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The Three Pure Sect had sent many disciples to the Violet Manor, yet none had ever come back. This time, that disciple's coming back stirred the Three Pure Sect. Five major elders went to greet her, and even Outer Disciples came to the Black Dragon Peak. This felt like a celebration.

"I heard that Senior Sister Chu had come back? She must have reached the Core Forming Realm I guess."

"Yeah. She also had brought her fiance here. I heard that he is the young master of the Yang Family, one of the ten major families in the Violet Manor."

"Well, that's something!"

People had crowded both sides of the square, waiting for her arrival. The five elders stood side by side at the entrance of the square. Except for Bai Ying, whose brow furrowed tightly, the other four elders were beaming.

Xiao Chen stood beside her. He was the only disciple standing beside elders as if Bai Ying asked him to stand by her side.

Soon after, under the lead of eight Inner Disciples, two people were walking slowly toward the stairs. The one on the left was a seductive and fascinating woman, while the man on the right was handsome and imposing with sharp brows and eyes.

Many disciples in the square stared agape at them. They whispered, "Is that Senior Sister Chu? Seven years later, she now looks beautiful..."

That woman was the Three Pure Sect disciple sent to the Violet Manor seven years ago. She was Chu Hanyan, the First Elder's major disciple, Mo Yu's Junior Sister, and the strongest disciple back then in the Three Pure Sect. In less than three years after joining the Three Pure Sect, she reached the Foundation Building Realm, which was a miracle in the history of the sect. Now, she was at early Core Forming Realm.

The First Elder was overjoyed and said, "Hanyan! You're back!"

Chu Hanyan smiled gently and said, "Master, it's been so many years. How are you?" While speaking, she did not even look at the other four elders.

"I'm doing fine!" The First Elder was overjoyed beyond expectation. He then looked at the handsome man beside her and asked with a smile, "How should I address this young man?" Although he knew who this man was, he asked in courtesy.

The man clasped his hands and smiled like a gentleman, saying, "I'm Yang Shaochen from the Yang Family. Nice to meet you, elder. I've engaged with Hanyan, and I come here to inform your honored sect."

A thousand years ago, the six major ancient families in the Violet Manor had gradually become silent. Now, they basically disappeared in the Violet Manor. Now there was only the saying "ten major families". The Yang Family was one of the ten major families, and its strength was far stronger than that of the Skygale Sect.

All disciples talked in low voices. Although a man who wanted to marry a woman from a sect must challenge the sect's disciples and win three rounds, in front of this man, this was but a joke. This man was apparently at middle Core Forming Realm. Even the elders might not stand a chance to defeat him, not to mention the disciples.

"Good! Good!" The First Elder laughed and said.

Chu Hanyan looked extremely prideful. She glanced at Bai Ying and Xiao Chen, giggled and said, "Aha! The Third Elder. Is that your fiance? He looks too young for you." She then looked at Xiao Chen and said, "I wonder, which family in the Violet Manor does this young master come from? The Han Family? The Su Family? The Zuoqiu Family? Your cultivation, which level are you in the Core Forming Realm?"

Xiao Chen felt that this woman was disgusting. He smiled and said, "I'm Xiao Chen. I am not a young master, and I'm only at Lv 7 Qi Refining Realm."

"Hahaha. It turns out that you're a kid..." Chu Hanyan put her hand on her mouth and chuckled.

Bai Ying glared at Xiao Chen. "You should ignore her. Why did you tell her that you're not?"

Yang Shaochen was shocked. "The Xiao Family?" Chu Hanyan noticed that something happened to him and asked, "Shaochen, what's wrong?"

Yang Shaochen smiled and said, "No... Nothing." He glanced at Xiao Chen while speaking.

The other elders found embarrassment in the air. The Second Elder smiled and said, "Hanyan, go to the hall and have a rest."

