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TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Allenwa

Chapter 112: Tiger Lord

[TL: his name is so boss.]

“Come follow me.” Wang DeCheng gestured a hand motion to come, and started leading the way. He says he is taking Liu Gan to the place for a supply exchange, but in reality, he wants Liu Gan to stay longer so he warms up to them and join his group.

Even though the number of players that entered the game far exceeds a hundred thousand players, but the area of spawning is too wide. So there were high death ratios, to establish the camp is as hard as it is to recruit enough people.

Liu Gan’s impression of Han GuangMing and Wang DeCheng is quite good, it is too bad that they are already following another Boss. Otherwise, Liu Gan would really want to obtain them for himself, since he really needs useful players too. It might still be possible… if this camp’s Boss is the evil type, then Liu Gan will help take out the evil-doer for everyone's sake and successfully take over this group.

Nothing can be done now though, he can only wait for them to make their move first.

Liu Gan told Yin Ge briefly, and then they followed Wang DeCheng closer toward Fortune and Youth supermarket. The two male players that were with Wang DeCheng’s group walked up close to Yin He’s side. They wanted to win her heart by helping her out with the bags, but Yin He only coldly glared at them and moved further away.

Does this female like the abuse? The two players must have thought. If they had a beautiful female like that, they would just pamper her, they wouldn't let her do the heavy duty work. So this was quite puzzling to them.

After they entered Fortune and Youth supermarket, inside were shelves with rocks holding down iron laced nets for inner layer fortifications, so every aisle was blocked off.

Seeing that Wang DeCheng was bringing Liu Gan over, the few guards along with the two male players from Wang DeCheng’s team worked together to push apart a hidden, but not quite heavy shelf. The angle they pushed open at allowed them enough room to walk in.

Every section within the supermarket had been completely redesigned. Using the shelves as dividers, it was sectioned off into a few zones. According to Wang DeCheng’s introduction, there was entertainment zone, daily activity zone, storage zone, and a medical bay. Everything that wasn't necessary such as electronics were all placed into the shelves that separated the zones.

The medical bay was very simple in terms of treatment, and it was to the entrance of the supermarket’s right side. Using more shelves as dividers for a treatment area and bedroom area. Outside of the treatment area were guarded by a few players and inside were several large locked cabinets. The bedroom area had several beds. Han GuangMing ordered the three players carrying the stretcher to place Zhang's ShengLi down and roll him onto it.

The player responsible for the medical bay was introduced to them as a medical student in medical school by Han GuangMing. He walked over to inquire upon the condition and checked the suture wounds. Then, he proceeded to use an iodine-like solution on the wound and started wiping it up. Afterwards, he got two more pills of antibiotic for Zhang ShengLi to take.

Zhang ShengLi laying on the bed was in agonizing pain and his facial expression only showed how miserable it was.

“Do you have pain-killer?” Liu Gan asked the player.

“Pain-killers are limited resources, without Tiger Lord’s approval it can't be used.” The medical-student player shook his head.

“Show me some respect! This person helped us a lot and saved several lives, it was only because he tried to save us that led to him getting injured.” Han GuangMing pulled aside the medical-student player and asked him.

“Okay, I can only give you one pill. If Tiger Lord comes back to find it missing, you can explain to him.” Said the medical-student player. It seems like the medical-student player and Han GuangMing are rather familiar with each other. After a few words of exchange he was willing to give the pill. He opened up the cabinet and took out the pill to give to Zhang ShengLi.

Zhang ShengLi swallowed the pain-killer and the pain dissipated to the point where he seemed to be asleep when he closed his eyes. Liu Gan didn't bother him and the whole group of people left the medical bay. This is all he can do for Zhang ShengLi, now it comes down to his regenerative ability and willpower.

“We will need to continue our duty of patrol. Brother Liu, you can continue chatting with Brother Wang. Brother Wang is a good person.” Han GuangMing said as he departed from the medical bay.

“Ah, okay you can do your stuff. Don't worry about me.” Liu Gan said as he nodded to Han GuangMing.

“Brother Liu, if you do decide to leave, you must wait for me to return from my patrol. I have to treat you to a drink!” Han GuangMing stretched out his hand.

“Okay!” Liu Gan shook Han GuangMing. Liu Gan smiled and deep down, he felt warmth.

“Brother Liu, it's hard to survive alone in this world. There's power in numbers, so we should group up then everyone can have food to eat, and protect each other when another is hurt. Only this way is it possible to survive, otherwise, if everyone does their own thing then it would be easy to fall victim to the local survivors.” Said Wang DeCheng after Han GuangMing had left.

“Local survivors are killing payers?” Liu Gan questioned as he felt as though there was more to it.

“Yes! Brother if you continue your path forward on this road, then you will arrive at a large hospital. There the local survivors established a camp. They wouldn't let us close enough to use the hospital equipments and medicine, and yesterday night they ambushed us at our camp and killed three of our players…” Wang DeCheng said to Liu Gan.

“Oh? How large is the player’s camp? And how many at the hospital are with the local survivors?” Liu Gan asked Wang DeCheng.

“We have gathered 40 people inside, there's several small patrols out right now to protect the supermarket. The hospital side has around several hundred local survivors. Right now we have the strategic advantage since a large majority of the people haven't eaten yet. So there's a high chance that they will attack us again soon.” Wang DeCheng said to Liu Gan.

“When you transferred into the game, you had 40 people together?” Liu Gan continued his questions. Liu Gan knows that his initial starting point was NinJing City's outskirts. Even though NinJing city is fairly large, the street that Fortune and Youth supermarket was on wasn't even considered the heart of the city.

“No, when we transferred into here, there were at least 300 players. However, a large portion of the players were separated by the zombies. Finally our leader, Tiger Lord, with overwhelming courage lead us to group together. We were able to gather these 40 players.” Wang DeCheng said to Liu Gan.

“Hearing about your boss, makes him seem very powerful.” Liu Gan replied to Wang DeCheng.

“Yes! Tiger Lord is the leader of 40+ people. He has already reached level 5, so he awakened a new ability! Do you know what happens to players who  reach level 5, and the concept behind it?” Wang DeCheng was very excited as he asked Liu Gan.

“No I don't, I thought that level 4 was already very exhausting. There's someone who reached level 5? What ability did your boss awaken?” Liu Gan lied about his true abilities to learn more about the boss.

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