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This was the chance she had been waiting for. Lee DingXiang could tell that Liu Gan was very powerful so if she could tag along with Liu Gan to Fortune and Youth supermarket then she had a chance to obtain the special medicine to treat her sister’s peculiar blood disease.

“Okay… That is fine as well.” Liu Gan hesitated before accepting. He already experienced how complicated the routes were so if he didn’t had a guide with him, he felt that it would be impossible to reach Fortune and Youth supermarket. Without this first crucial node, Liu Gan wouldn’t know how to reach his next node.

“When we reach there, can we take some of the food from the supermarket too?” Lee DingXiang asked Liu Gan. Since she and her sister were tired of eating water caltrops so eating anything else would be wonderful.

“Of course you can, if Fortune and Youth supermarket haven’t been occupied then there should be plenty of food. I can’t take all of it.” Liu Gan nodded, this would be their compensation for being his guide.

The sisters were very happy that Liu Gan accepted. Then they prepared a small backpacks and got ready to leave with Liu Gan.

“On our route there will be a lot of zombies so if you don’t want anything bad to happen then you must listen to my commands. No matter what happens, you must not panic and lose control of yourself. Even though you are temporarily joining us, we are still a squad. I will do my best to protect you. So if you panic and start running around, I can’t protect you.” Liu Gan

“Okay, we already know that it is dangerous outside. We will definitely listen to your orders and follow your commands.” Lee DingXiang nodded to Liu Gan.

“Her?” Liu Gan looked at Lee DingXin, since she didn’t make a sound.

Lee DingXin quickly hid behind Lee DingXiang.

“You can talk to him, he isn’t a bad person.” Lee DingXiang urged her sister to speak up and pushed her forward.

“I will… behave…” Lee DingXin quickly told Liu Gan, but she was still nervous. Normally/ Even before the catastrophe, she didn’t like to speak much, so when she tried to speak her mouth was dry, her nervousness might had contributed to the broken speech.

“Okay, then let’s depart!” Liu Gan nodded. These two sisters roamed the streets as homeless people so their survivability was quite high. They wouldn’t slow them down.

“Old man wait a second, the previous instructions I gave about to Fortune and Youth supermarket was for the shortest route. But, if we leave from here then our road will definitely be blocked by zombies. We must go to another route by the river even if it is longer, but there won’t be as much zombies so overall we will get there faster” Explained Lee DingXiang.

“Then we shall travel to the route alongside the stream.” after listening her explained Liu Gan decided. Everywhere around was filled with zombies, and detouring to areas with a lot of zombies wasn’tt a great idea. Even if he was a capable fighter, if a street was filled with zombies then it was still best to avoid that place.

“Follow me!” Lee DingXiang said holding hands of her sister as she lead the group towards river bank.

“By the riverside, there were some zombies that accidentally fall into the river and once they fell in they couldn’t climb out so they were being swept away by the river water. This was why routes along the river had very little zombies. After walking for an hour or so, we will reach the route that leads directly to the side of Fortune and Youth supermarket.” Lee DingXiang explained to Liu Gan as they walked.

“Okay, then just focus on leading the way, if there are zombies, I will handle them.” Liu Gan replied to Lee DingXiang.

“Old man when you killed those zombies, your moves were very cool!” Said Lee DingXiang.

Liu Gan didn’t care about Lee DingXiang’s words of praise. His eyes were looking at the river side. When Lee DingXiang saw that Liu Gan didn’t respond, she rushed to Zhang ShengLi at the rear and smiled then returned to the front with her sister leading the way.

“Classmate Liu is always very cold so it’s hard for people to get attached.” Zhang ShengLi said to Yin He in a whisper.

Yin He coldly looked at Zhang ShengLi and ignored his words.

“These two are definitely a match made in heaven. Both of them are equally cold. No wonder they can get along?/together.” Zhang ShengLi shook his head and mumbled to himself.

These two sisters definitely had high survivability, and their reactions were also quite sensitive. Once they see zombies, they would quickly notify Liu Gan and ask for his advice about continuing this way or taking a detour. Since they were familiar with the geographic locations, they did their best to avoid zombies and Liu Gan didn’t need to worry too about them.

The most important aspect is to save time.

After an hour, Lee DingXiang led the group away from the river bank and headed into the city.

This area could be considered this city’s most popular area. The large and small streets were flooded with zombies. Even if it couldn’t considered as packed, the distance between every zombie was around a meter or two, but for normal people this was already an obstacle.

To pass through this street, Liu Gan and Yin He was forced to kill their way through like bulldozers. Both of them were like high efficiency killing machines. After the slaughter, they finally cleared zombies in this street.

Zhang ShengLi really wanted to help, but while trailing behind Yin He and Liu Gan he couldn’t find an opportunity to help. So he was very mad, he couldn’t even be useful in a fight. He questioned if he continued to follow Liu Gan, could he offer offer any assistance to him. Perhaps his existence was nothing more than an abandoned child.

For these few streets, Liu Gan had a tactic. He would run around frantically and lure zombies in order to create a zombie train. Once this train was long enough and before they surround him, he borrowed infrastructure of streets to escape and return to the squad.

The zombies wouldn’t attack Yin He first, so the task of being bait had to be Liu Gan. It was a good thing that his body was close to perfect condition. This would also be a good chance for him to familiarize with points for corpse tide. So running a lot might not be a bad thing, it would only prove to be beneficial to his survival with experiences he gained from learning how to dodge.

With this, the squad was drawing closer to Fortune and Youth Supermarket in that district.

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