The group of people then walked to the Receiving Hall on the Black Dragon Peak. The disciples were envious of Chu Hanyan. One could share the same position as an elder once came back from the Violet Manor. Now, the disciples were more eager to go to the Violet Manor.

It was now August, the hottest season of the year. The cicadas started to sing on the branches of the trees. The temperature was rising. Due to lack of resources, it was impossible for the sect to spend countless stones to run the Cooling Formation. Chu Hanyan kept fanning her face with her hand, saying, "It's so hot. I should've brought some Core Forming Realm ice formation keepers with us."

Yang Shaochen, who stood beside her, immediately took out a folding fan and fanned it for her with a smile. Bai Ying glanced at Xiao Chen, as if she was saying, "Go get a fan and fan it for me too!"

Xiao Chen looked at her as if he was saying, "Where can I get a fan? Besides, you can't compare me with him. He is the young master of the Yang Family! Me? I'm just your miserable disciple!"

Chu Hanyan noticed that they were eye-contacting. She smiled and took out a box, saying, "Third Elder, this is a Cooling Bead, collected from the East Sea. Here, take it. This Lingtai Mountain was steaming people, and the sunlight was too harmful. It will be too bad for your skin to be damaged."

Bai Ying sneered and said, "Keep this kind of things yourself. I don't need it."

Chu Hanyan giggled and said, "It's fine. Shaochen has so many of it in his home. But it's rare in the Human World. Third Elder, you're not young now. You should take good care of yourself. Nobody will care about you when your skin turned yellow. Hahahaha..."

Bai Ying was so angry that she gnashed her teeth. Although she had cultivated an Immortal Body and her face would remain forever, she hated people saying she was old, not to mention that a little girl said this.

The other elders were leading the way in front of them, and they pretended that they heard nothing. Back then, Chu Hanyan did not respect her. Now that she came back from the Violet Manor, reached the Core Forming Realm and married into a wealthy family, she was probably ignoring her.

The group of people finally reached the hall. The First Elder immediately sent disciples to fetch Spirit Stones to set a Cooling Formation. The cooks from the other peaks had also rushed here. To welcome Chu Hanyan, the sect must serve a decent banquet.

The Outer Disciples from the Sunset Peak were brought here by Elder Wu, Elder Song, and Elder Liu. The three princes were so excited. Prince Zhao stepped on the other two people's shoulder and climbed on a big pagoda tree. He then shouted, "Senior Brother Xiao..."

Xiao Chen turned his head; through the window, he saw Prince Zhao waving at him. He hurriedly winked at him to let him get down from the tree and don't make troubles here.

Chu Hanyan glanced outside the window and said casually, "Whose disciple behaved so poorly. What is he yelling at?"

"Sorry. Sorry." The Fourth Elder smiled and turned his head. All of a sudden, two rows of fierce light shot at the tree. Then, three horrible shrieks rose. Prince Zhao fell off from the tree and crushed the other two people.

Xiao Chen shook his head. "Three naughty boys. They totally deserved it."

Chu Hanyan looked at the door and murmured, "Where's Lil Yu? Why is he not here?"

Just as her voice fell, a cheerful voice sounded outside. "Senior Sister!" Mo Yu rushed into the hall.

Chu Hanyan immediately stood up, walked over and pressed his shoulder, saying in a delighted voice, "Lil Yu!" "It's only been seven years. You're now even taller than me."

Mo Yu was overjoyed. A few days ago, Mo Yu's grandfather said that he had invited a person to come back to help Mo Yu. Mo Yu did not expect that the person was Senior Sister Chu. He said happily, "What brings you here today?"

"Humph, I heard that you have some enemies here. So I came back to check out who are so bold to do this." Chu Hanyan shot a cold glance to Bai Ying while speaking. She then pulled Mo Yu to Yang Shaochen and said, "Lil Yu, this is your brother-in-law."

