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Chapter 120 - No other choice

Right when Tiger Lord’s dagger that was about to connect with Liu Gan’s chest. Tiger Lord noticed that Liu Gan’s eyes were revealing traces of a ridiculing expression, so Tiger Lord knew that something was off. It was as if he fell into a trap.

It’s too late.

The moment the sharp dagger within Tiger Lord’s hand was about to connect Liu Gan’s chest, Liu Gan grabbed the dagger by the blade! Now Tiger Lord couldn’t even connect the blade to the chest of Liu Gan.

The fire axe in Liu Gan’s other hand was immediately coming downwards. It was aiming for Tiger Lord’s head. In a moment’s desperate moment, Tiger Lord pulled away from Liu Gan’s grip and leaped backwards, but he wasn't quick enough. The edge of the fire axe had came in contact with Tiger Lord’s chest creating a large wound while blood was gushing out. Liu Gan’s attack even broke a few of the ribs of Tiger Lord!

“D*mn!” Tiger Lord was holding onto his wound as he retreated back. His pale face showed that he was frightened by Liu Gan. He wondered if his opponent was even human, since the dagger was extremely sharp but he grasped it like he didn’t feel any pain?

The other problem was his hand, clearly he was injured, but there was no blood, not even a hint of red.

Every surrounding player was just as shocked, now they couldn't help but wonder if Liu Gan had iron skin and iron claws? They' all witnessed that Tiger Lord’s swift stab had no effect on him. Evidently, it was clear that in this exchange, Tiger Lord lost his advantage.

Unconsciously, Yin He looked at Liu Gan, then to her own hands. Her skin was really durable since daggers couldn’t pierce it. Now she was wondering, why her master’s hand would be similar to her hand? Could it be possible that they were both the same species?

At the same time, what Yin He was feeling sad since for this wonderful duel, her master didn't call upon her to participate. If she joined in, then in a few minutes, she could finish off Tiger Lord. She had so many options to pick from, either rip him apart from the stomach or behead him cleanly.

This human, Tiger Lord, was just too weak.

Tiger Lord’s expression became gloomier, now he could finally gauge the enemy’s power. He was not Liu Gan’s match, with his heavy axe swings and heavy kicks. Perhaps it was because of Liu Gan’s new ability that could ‘Harden’ the body, Tiger Lord guessed. Liu Gan walked the path of a heavily armored warrior, while Tiger Lord wa following the path of an assassin. Tiger Lord’s path puts heavy emphasis on being quick on his feet and was reliant on sneak attacks. The moment the two paths clash in combat, the only one with the disadvantage was the assassin.

Tiger Lord never even considered for a moment that his opponent could have a body that is so thick?/hard. What a major miscalculation, and now he had a severe injury from the axe attack. If he continued to fight with Liu Gan it would only prolong his own humiliation, other than that there was no reason to for him fight anymore.

From Tiger Lord’s point of view, if he didn’t want to fight with Liu Gan. Escaping from the battlefield field was still a possible option. He didn’t believe that Liu Gan’s heavy body could catch up to his agile quick steps. However, he would have to give up his camp, that he worked so hard to build, over to Liu Gan. His actions had lost the faith of the people and it was very hard to regain it anew. Now this was what bothered Tiger Lord the most, he just couldn't accept that fact.

Tiger Lord was started to regret the way things have turned out. Wang DeCheng was a very honest person. He was the type of person that didn't know how to lie to others. Judging from what Wang DeCheng said earlier, Liu Gan only wanted to exchange goods, but he what got was insults from Li ChangHui instead. That forced Liu Gan to act against Li ChangHui.

Now that events had progressed to this stage, it was too late to salvage this situation. Tiger Lord could've stopped after he had killed Li ChangHui to resolve the situation and let Liu Gan go even after he had consumed so much of his food. At most, he would've only lost face, but could have still continued his life as a local warlord. If only he had stopped at moment… his biggest mistake was attempting a sneak attack at Liu Gan and fighting for the camp. Now, he had no choice but to escape since he had sustained serious injuries.

Was there really no other choice?

Tiger Lord’s eyesight shifted from Liu Gan onto Yin He since she stood a few meters behind him. Tiger Lord had an idea, a vicious and lecherous idea.

This female was so pretty, and she had been by Liu Gan’s side for awhile. So he should care for her wellbeing or she could even be his family member. Even if he couldn’t beat Liu Gan, he would take that woman hostage and force him to submit!

Liu Gan previously commanded Yin He to not kill inside the camp and to maintain her friendliness and gentle smile. So when Tiger Lord was glancing at Yin He, she showed him a friendly smile. The next moment, Tiger Lord had his dagger by Yin He’s neck.

“Immediately drop all your weapons! Beg for mercy on your knees! Otherwise I will kill your woman!” Tiger Lord threatened Liu Gan.

Liu Gan humiliated him. Broke several of his ribs. Tiger Lord was so angry that he wanted mutilate Liu Gan's corpse to quell his own anger. Unfortunately Liu Gan was too strong, so Tiger Lord could only rely on these underhanded tactics. As for the other player's faith in him and his honour, he could regain those back after Liu Gan dies!

Liu Gan also pitied Tiger Lord… out of all people he chose to bother, he picked the android… if I wasn't her owner, I wouldn't be bother her at all...

Yin He looked at Liu Gan, as if she was waiting for his order. Tiger Lord was also frantically looking over at Liu Gan. Tiger Lord must have correctly guessed that this woman had a place within Liu Gan's heart. However, he wasn't sure if that would be enough leverage for him to force Liu Gan to submit.

“If you want to kill, then kill him.” Liu Gan indifferently said to Yin He.

“Yes? You sure? Do you really think that I won't kill her? I will show you that I will kill her now!” Tiger Lord hearing was mistaken, Liu Gan just gave an order to Yin He. Tiger Lord’s pupil constricted as the blade edged closer, pressing onto her neck.

Even if Liu Gan didn’t care for this woman, Tiger Lord could easily kill her and then escape. That way, he could count it as a mini payback for getting injured by his axe and all other previous humiliations he suffered.

The moment Yin He heard Liu Gan’s command. Her smile disappeared as her eyes grew cold. Both her two sleeve blades each extended. The next moment, while Tiger Lord was holding his blade on Yin He’s carotid artery, he felt nothing but weakness and chest pain. It was as if something had pierced through his heart causing his arms and legs to get weaker.

Followed by a metallic glowing light that flashed before his eyes. Then Tiger Lord felt as if he was doing a somersault from a high height as he landed on the ground. The world was spinning around him. Even everything settled down, Tiger Lord could see clearly. He saw his body was still standing behind Yin He, except the head was missing.

Tiger Lord now understood what has happened. Could it be that someone chopped his head off, but who did it?

Was it Liu Gan? But he didn't see him move with the axe or was it Yin He whom he was holding as a hostage in front of him?

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