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 Chapter 119 - Going Back On Their Word


Even if he does this, there is no honor in sneak attacks. Presently, Tiger Lord has no choice but to take that option. In front of all the players in the camp, he must kill Liu Gan so he can wash away all the humiliation he had to endure. Between humiliation or backstabbing, the former was a heavier burden on Tiger Lord’s status.  


This place was not big enough for the both of them. With strong opponents like Liu Gan nearby, it would affect the future development of the camp, so he must not let Liu Gan leave here alive.


As for Liu Gan, he carried the backpack wobbling as he moved, but with Yin He’s assistance they moved to within 2 meters of Tiger Lord...


“Go to hell!” Tiger Lord’s face turned incomparably malevolent, and at the same time in a flash, he charged over to Liu Gan with [Swift Stab] activated. The flash of a polished and sharp dagger lead the charge, and it was a sturdy dagger that wouldn’t break easily.


‘Dong!’ a loud ring echoed like two metallic objects colliding…


Tiger Lord’s sharp dagger clashed head on with Liu Gan’s fire axe edge of the blade and revealed half a centimeter indent.


Liu Gan was obviously pretending to be drunk. Ever since the moment he acted like the bag was too heavy to be carried, and then he wobbled when walking. Liu Gan saw through Tiger Lord’s bad intentions. Rather, it was just a feeling that he had as he approached Tiger Lord who was preparing to strike. Just as Tiger Lord was going to strike at his chest, Liu Gan’s keen sense of sight and senses were fast enough for Liu Gan to react, and lift up the fire axe. Successfully blocking the sharp dagger with the fire axe.


Of course, even without the fire axe to protect that one strike, he had his [Mist Armor] to protect and defend against the assault.


“Want to kill me? You are looking to die!”

Liu Gan blocked the attack, then cursed aloud and returned with a side kick. Tiger Lord was able to quickly move back, but the residual force still remained. Stumbling a few steps backward, he wasn’t able to stand firmly on the ground. He ended up falling with his butt on the ground, as he felt so helpless.


After this kick, Tiger Lord also felt fearful.


He never would’ve expected that even after using his ability it wasn’t able to One-Hit Kill, and not only that, but Liu Gan blocked it! To successfully sneak attack someone else, and not be successful at it, ending up sitting on the ground with every player watching. This is so pitiful.


“I thought we had an agreement, that this matter was resolved. Why the sudden change in plans to sneak attack me? As a leader to do such improper things, where is your honor? Would you dare to fight me in a match fairly?” Liu Gan scolded Tiger Lord for his action.


To kill Tiger Lord was really simple, but there was no need to rush things. This way, it can be used to demonstrate his abilities and buy the hearts of the people watching.


The surrounding players were all stunned, especially the close elite players of Tiger Lord. The elite players knew Tiger Lord’s true strength. Even when they were all level 4, the strongest amongst them had been Tiger Lord. On top of that the difference between level 4 and level 5 was a wide gap. After obtaining level 5, Tiger Lord’s strength gained an incredible boost which made it seem like he was at a place that was unattainable, so they looked up to him.


However, the moment he used this lowly sneak attack on the stranger, then failed on the sneak attack, on top of getting kicked back. Tiger Lord could only sit on the ground, even a fool could tell who was stronger.


Wang DeCheng stood his ground wondering… isn’t Brother Liu level 4? How come he can cause so much distress to Tiger Lord. As well as returning a kick to Tiger Lord? This is too unimaginable, just how much strength does Brother Liu have? Could he possibly be stronger than Tiger Lord?


“Killing my brothers, taking my food. Do you really think I would let you leave here alive?” Tiger Lord shouted as he stood up. Now that things have reached this stage, it was definitely life and death between him and Liu Gan. There was no room for resolving it peacefully anymore.


“Go Tiger Lord! Show him your power! It’s no big deal to fall down! Quickly use your special ability to kill the trash!” shouted an unknown player from on the sideline.

Liu Gan glanced at the player, this person really doesn’t know the situation. How dare he call him some trash! Once the score is settled with Tiger Lord, Liu Gan will settle it with him too.


“Since you want to kill me, then I have no choice. I can only fight you to the bitter end.” Liu Gan declared and cracked his neck as he dropped his backpack to the floor. Every joint connecting to the bones produced a horrifying ‘kaka’ sound.


When playing online games like this, killing so many monsters will prove to be boring. What’s fun is the endless possibility from player vs player battles. Otherwise, why would anyone raise their levels?


“You are wrong! It’s you dying, and me living!” Tiger Lord corrected Liu Gan’s saying, then once again wielded the sharp dagger as he plunged toward Liu Gan.


Tiger Lord’s One-Hit Kill wasn’t able to find its mark, and now knowing that a blitzkrieg strategy won’t work, he has to rely on his special forces career to use wrestling techniques and agile side steps to close in on Liu Gan’s body. Once he is close enough, he will produce numerous cuts on Liu Gan’s body that will bleed out slowly. From what he had seen, Tiger Lord thinks that Liu Gan is clumsy so it will be hard for Liu Gan to win the fight.

As predicted, taking advantage of the side steps to close in, Tiger Lord was adept in wrestling with the skill he had previously shown. While taking advantage of this situation, he forced Liu Gan to retreat slowly to the point of passively blocking left and right attacks.


“Tiger Lord go! Show him your power! Mess him up! Mess him up!” cheered on by a rowdy crowd of players that lacked moral principle, things got even more heated as they saw Tiger Lord push back Liu Gan.


Wang DeCheng was concerned, he knew that with today’s situation and Tiger Lord’s personality, it will be hard for him to stay here. Either way Wang DeCheng will be punished, regardless of whether Liu Gan leaves or dies.


There was still a large portion of players watching silently. They don’t know just what will happen when two level 5 players are dueling. Who in the end will emerge victorious? Just in case, what if that strange player kills Tiger Lord? Would the side cheering Tiger Lord on through battle cries be held accountable for their actions? This is quite a difficult situation, stuck between a hard place and a rock.

Tiger Lord got more proficient as he got into his routine. While in combat, he slowly found his rhythm and this gave him a confidence boost… Seems as if Tiger Lord was being overly cautious since this man in front of him was no big deal.


Tiger Lord had his sharp dagger act as a decoy that Liu Gan fell for and Tiger Lord took advantage of it. Taking this opportunity, his other hand had a dagger that successfully pierced toward Liu Gan’s chest.


This time, Liu Gan’s axe was high overhead, chest unguarded, back to the wall with no room to retreat!


“Good Good Good!”


“Tiger Lord Win!”


“Tiger Lord Power!”



Once again the rowdy bunch of surrounding players cheered, even now those silent bunch of players also started chanting loudly. Tiger Lord’s fast speed and wrestling skills were unmatched. All Tiger Lord has to do now is to avoid Liu Gan’s attack. Tiger Lord’s next attack is an extremely precise attack, and it can seriously injure or even kill the opponent!


This duel between the two first class players will soon come to an end! The end of the fight will officially be declared! 

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