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Chapter 121 - Failure to recognize

However, Tiger Lord would never have a chance to find out anymore. Shortly after, his brain stopped working when the blood flow stopped supplying to his brain and his soul entered the everlasting abyss.

The other surrounding players were all shocked. They thought that the moment their Tiger Lord attacked, Liu Gan would die for sure. It was highly unexpected that Tiger Lord wouldn’t be able to beat Liu Gan and that he held Yin He hostage. Then it would end with Yin He killing him.

These player thought that the female was following Liu Gan only because he was strong. Other players never would've thought that this female was just as powerful. While Yin He was held hostage at the Neck, her speed of motion was much faster. She pierced his heart, chopped off his head, and even some of these movements were too fast since it was just a blur.

These two are truly killers!

Right now, the players were shaking in fear and they were planning to scatter in all directions, but Liu Gan shouted for them to stop.

“Everything that has happened today involves only me and Li ChangHui’s quarrel. It doesn't involve you bystanders. It is your leader’s own fault for trying to ambush me with his sneak attack. I had no choice, but to kill him. Since this doesn't involve you, don't worry about me killing you guys.”

“Brother Liu, we’ve witnessed everything. Li ChangHui was indeed stepping overboard. His death was his own fault.” Wang DeCheng walking towards Liu Gan.

From his previous encounters with Liu Gan, it didn't seem like Liu Gan was a violent aggressive person. It was all due to Li ChangHui’s aggression, that lead to his own death. As for what happened afterwards with Tiger Lord was due to a failed attempt in a sneak attack on Liu Gan. Once Tiger Lord realized that he couldn't win against Liu Gan, he tried to hold Yin He hostage; his actions were despicable.

Even though Wang DeCheng was only a small squad leader, he got his orders from Tiger Lord. There were times when Tiger Lord’s trusted aides also ordered Wang DeCheng like an indentured servant. Since there wasn’t a deep bond between Wang DeCheng and Tiger Lord. Wang DeCheng knew that once Liu Gan was dead, his ending might be the same as Liu Gan.

“If Li ChangHui didn’t hit you, I wouldn’t have punched him. You were only trying to stop the quarrel, it was hard to watch.” Liu Gan took advantage of this chance to build a friendship with Wang DeCheng.

“Much gratitude Brother Liu! No, actually I should call you Elder Liu!” Wang DeCheng said in a grateful tone.

“No need” Liu Gan modestly declined.

“Elder Liu isn’t a violent person, no need to panic everyone! Come out and look for yourself. Elder Liu’s strength is more formidable than Tiger Lord’s strength. He can protect us! We should have Elder Liu as our new leader!” Wang DeCheng suddenly shouted out to the alarmed players within the supermarket.

Hearing Wang DeCheng shout this, the anxious players suddenly seemed to have realized something very important. One after another they returned the shout, each one chanting loudly “Elder Liu!” “Elder Liu is Powerful” or even “Long Live Elder Liu!” related chants. As if they were indicating that they were willing to follow Liu Gan.

The three players who were Tiger Lord’s trusted aides, especially the one that shouted that Liu Gan was bluffing, wanted to slip away amidst the confusion. Except after only taking several steps, Yin He blocked him off.

“Big sister please spare my life! I shouldn’t have been disrespectful to Elder Liu. I deserve to die a million times!” Shouted the player who said Liu Gan was bluffing. The player got on his knee and even started smacking his own cheeks with both hands. The other two players didn’t dare to run, they only stood there frozen in place. They stood in place, unable to escape and they displayed a dismayed look.

“These three players are part of Tiger Lord’s clique. Even though every player has their own group they associate with, I worry that after Tiger Lord’s death they will create trouble behind the scenes. Why don’t we have a few of our players keep a close eye on them, even if it is temporarily.” Wang DeCheng whispered in a low tone to Liu Gan. Even though Wang DeCheng wasn’t able to be apart of Tiger Lord’s close circle, and even heavily relied on him, right now it was a good chance for him to display his usefulness in front of Liu Gan.

Liu Gan didn’t reply, only following Wang DeCheng as they walked toward the three players.

“Elder Liu! It was my fault for offending Elder Liu, I failed to recognize your importance and I sincerely apologize!” said the player on his knees in front of Yin He. He changed his direction toward Liu Gan and started to kowtow.

[TL: ‘kowtow’ the act of getting on your knees and bowing until your head touches the floor, sometimes with a loud sound to symbolize how sincere you are. It is performed when praying or asking for something. ]

“Elder Liu, should we have someone watch them?” Wang DeCheng asked looking for Liu Gan’s opinion.

“No, Yin He kill these three.” Liu Gan said after thinking for a little while.

“Okay.” Yin He replied and revealed her sleeve blades, and with countless flashes death ensued. No one could clearly see what she did, but the result was that the three level 4 players were all dead soaking in a pool of their own blood..

The other players were shocked. Didn’t they hear that they were safe, so they wouldn’t be killed? This Elder Liu has a really bad temper! Perhaps he is even worse than Tiger Lord!

“I did indeed promise that I wouldn’t kill people, but these three players wanted to use the disorder to escape. They had intentions of slipping back into the supermarket for revenge! Even if they couldn’t retaliate against me, they could definitely kill you guys to weaken our camp’s strength. So to guarantee your safety and for your sake, I had to remove this thorn. My only option was to kill them.” Liu Gan explained to the once again alarmed players.

Liu Gan loves to keep things to himself, if not for his plans to take over the airship, he really didn’t want to be a leader to these group of players. Now that he is in this situation though, he can only make an effort to be a temporary leader and guide these players.

“Elder Liu is just!

“Support Elder Liu!”

Right when Liu Gan was walking in the direction of the medical bay, a loud noise and crying echoed out from afar. Liu Gan frowned and stopped in his tracks. Then, changed his direction to head toward the source of the noise.

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