Mo Yu quivered slightly. This man was a few years older than him, but his cultivation was even higher than that of the First Elder. He immediately clasped his hands and said, "Brother-in-law!"

Yang Shaochen smiled gently, stood up, and waved his hand as a brocade box appeared. "Inside this box, is the Core-forming Pill refined by my father. It's the first time that we meet. Please take this." After saying so, he opened the box as a white, dazzling radiance burst out and a scent of elixirs pervaded the room.

After a few moments, the white radiance dimmed, and an elixir with a faint white light lay in the box. The disciples outside were already salivating. This was a Core-forming Pill, one of the most precious elixirs!

A Core-forming Pill was the dream of Core Forming Realm Cultivators. It was extremely hard to refine, and only a pharmacist higher than Lv 4 was able to refine it. The status of a normal Lv 4 pharmacist was higher than that of a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator!

The Yang Family was indeed a big family in the Violet Manor. Countless disciples outside the hall were envious of Mo Yu. They thought that they should've made good acquaintance with Senior Sister Chu. Mo Yo was also shocked. A Core-forming Pill, which the elders did not have the luxury to take! The only Core-forming Pill existed in the Human World!

Chu Hanyan poked him with her finger and said, "What are you looking at? Pay your gratitude to your brother-in-law!"

Mo Yu finally came to his senses and said thanks.

The First Elder stroked his beard and said, "It's so generous of Mr. Yang. I thank you for my disciple."

Yang Shaochen smiled like a cool breeze and said, "Elder, you are being courteous." He then took out a larger brocade box from his Divine Vessel, walked to the First Elder and said, "I've also prepared an insignificant gift for elder. Please don't laugh at it."

"Oh." Countless disciples outside all were surprised. What had he prepared for the First Elder? It must not be something ordinary. Was it a magic treasure or an elixir?

Yang Shaochen slowly opened the brocade box, and an aura of the Immortal pervaded the hall. The First Elder could not help trembling upon seeing the thing inside the box.

Yang Shaochen smiled and said, "This is an Immortal Glossy Ganoderma of 2,000 years. It's just a little token to show my respect."

While staring at the Immortal Glossy Ganoderma inside the box, the First Elder started to tremble more intensely. It was hopeless for him to join the Nascent Soul Realm since his life span was limited. But with this Immortal Glossy Ganoderma, he could live at least 100 years more. So, he would definitely reach the Nascent Soul Realm, and he would be able to live another 200 years by then.

The Fourth Elder and the Fifth Elder were also stunned. When they came to their senses, they became ecstatic at the thought of the First Elder sharing the Immortal Glossy Ganoderma with them.

"This... This is too much. I can't take it!" The First Elder said hurriedly.

Yang Shaochen smiled gently and said, "I'm grateful that you had taken good care of Hanyan. So, please don't refuse this Immortal Glossy Ganoderma. Otherwise, it'll make me feel uncomfortable."

A piece of Immortal Glossy Ganoderma had made everybody envious.

Chu Hanyan slowly walked forth, smiled and said, "Master, just take it."

"Alas... Uh... Thank you so much then, Mr. Yang."

A moment later, Chu Hanyan smiled and said, "By the way, master, when are you sending Lil Yu to the Violet Manor? Are you still waiting for the next spring?"

The First Elder nodded and said, "Yes. The Violet Manor only receives people in spring. Lil Yu can prepare himself nicely in these months."

Chu Hanyan smiled and patted Mo Yu's shoulder, saying, "Have you heard? You are the only hope of our sect. Not everyone can enter the Violet Manor. So you will work harder in these months."

"Yes, Senior Sister!" Mo Yu was overjoyed. He glanced at Xiao Chen and Bai Ying, sneering in his heart. "Humph. You're trying to fu*k with me? A prince is forever a prince, and a palace maid will never be able to abolish him."

"Wait, who said that he will be the only one to be sent to the Violet Manor?" A cold voice suddenly sounded as Bai Ying stood up.

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