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TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Sara

Chapter 110: Emptied out



“Brother Liu, you said you wanted to tell me something important… did you really have something to tell me… or did you want to… distract me?” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan sluggishly.


“I did have something to tell you,” Liu Gan replied to Zhang ShengLi.


“What is it?” Zhang ShengLi started as he asked Liu Gan.


“It is… previously, I had someone die right beside me, so no matter what I couldn’t have you dying on my watch,” Liu Gan replied in a few words. If Zhang ShengLi really did die, Liu Gan will be alone again. It’s as if whoever is closest to him, will die and it’s just hard to accept that.


“Brother Liu, Thank you.” Zhang ShengLi’s tears started flowing out.


“There are two streets in front, is Fortune and Youth supermarket there?” Liu Gan stood up and asked the few male players around him. Today, he didn’t want to wander around; it would be best to find a place to settle down.


“Yes, Fortune and Youth supermarket was our stronghold, but those local survivors wanted to take it from us. They ambushed and killed one of our people. We have been fighting with them since,” replied one of the male players, his name was Han GuangMing. In the real world, he was studying in a police school.


“Okay.” Liu Gan frowned. His original plan of taking over Fortune and Youth supermarket was foiled; he couldn’t do so now.


“My surname is Han, what is your name?” Han GuangMing introduced himself.


“Surname Liu,” Liu Gan replied.


“Brother Liu, you want to go and check out the supermarket? If the people on the roof had really been killed by this young lady, then we could move to get a closer look. As well as bring your companion into our stronghold to recuperate,” Han GuangMing invited Liu Gan. He knew that Liu Gan and Yin He were very capable, and they wouldn’t leave behind their wounded companion, so he had favorable opinion of them; they were worth forming friendships with.


“Then let us proceed.” Liu Gan held onto the idea of robbing the place, and decided to check it out. Since they have wasted so much time to get here, returning empty-handed would cause internal disputes.


Before leaving, Liu Gan trudged over to one of the buildings and took apart the door. Then, he started modifying the door through brute force. He was able to make a stretcher from it.


“No need for such trouble, I can try to walk myself.” Zhang ShengLi tried to stand up, but it was too painful and only resulted in a scream of pain. In the end, he ended up on the stretcher.


“You guys can help carry him,” Han GuangMing said to the three other players around him.


The three players were slightly reluctant, but since Han GuangMing was their squad leader they could only obey and picked up the stretcher.


Yin He walked over to pick up the two large backpacks that were left behind by Zhang ShengLi. Then quickly, she caught up to Liu Gan’s footsteps. Before Zhang ShengLi had the honor of being the mule, now that Zhang ShengLi was injured, the role naturally fell onto her shoulders.


“You can go protect the stretcher’s safety,” Liu Gan instructed after thinking about it. Yin He nodded and walked to the back, following the three players carrying the stretcher.


The three players carrying the stretcher seemed like college students, they’d witnessed how powerful Yin He was. They got nervous now that Yin He was behind them, so they swiftly carried the stretcher and followed Han GuangMing and Liu Gan.


The Lee Ding sisters followed behind everyone else. They were very carefully scanning the surroundings. Yin He had killed the ambushers on the rooftop, so the street was considerably safe. What remained were the sounds of zombies that came from an unknown direction.


Han GuangMing was level 3, so he was very interested in killing the scattered zombies. Once the zombies come rushing over, Han GuangMing would prepare his formation to assassinate them for experience. Since Han GuangMing didn’t ask for help, Liu Gan didn’t bother to offer. Only when zombies appeared in numbers he wasn’t able to handle, would Liu Gan step in and heavily wound it; Han GuangMing would thus dispose of the already severely injured  zombies for experience.


“Brother Liu, you are too kind,” Han GuangMing thanked Liu Gan for saving his life.


“It’s no big deal,” Liu Gan replied humbly.


After crossing a few streets, a large pharmacy appeared at the corner of the street. Lee DingXiang’s eyes brightened; it might contain the medicine that she had been searching for! Liu Gan proceeded towards the pharmacy too.

“Brother Liu, you don’t need to go to the pharmacy, every single medicine had already been emptied out by us or the local survivors. Whatever’s left were medicines for treating rare diseases. If you want to help your companion, you can try our supermarket. We will help in providing you the medicine you need,” Han GuangMing offered Liu Gan.


“Okay.” Liu Gan nodded, and ceased his advancement towards the pharmacy. He wants to get some medicine for Zhang ShengLi. However, with so many players and local survivors, this pharmacy must have been looted many times.


Lee DingXiang heard Han GuangMing said that, yet she still wants to go to the pharmacy at the street corner. The medicine that her sister needed was very special, yet rare. So for people without this particular disease, they normally won’t even grab it. So there’s still high chance of it still being there.


“Old man!” Lee DingXiang rushed up and shouted for Liu Gan.


“What is it?” Liu Gan stopped and looked at Lee DingXiang.


“We took you to the Fortune and Youth supermarket, I think… I want to go with my sister to stroll around.” Lee DingXiang said to Liu Gan.


“You don’t want to come with us to the supermarket?” Liu Gan curiously asked Lee DingXiang.


“Yes… Temporarily not yet.” Lee DingXiang wanted to rush to find the medicine that her sister needed.


“Okay, once you are done with your task, come find us at the supermarket. I will leave some food behind for you,” Liu Gan replied to Lee DingXiang.


“Okay! Thank you old man!” Lee DingXiang smiled at Liu Gan sweetly, before dragging her sister over to the street corner to search the pharmacy.


Liu Gan shooked his head, he didn’t quite understand what Lee DingXiang wanted to do. Since Lee DingXiang wouldn’t say it, he wouldn’t ask. Liu Gan continued towards the direction Han GuangMing pointed to. Right now, it was of utmost urgency to give Zhang ShengLi proper medical care. It would be best if they could find some pain-killers.


After a few minutes, Han GuangMing led Liu Gan through a large street near Fortune and Youth supermarket. From afar, the supermarket seemed to be constructing a few small scale modifications. While others were working, there were a few that had watch guard duty; it seemed like the place was definitely occupied and there were quite a few people too.

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