirits? What is this procedure for response? And what is spirit response?” Liu Gan had a hard time interpreting this.


“I am a biochemically created android, not a regular android. I have a spirit.” Yin He stressed to Liu Gan.


“Ok, other than my response, what else can you sense?” Liu Gan remembered hearing Yin He talk about this. As he recalled the previous night by the building, Yin He was able to sense the threat coming from the young boy who stood outside the laboratory doors.


“For example, I can sense possible threats, it is a type of perception.” Yin He answered Liu Gan.


“Can this perceptivity be strengthened?” Liu Gan was getting interested. The weather has always been gloomy and the sun can’t be seen. So the solar panel that powers the PDA can’t be recharged. If Yin He had perception capability, it could partially compensate the regret.


“If we can find an even more perceptively stronger nanometers with higher grade response procedure, it will upgrade my perceptivity.” Yin He responded to Liu Gan.


“Okay, let’s discuss this later. You hurry over there. The thunderstorm might end any moment, so pay attention to your safety. If you can’t find an appropriate location for luring lightning, then return and come get me. We will go further to try a different area.” Liu Gan looked out at the thunderstorm and said to Yin He.


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