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“What abilities boss has awoken, I'm not too sure about. Brother, you are level 4? Ah… and I wanted to recruit you to my team! If you are level 4, you can directly join Tiger Lord’s elite team! Currently the elite team has 5 players. Tiger Lord has been working very hard to recruit more people to his elite team. If you are willing to join us, then you will be playing a big role. Almost all of the resource in this camp will be available for you to use.” Wang DeCheng got even more excited and had even more respect for Liu Gan. Since Wang DeCheng himself was only level 3, his position was that of a small team leader, so he doesn't even have a chance to join the elite team.


Hearing that Liu Gan was level 4, the two other players that were with Wang DeCheng stopped gawking at Yin He and immediately became more restrained. They couldn't dare to be that rude anymore.


“Is entering level 4, that hard? Wouldn't just killing more zombies work? Since they started with 300 players and now only 40 remain, so to survive you must have killed a lot of zombies. Thinking about it shouldn’t you be quite strong by now?” Liu Gan kept asking Wang DeCheng more questions.


Similar to Zhang ShengLi and Hu Rong, they both were stuck at level 3. The moment they followed him, in a day they reached level 4.


“It's not easy to get to level 4. Your innate ability is very important, even if you kill more zombies it will be useless. Originally, Tiger Lord had a dozen level 4 players, but yesterday afternoon a variant zombie ran nearby! After a violent battle, most of the level 4 players were heavily injured and even half of them were killed. Only Tiger Lord was powerful enough to kill the variant zombie and reach level 5.” Wang DeCheng said regretfully.


“Level 4 to level 5 is the most significant gate. Even killing more normal zombies would be useless, one must be like Tiger Lord. Killing at least one variant zombie would work.” Added one of the players who was gawking at Yin He before; the player while revealing an envious expression as he talked.

“A variant zombie ah?” I haven't seen one yet.. Too bad.” Liu Gan continued his facade.


“That is because you are lucky. If you had encountered one, you would've died.” Wang DeCheng replied quickly to Liu Gan. When the dozen of level 4 players surrounded the variant zombie, Wang DeCheng was watching from afar on a buildings to0p, so the desperate battle was still fresh in his memory.


“Yes! The variant zombie requires a lot of players to charge forward and waste a large quantity of hand grenades and molotov cocktails. Only the luckiest one has a chance to kill a variant zombie and reach level 5.” said the other player who was alongside Wang DeCheng in a sorrow tone.


“But you manage to reach level 4 alone, that alone shows that you have a high innate ability.” Wang DeCheng said to Liu Gan.


“Is that so?” Liu Gan smiled. Previously, when he was playing solo, he had no perception of level differences and it wasn’t apparent. Now that he was grouped up with Wang DeCheng and the other players, it was clear that even a difference of 1 level in strength was enough to maintain his dominance amongst the group. Wang DeCheng had reached level 3, the two players that followed him reached level 2. When they look at Liu Gan, they could only revere and envy him.


As Wang DeCheng was talking with Liu Gan, they headed toward the zone where food was kept.


As they passed a shelf, Liu Gan heard of  a crying of a female voice from within, there was also another strange sound. Then, he could hear a male voice loudly scolding the female. The female voice kept begging the male to not do something.


“Oh, inside here is where interrogate all local survivors we catch. There is an interrogation going on at the moment .” Wang DeCheng explained to Liu Gan and hurried him towards another direction.


Liu Gan gave Wang DeCheng a glare, but didn’t ask much. However, Liu Gan remembered that Wang DeCheng introduced this area as an entertainment zone, and not the ‘interrogation’ room.


Wang DeCheng lead Liu Gan and Yin He around many corners and turns before they reached storage area of the supermarket. Inside there were 3 males and 1 female playing poker… One of those males playing poker was embracing a female in his arms, in addition there were also two other males, who were chatting. This should be the camp’s rather/most important area, that was reliant on heavy guarding.


[TL: There’s a total of 6 people in that room, before Liu Gan entered. 5 males, 1 female.]



The female’s clothes were rather short, her wrist doesn’t have a wrist watch, seems like she is a local survivor.


Inside there were large stacks of various foods and the amount of food was definitely abundant. Liu Gan casually walked in and saw a large bag of rice, flour, noodles, mung beans, yellow beans, powdered milk, canned goods, vacuum packaged meat, it was definitely enough to supply these 40+ people for half a month.


It couldn’t be said that these people were lucky or not. After starting nearby the supermarket, but yet close enough to the city center. From 300 players they were down to 40 players, one could only imagine how violent the battles were when they transferred in.


“Brother Li! How are you!” Wang DeCheng walked over to respectfully greet the tall and sturdy male, who was embracing the female.


The tall and sturdy male player was called Li ChangHui, he looked up to see Wang DeCheng, then at Liu Gan. Lastly, he set his eyes upon Yin He’s face. He discovered that Yin He’s cheeks  was smooth and she was very pretty, her body was perfect. Li ChangHui immediately lost interest in the female he was embracing.


“This place has too many people, do want to kill them all?” Yin He saw Liu Gan’s expression changed subtly and immediately she was aware of it, and whispered in his ears.


“Not yet, temporarily maintain friendliness and smile. If I need to kill them, I will let you know.” Liu Gan lightly whispered back to Yin He. His original plan was to kill these people and steal the goods, but Han GuangMing and Wang DeCheng were very courteous. He couldn’t massacre this whole camp just for the food.


Unless there was someone who didn’t know any better, and picks a fight with him.


If this person in front of him, Li ChangHui would do something stupid. Liu Gan was betting on his stupidity to pick a fight, which was more than enough of a reason for Liu Gan to kill that person and take the goods.  


“Okay.” Yin He immediately changed her facial expression to an indifferent smiling expression. With her beautiful cheeks and charming smile, the lecherous Li ChangHui had his heart melted and had the intention of claiming this girl as his own.


“Little Wang, what do you need me for?” Li ChangHui asked, while thinking of a way to execute his plan. Wang DeCheng’s age was obviously older than Li ChangHui, but Li ChangHui purposely referred Wang as ‘Little Wang’ as a way of demeanoring him. Because Li’s status was above Wang’s status.

“Reporting Brother Li, I found a level 4 player, but he doesn’t seem to be willing to join our camp. He only wants to come in and exchange goods with us. I brought him here with me.” Wang DeCheng respectfully reported to Li ChangHui.


“Level 4? Would you care to take out your wristwatch and show us all?” Li ChangHui disdainfully looked at Liu gan. They had 300 players, now that had 40+ players were alive. There was only a handful of players who were reached  high levels, the level 5 Tiger Lord and several level 4 players. So with a sudden appearance of a casual player who entered their camp and declared himself as level 4? It was too suspicious.



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