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Chapter 108: Spear

“We just need to pass through two more streets, and then we will arrive.” Lee DingXiang said happily to Liu Gan. She could only recognize the place by looking for familiar buildings.

Once they reached the street where the Fortune and Youth supermarket was located, she could enter the few large pharmacies to retrieve the special medicine for her sister.

After passing the intersection up ahead, the surroundings suddenly grew colder. The amount of zombies also decreased significantly. There were a large amount of rotting corpses on the ground, as if someone had been through here massacring zombies.

In this post-apocalyptic world, it was very dangerous, but this was especially true when humans were involved. Therefore, Liu Gan had to be extra careful. With his current strength, Normal people who wanted to attack him wouldn’t be able to with his current strength. However, he still had to protecting the squad’s safety, so it was better to be safe.

“There are hundreds of thousands of players entering the game, and there should be many local survivors like these sisters. The supermarket they want to reach is up ahead. If I had to guess, that area is a hotspot worth fighting for.” Zhang ShengLi walked up and whispered to Liu Gan.

“You have a point there.” Liu Gan nodded.

“Since the nearby streets have been cleared by people, that would mean the Fortune and Youth supermarket could be occupied already.” Zhang ShengLi said as he placed the backpack he had been holding in his hands on the ground. He had a backpack in his hands and on his back since his role was to carry the bags.

“This is unavoidable. Along our way over here, I was thinking about that, too.” Liu Gan scouted left and right, as if he felt something was terribly wrong.

“What are you planning to do?” Zhang ShengLi asked.

“If the supermarket has been taken over, then the only way to get the food is to steal…” Liu Gan replied staring at Zhang ShengLi.

“No matter what you do, I will support you.” Zhang ShengLi said as if he knew that Liu Gan was testing his reactions.

Ever since Zhang ShengNan and Hu Rong died, Zhang ShengLi had been in deep introspection. He realized that everything Liu Gan had said was correct. Using rules from the real world as a standard in [The Trembling World] was a mistake. They had to do everything that they could to survive here. Even if those were things they never wanted to or were unable to do before, they had to be done. Otherwise, only death awaited.

Therefore, whatever Liu Gan decided to do, all ShengLi had to do was suppress his inner moral compass for good and evil.

“Great, as long as the opposition knows what’s best for them and accepts my terms of agreement to share some food with us, I won’t make things difficult. But if they aren’t willing to share, then I can only vanquish those who stand in my way! I’ve already come this far, so I don’t want to return empty handed.” Liu Gan said as he clenched his fist in preparation for battle if it really came down to it.

“Okay, you are the squad leader, so I will support you unconditionally.” Zhang ShengLi said in a whisper and lowered his head. Right now, he couldn’t be of any value in his current condition while staying at Liu Gan’s side. Even if Liu Gan were to fight in the supermarket, he would likely not be able to offer any assistance.

The faint shadow of a person suddenly appeared in a nearby dim alleyway, and it kept waving at Liu Gan’s squad signaling them enter the alleyway. Liu Gan raised his eyebrow, and right when he wanted to ask the shadowy person ‘what it was that he wanted’, a few bamboo sticks pierced through the air straight at Liu Gan. They were the type that had the front end sharpened, and it was made out of bamboo! This bamboo javelin was clearly thrown from on top of one of the roofs.

Yin He stood in front of Liu Gan in a flash. She was able to lip and grab ahold of the two sharpened bamboo javelins while in a mid-air jump. Then, Yin He looked over at the direction where the javelin was thrown from… It was from a certain building in front of them. There were several shadows that disappeared, and unmistakably, those javelins were aiming to take his life.

The Lee Ding sisters felt that something was wrong, and they quickly hurried away into the dim alley. No matter what, Liu Gan had to guarantee their safety. Since they escaped into the alley, they could help Liu Gan by not hindering him.

Liu Gan went straight into the dim alley to hide. When he turned back to look, he discovered that one of the bamboo javelins pierced into Zhang ShengLi’s body, and it pierced through his chest. If his back was toward the javelin, then the backpack would have blocked the damage from the javelin. Unfortunately, his body was facing the javelin.

Zhang ShengLi’s face was extremely painful, but he didn’t make any sound. He could only bear the pain of having his chest pierced.


[email protected]%! It!” Liu Gan cursed and quickly held Zhang ShengLi’s body. Then, he pulled him aside to the dim alley.

Yin He also followed and used her body to protect Liu Gan.

“Go kill them all!” Liu Gan ordered Yin He as he pulled Zhang ShengLi into the dim alley. He had lost a valuable member of his squad, so he was very angry.

Yin He received the order and quickly charged toward the buildings up ahead. Even though the streets contained a few leftover zombies, they never took too much interest in Yin He. Only after she bumped into the zombies would they chase her for a few steps before giving up.

Yin He charged right in front of the building, and then she proceeded to scale from the exterior of the building all the way up to the sixth and seventh floor. She was at the rooftop within half a minute, and afterwards, several screams were heard from the roof.

As Liu Gan was holding Zhang ShengLi’s body, a few men appeared from the darkness of the alleyway. They were all holding manmade shields, and they held it up to protect themselves from the direction of those javelins. One of them helped carried Zhang ShengLi’s body with Liu Gan deep into the alley.

Several of these were young men, and it seemed like all of these players were from the real world. They were the ones that warned Liu Gan and his group and then risked their lives to protect him. It was clear that these people were not ill-intentioned.

Zhang ShengLi suffered an injury, yet he was still able to hold onto the bag and dragged it over. Liu Gan took the backpack off Zhang ShengLi’s back. Then, he gently placed him onto the floor to check out his wound.

“With his kind of wound, I’m afraid he won’t survive.” The leader of the group said, as he checked Zhang ShengLi’s wound.

Liu Gan didn’t make a sound. He knew it would be difficult for Zhang ShengLi to survive this kind of wound. This place wasn’t like the real world where he could be sent to the hospital for surgery. While suffering from this kind of injury, even if the bamboo javelin didn’t sever any major blood vessels, it still pierced through the body. Even suturing the wound and preventing infection would be a huge problem.

Right now, they could only ask Zhang ShengLi for his opinion. Would he want an axe to the head to end his pain and suffering.

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