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Chapter 122 - Rescue

There were two players dragging a 30 year old girl, and the crying noise came from the female.

“What is the matter?” Liu Gan asked the nearby players. Quickly the players dragged the female over to Liu Gan and held her down.

“Previously, she was caught by Tiger Lord as a spy for the local survivors. Amidst the confusion and disorder earlier, a few of the others escaped, and we were only able to catch her.” reported one of the players as they escorted the girl over. However his eyesight was very dodgy.

“Speak the truth.” Liu Gan pressured the player.

“Actually… She was caught by Tiger Lord to be an … entertainer. The reason why we are fighting with the local survivors is because when Tiger Lord went to the hospital, he kidnapped the female survivors there. Then, he kept them locked up here so they could supply entertainment for the elite team and some of the players. Of course, this made the local survivors very angry, so that is why they have been trying to take revenge on us.” said another bystanding player who courageously revealed the truth to Liu Gan.

Within the crowd, there were several players that had a scared look. Evidence that they were guilty of having participated in these activities.

“As long as these activities don’t continue I will disregard the previous issues. However, if it continues, and I find out. I will let her handle this.” Liu Gan said in a few words to the crowd of players that had gathered. The ‘her’ he mentioned, was designated to Yin He.

Liu Gan still hadn’t killed in front of these players, but Yin He had killed four already. So it was easy to imagine which of the two player within their hearts had a larger deterrent power.

“Then… what about her?” asked the player who pointed at the female survivor to Liu Gan.

“Let her go. This whole situation is our fault.” said Liu Gan, now that he knew of the root cause.

“No way, she will reveal our secrets within here. She will reveal every encounter here about us and the local survivors will get definitely take revenge.” As all the players there started to discuss.

“There are those that already escaped, they will already know.” barked out a player.

“I feel we should kill her.” suggested another player.

“Yes, if we leave her Elder Liu won’t be happy about it. If we let her go, she will bring someone back to take revenge on us. So let’s just kill her.” said a different player.

“I won’t bring people to take revenge on you, please let me go!” cried female survivor as she begged the surrounding players.

“How can you guys be so cold-blooded? She was caught by Tiger Lord today, so she won’t know too much. Letting her go, won’t be too harmful.” said one of the players, who disagreed with being more violent.

“Are you a spy on the side of the survivors?” yelled on player as he accused one player who pointed toward the player, who disagreed about being more violent.

“Elder Liu! The patient that came with you is on the verge of dying!” said one of the players, who was sent to the medical bay.

“What’s the matter?” Liu Gan frowned. As he was about to immediately rush toward the medical bay...

“Elder Liu! I am a doctor! I can help treat him! Please don’t kill me!” the 30 year old female survivor cried out loud. She worked in the hospital, which was also the local survivor’s camp ground. She had been wandering the outskirts of the camp to find more medicine, but got captured by Tiger Lord to enjoy for the night.

[TL: I’m so glad Tiger Lord died.]

“Bring her over.” Liu Gan said to the player holding the female survivor, as he rushed over to the medical bay.

By the time Liu Gan arrived at the medical bay, Zhang ShengLi was no longer breathing… It was that he was unable to breathe. His chest had swollen up so much so that it was making it hard for him to breathe, and his face had become purple to the point of fainting.

“You save him, and I will let you go and not kill you.” Liu Gan threatened the female survivor.

“This is a symptom of pneumothorax. It is an emergency! I have to release the air that’s building up the pressure!” said the female survivor after she examined Zhang ShengLi’s condition. To treat this condition she told the medical-student player, that you need to use a needle and insert it into Zhang ShengLi’s rib section and have the air released.

The section where the needle punctured to release air, also had some blood and liquid drawn out. After several rounds of being punctured, Zhang ShengLi’s chest swollen chest started to go down. The female survivor told the medical-student player to find medicine that can be injected into Zhang ShengLi. Immediately after, she started to perform CPR on Zhang ShengLi, with chest compressions.

With the female survivor’s emergency rescue, Zhang ShengLi started to breathe again. His purple face had some rosy flush return back to his cheeks. However, Zhang ShengLi still hadn’t woken up from his unconscious state. With beads of sweat dripping down the female doctor’s forehead, she was able relax and sit by his bedside.

“As long as you are able to save him, I can guarantee your safety.” Liu Gan checked Zhang ShengLi’s breath as he said to the female doctor.

“I need to bring his temperature down.” The female doctor said after resting briefly. Then, she got up and requested a basin of cold water. With the wet towel, she placed it onto Zhang ShengLi’s forehead. Even after numerous times of repeating the process, it didn't seem very effective in bringing down Zhang ShengLi’s temperature.

Zhang ShengLi was a fitness trainer, so the muscles on his body were quite developed.

“This suture, who did it?” the female doctor asked Liu Gan, while she pointed at the stitches.

“Her.” Liu Gan pointed immediately to Yin He.

“Her handiwork isn’t bad.” said the female doctor. It was hard to tell if what she said was a compliment or mockery, but she didn’t say more of it. Afterwards she wiped disinfecting liquid on the wound.

“Whatever she needs, you will match her requests as much as possible. In addition, don’t do anything disrespectful to her!” Liu Gan instructed the nearby players as he got up.

“Yes! Elder Liu!” said the crowd of players in sync.

“We lucky survivors hated the previous leader called Tiger Lord and his close lackey followers. You had avenged us by killing them. If you let me go, I will convince the survivors at the camp to not take revenge on you, and live peacefully with your group.” The female doctor said to Liu Gan.

“Wait till you finish treating him, then we will talk about that.” Liu Gan replied to the female doctor. Then, turned to one of the nearby player and commanded him to notify Wang DeCheng to head over to him.

Wang DeCheng immediately ran over, Liu Gan left him with a few instructions. He wanted a few players to keep guard on the female doctor, so there will be no violence directed towards her. At the same time, it was important to keep her health up, by providing her food and water.


“I heard something happened when I was gone?”

By the time, Liu Gan walked out of the medical bay, Han GuangMing returned with his two team members from his patrol and headed back into the supermarket. As he greeted the door guards standing in front of the supermarket.

“Vice leader, how are you!” said the two door guards as they respectfully greeted Han GuangMing.

“What?” Han GuangMing was baffled in front of the two door guards.

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So to clarify the leveling aspect of this game since someone asked. Every individual starts off with innate properties that judges from the physique of the individual when they enter the game. Example: if you are fat in real life, then you need to kill more to level up to the next level vs if you are fit, then you need to kill less. Then, from lvl 1-4 are all regular zombies. By level 4, you need to kill a variant zombie to get out of level 4. Variant zombies will only give you experience after level 4. At level 5, you get another ability (can be passive or active). Killing more regular zombies after level 4, serves no purpose. As of right now, there are regular zombies, variant zombies- Colossal and Tentacle types. I'm sure there will be more variant types, later on in game. Then, there are the parasitic types that can take over bodies of the individual it controls (accessing memory and body functions).

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