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Li ChangHui is a member of the elite team. Of the whole camp there are only 4 other players in that elite team. In the real world, he worked in a famous city as a manager of day laborers. He has a bad temper, so other players are quite afraid of him. They are all afraid that he will rage at them and it will lead to them getting beaten up.

Previously in the real world, government officials one level higher would pressure you. Here players one level higher do the pressuring. Just like Li ChangHui’s previous occupation with governing peddlers, now as a member of the elite team every player level 2 and 3 will have to be honest in front of him.

“I only came here to exchange materials, not to stir up trouble. So as to what level I am, isn’t really important. If you feel like I’m not level 4, then pretend I’m level 3.” Liu Gan indifferently replied to Li ChangHui.

“Speaking straightforwardly!” said Li ChangHui. Li ChangHui clearly had obvious signs of his violent tendencies with his contradicting words, and this is exactly how Liu Gan wanted it to play out.

“This Brother just arrived, so he doesn’t know how to pay attention to his tone. He actually is a nice person. On the outside, he rescued ‘little Han’ in my squad, so please Brother Li, just excuse his manners.” Wang DeCheng trying his best to diffuse the situation.

“Okay, you want to exchange supplies? What do you have? Take it out for us to look at.” Li ChangHui with a long face asked Liu Gan.

“I have instant noodles, biscuits, mineral spring water, antibiotic medicine, band-aid, and water caltrops.” Liu Gan replied.

“What do you want to exchange?” Li ChangHui asked Liu Gan.

“For one bag of brine chicken.” Liu Gan pointed behind Li ChangHui’s to a shelf that had two bags of brine chicken.

“He wants brine chicken?” the two players, standing next to Li ChangHui, sneered out loud as they ridicule Liu Gan. Brine Chicken is a high level food, even within the camp. It is only supplied to the elite team members as well as players that have obtained commendable merits. Liu Gan was just an outsider, and wants to trade with Li ChangHui. Isn’t Liu Gan asking for trouble?

“Instant noodles and biscuits we don’t want. You can show me your spring water, antibiotic medicine, band-aid, and water caltrop and maybe we will trade those.” Li ChangHui pointed out as he rolled his eyes while scheming something.

Liu Gan opened his backpack and pulled out one bottle of antibiotic powder, and placed it in front of Li ChangHui’s desk. This bottle was from the five scumbags from before. He used one bottle on Zhang ShengLi’s body earlier though, so now all that remains is this one bottle.

“What is the meaning of this?” Li ChangHui stared at Liu Gan.

“One bottle of medicine for one chicken.” Liu Gan replied Li ChangHui.


“So this bottle? You are joking right? There’s too little. No exchange.” Li ChangHui waved his hands in front of Liu Gan.

“Medicine in the apocalyptic world is a high demand resource, This bottle of medicine is enough to exchange two brine chicken. I only want one so why not?” Liu Gan replied to Li ChangHui.

“One bottle of antibiotic medicine and you want to exchange for two brine chicken? Do you know how many of those medicines we have? Nearby we have several large pharmacies! Boy!” Li ChangHui couldn’t help but smirk as he looked at his nearby other male players, and the two nearby players cracked up laughing, all of them ridiculing Liu Gan.

“Then okay, I’ll throw in these water caltrops okay?” Liu Gan pulled out a small bag of water caltrops out and placed it onto the table in front of Li ChangHui.

Li ChangHui opened up the plastic bag and started eating the water caltrops. He also shared with the people around him. When he was done eating, they finished off half the bag, but they never once mentioned about trading.

“Now can you give me the brine chicken?” Liu Gan asked Li ChangHui.

“HE WANTS BRINE CHICKEN! Haha. He really wants that brine chicken!” Li ChangHui said as he took another bite out of the water caltrops. Li ChangHui sneered at Liu Gan the whole time, meanwhile all the others around him also joined in on the taunt.

“This brine chicken belongs to the supermarket, it doesn’t belong to you so anyone can get food. Even though, you came first, I won’t object to that. I proposed to use 1 bottle of antibiotic and 1 bag of water caltrops to trade only 1 brine chicken. That already is very beneficial to you, but your took this horrible attitude in this sort of matter. It is intolerable bullying!” Liu Gan looked at Wang DeCheng initially, then at Li ChangHui with an additional emphasis in his tone.

Wang DeCheng was also quite mad at Li ChangHui’s way of handling the situation. Even if Li ChangHui didn’t want to exchange food with Liu Gan, he didn’t need to humiliate the other party. To tell the truth, if they didn’t want to trade the brine chicken then say so. Liu Gan was brought here by Wang DeCheng. With Li ChangHui disrespecting Liu Gan like that, it was as if he was also disrespecting Wang DeCheng. It was only due to the fact that Li ChangHui’s position within the camp was higher than his that Wang DeCheng was unable to speak up for fear of getting punished.

“You feel like that I’m bullying you intolerably? Okay okay okay! If you want the brine chicken, then leave all your luggage behind, then you and your girl can leave!” Li ChangHui picked up a bag of empty chicken bones from beneath the table and threw in front of Liu Gan.

“What is the meaning of this? Want to pick a fight?” Liu Gan looked the bag of chicken bones on the floor in front of him, then looked at Wang DeCheng. Liu Gan’s facial expression changed.

The meaning behind this was clear, previously he was respectful to Wang DeCheng so he didn’t take action to rob the storage. He only had the intention of exchanging supplies. However, this Li ChangHui’s attitude was very vile. From the manner in which he bullies people, it is hard to be forgiving and not take action.

Wang DeCheng released a sigh. He no longer knew how to diffuse this situation.

“What if, I am picking a fight? Are you dissatisfied?” Li ChangHui said in a demeaning manner to Liu Gan. Li ChangHui smacked the table and the female along with the four other males also stood up. All the males charged forward to Liu Gan.

The female local survivor noticed the change in atmosphere and rush aside to hide so she wouldn’t fall victim to an accident.

“Both of you Elders… Please let’s talk it out… Let’s not fight… Just put the blame on me…” Wang DeCheng was very embarrassed and rushed in between Li ChangHui and Liu Gan.

“Move aside!” Li ChangHui shoved Wang DeCheng aside. His arm strength was quite powerful. It was enough to throw Wang DeCheng onto the floor.

Li ChangHui already decided to beat up Liu Gan in a fury of punches. Then, take his backpack and the pretty girl. The pretty girl will be presented to Tiger Lord for a reward or perhaps, he can leave her by his side so he could enjoy her. This Wang DeCheng dared to block his path?

“You went as far as to hit my Brother Wang?” Liu Gan lifted up Wang DeCheng off the ground. As righteousness and indignation empowered his actions, his inner feelings were quite happy with this outcome… Li ChangHui’s short temper was very suitable for his plans. Right now with this situation, Liu Gan could justify his actions of killing the players and taking the goods, and even win the heart of Wang DeCheng over.

“Brother Liu, forget it… A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. Let us leave. When we get back, I will tell Tiger Lord of the situation.” Wang DeCheng whispered to Liu Gan.

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