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“You guys are players that entered the game too?” One of the men asked as he displayed his alloy metal watch on his wrist. His facial expression seemed kind and not like the scheming type.

“Yes.” Liu Gan said as he showed his own wrist watch.

“We were battling a group of local survivors, and they forced us over here. Then, you guys stumbled onto the battlefield, and they mistook you for a target. I originally wanted to call you over here to hide, but it was too late.” One of the men apologized to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan felt depressed as he shook his head. This matter already had him heated. The opposition threw the spear from quite far away, so it wasn’t likely for it to actually strike one of them. Right when Yin He rushed over to protect Liu Gan, she could only hold onto two spears. Zhang ShengLi was simply too unlucky, and he was pierced by one of the spears.

Liu Gan originally wanted Zhang ShengLi’s three person squad, but Zhang ShengNan’s stupidity had caused two of them to die. Then, he was left with only one, but who knew that this would be the end here.

Yin He appeared in front of the dim alley holding a few bamboo spears. She came back to whisper a report into Liu Gan’s ear. All five people at the top of the building had all been taken care of.

The players in the alleyway were all bewildered while staring at Yin He. When they were still hidden, they witnessed Yin He scale the exterior of the building. Then, she carried the bamboo spears back. They guessed that several of the people on the eighth and ninth floor had been killed.

“Brother Liu, I can’t do this. Please help me end the pain!” Zhang ShengLi said as he had his back against the wall.

Liu Gan sighed and looked for his fire axe, but he did not wield it.

“Maybe my death can force me to log off? Brother Liu, help me. I regret that I have yet to pay off my debt to you for saving my life.” Zhang ShengLi said as he suffered unbearable pain. His wound was clearly not as life threatening as Jiang JinYuan’s. If this were the real world, then he was definitely savable.

“Okay, but before that I need you to shut your eyes. I have something important to tell you.” Liu Gan kneeled and opened his backpack.

“Ah?” Zhang ShengLi felt it was strange, but still he closed his eyes.

Liu Gan pulled out something and handed it over to Yin He. Then, he whispered something into her ear.

“Brother Liu, just do it. I know you are very direct and efficient, so I won’t suffer any pain.” Zhang ShengLi closed his eyes and accepted his fate.

“Don’t move. I have something very important to tell you…” Liu Gan walked over and pretended to say something. Then, he grabbed the bamboo spear and yanked it out from Zhang ShengLi’s chest… He only said he wanted to tell him something to distract him, so he wouldn’t concentrate on the pain of a bamboo spear being pulled out from his chest.

Zhang ShengLi screamed loudly. Liu Gan used the cloth that he had prepared and shoved it into ShengLi’s mouth. Then, he unwaveringly held it against ShengLi’s body. Yin He followed Liu Gan’s order and cut open Zhang ShengLi’s clothes. With Liu Gan’s assistance, she doused Zhang ShengLi’s two open wounds in the front and back with antibiotic powder. Then, they quickly prepared a needle and thread to suture the wound where the bamboo spear once was.

Zhang ShengLi’s wound kept spewing blood, and his face turned pale white. His body was saturated with sweat, and he kept trembling. However, Liu Gan held down his body and was unable to move.

The Lee Ding sisters stood a few meters away, and they had witnessed all that was happening. The both of them could only hug each other and stare while they trembled.

“If you do that, it will kill him!” said one of the players who had studied some medicine before, but Liu Gan didn’t care about him.

Yin He was able to quickly finish suturing Zhang ShengLi’s wound in the front, and the wound was stitched together very tightly. It was perfect to stop the flow of blood. Then, Liu Gan flipped Zhang ShengLi’s body over, and the wound in the back had less surface area than the front. Therefore, the blood that flowed out was a lot less. Yin He got to work and quickly stitched together Zhang ShengLi’s back wound tightly.

After noticing that she was able to suture the wound perfectly, Liu Gan was speechless… It was definitely the handiwork of a machine. The sutured wound was as if it had been sewn by a sewing machine. Normal humans couldn’t produce something so orderly and quickly.

“This won’t work, right? He will bleed internally.” The player who had some knowledge in medicine said, but Liu Gan continued to ignore him.

After observing that Zhang ShengLi was calm and not shaking, Liu Gan removed the cloth that was in ShengLi’s mouth.

“Brother Liu, if I’m like this… can I be saved?” Zhang ShengLi wanted Liu Gan to give him a swift end, but who would’ve thought that he would pull out the bamboo spear from his chest. Then he operated on him… Of course, he couldn’t compliment on the skills for the surgery. It was rash like the style of a veterinary surgeon.

“We aren’t normal human beings anymore. So, your immune system might be able to resist infection. Your healing may also have surpassed normal people? The most important part is that your vital organs and blood vessels haven’t been wounded. If your vital organs or blood vessels had been ruptured leading to internal bleeding, then you would definitely die. Since you haven’t died yet, then it shouldn’t be a big deal.” Liu Gan tried his best to console Zhang ShengLi, as he sat down beside him.

Right now, Liu Gan treated Zhang ShengLi as if he was a horse, and he gambled on this experiment. If everything proceeded according to Liu Gan’s suspicions, then a player’s body would have had better regenerative powers after leveling up. If that were true, then, Zhang ShengLi would be able to survive and return to normal.

If Zhang ShengLi were to survive, then his status could be monitored. It would be vital information to Liu Gan’s survival. Liu Gan couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t suffer such a critical wound. However, if Zhang ShengLi were to recover, then later on Liu Gan would have experience with handling this scenario.

“I may…” Zhang ShengLi revealed his suffering expression. Zhang ShengLi originally felt like he was deadweight to Liu Gan, but he was still able to carry the backpacks. Now, Zhang ShengLi couldn’t even accomplish that.

“I originally wanted to rush to Green Pao Bay, but two days have passed. Even if we leave now, we won’t make it. So if we take longer, it won’t matter.” Liu Gan shook his head and stopped Zhang ShengLi from speaking.

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