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"Who said that he will be the only one to be sent to the Violet Manor?"

Inside and outside the hall, everyone's eyes fell on Bai Ying, who kept calm and composed.

The First Elder immediately thundered, "Junior Sister! A few years ago, we've already decided to send him to the Violet Manor. You don't need to say anything now!"

The Fourth Elder followed and said, "Yeah, Senior Sister. We should wait for the Sect Leader to come back and let him go fight for a name from the Daoist League of the Five Provinces. Then, we can send Xiao Chen to the Violet Manor seven years later. Xiao Chen's natural endowments and cultivation were far behind those of Mo Yu. Surely we should send Mo Yu to the Violet Manor this time."

"Haha." Bai Ying smiled coldly and said, "Natural endowments and cultivation? Far behind Mo Yu? Time has not come yet, why are you so sure?"

Chu Hanyan smiled and said, "Oh? Third Elder, what do you mean then?"

Bai Ying smiled coldly and said, "It's always been sending the most capable one to the Violet Manor. Back then, you've also fought against a hundred disciples to win the name to enter the Violet Manor. Now, when it comes to Mo Yu, he can go there because of you? If words spread out, it'll be a huge shame to us Three Pure Sect."

Mo Yu smiled and said, "After so many words, the Third Elder is just not convinced of me. Well then, in the next spring, let's see who is eligible to enter the Violet Manor."

He used to be slightly worried about Xiao Chen. But now that he had the Core-forming Pill, he would definitely reach the Foundation Building Realm in a month, even Lv 3 Foundation Building Realm. Plus the help of Chu Hanyan, he was secure in the knowledge that he had strong backing.

Chu Hanyan smiled and said, "Good. I heard that the Third Elder like to make bet with people. Why don't we also make a bet?"

Bai Ying smiled coldly and said, "Okay. If Xiao Chen loses, I will destroy my Spiritual Meridians and quit cultivating!"

The Second Elder's face changed, and he thought of the inexorable fate that he had calculated for her. He immediately shouted, "Junior Sister! Shut up!"

Xiao Chen's face also changed. Not just him but every disciple outside. What would happen if one destroyed his Spiritual Meridians? His face would turn old immediately and he would only have three years to live!

Now that Mo Yu had a Core-forming Pill and Chu Hanyan's assistance, it was very likely of him to reach middle Foundation Building Realm. Xiao Chen's progress could never be faster than that of Mo Yu. This was a hopeless bet. Bai Ying would definitely lose!

Chu Hanyan threw her head up and laughed. "Third Elder, you're indeed just like people says, the one who wins and loses it all. Bravo!"

Bai Ying smiled coldly and said, "If you lose, your name will be removed from the Three Pure Sect. Even if you can reach the Nascent Soul Realm or the Nirvana Realm, the Three Pure Sect doesn't need someone who doesn't even respect elders!"

"Shut up!" This time, it was the First Elder. His robe was moving itself, which meant that he was truly angry now. After so many years, a disciple who had achieved something finally came back to the Three Pure Sect. She would definitely reach the Nascent Soul Realm or even the Nirvana Realm in the future. Moreover, she had the Yang Family on her back. How could the sect afford to offend her?

Chu Hanyan reached out her hand and said, "Master, don't be angry. I will make a bet with the Third Elder."

The Fourth Elder smiled obsequiously and said, "Hanyan, don't bother yourself arguing with the likes of her. This is a good day, let's stop talking about her now." He then waved to the outside and said, "Somebody! Serve the dishes!"

Bai Ying swung her sleeves and went out. Xiao Chen followed her.

The three princes, Luo Shangyan, and Xiao Wan'er were waiting outside. Prince Zhao asked, "Brother Xiao, what happened?"

Xiao Chen saw Bai Ying's sullen face, shook his head to let them ask no more.

Prince Zhao scratched his head and said after a while, "Let's go. This wretched banquet, we don't need this. Let's go back to the Sunset Peak."

After leaving the square, Bai Ying tapped her foot, ascended into the air with both hands at her back. She flew to the Moon-watch Peak with her dress dancing as if she was the real Immortal in this world.

A moment later, Xiao Chen also returned to the Moon-watch Peak and went to the Fullmoon Cliff. This was an independent cliff where many flowering cherries stood. The pedals danced with the wind, and it looked like a realm of red in a dream.

Bai Ying sat in the pavilion, placed her head on her hand, thinking. Xiao Chen put both hands on his back and walked slowly toward her, looking at her.

One night, he saw Bai Ying sighing to the moon for quite a while as if there was something weighing on her mind. He did not know why she did this, and he just felt sorry for her. Maybe she was just hiding something in front of people by acting weirdly, and she refused to share what was in her mind to the others.

Then, he should not ask about it.

A moment later, Bai Ying raised her head and said, "Why are you not having that feast there. What are you doing in this cold place?"

Xiao Chen just smiled and took something from his back, saying, "Look! Such a big crab. There's also shrimps from the East Sea..." He held a big oilpaper package in one hand and two big, beautiful jars of wine in the other.

Bai Ying snorted and said, "Good boy. Come, drink up this jar of wine with me first!" She then slapped off the seal of the jar, and her move looked like a man.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and picked up a wine jar, saying, "A toast to my master..."

"Wait!" Bai Ying suddenly raised her head and looked at him blankly, saying, "You... What did you just call me?"

Xiao Chen said nothing and smiled. He knew that back in the hall, she was not quarreling just to vent her spleen. She was trying to earn him a chance to enter the Violet Manor. Therefore, what did it matter if he called her "master"? If his master, Ling Yin, knew this, she would not blame him for doing this.

"Humph! Damn kid. I heard nothing if you don't answer me!"

Two hours later, Xiao Chen was already drunk, and he lay on the stone table, muttering, "Master, I've found someone that resembled you very much..."

Bai Ying looked at him and smiled. "If you can't drink, don't drink too hard. Now you're saying things that hurt feelings."

By four p.m., Xiao Chen finally woke up in a daze and felt headache. He had the same feeling every time after he drank, even for a cup of wine.

"Are you awake?"

Bai Ying stood straight on the top of the cliff with both hands on her back and her dress dancing with the wind. Xiao Chen looked in a vague vision, mumbling, "Master... Is it you?"

Bai Ying turned around and looked at him. Xiao Chen now became fully sober and smiled awkwardly, saying, "Sorry... My fault."

"From tomorrow, I'll start training you. You should move to the Moon-watch Peak. Now go home and get prepared." Bai Ying swung her sleeve and flew away.

"By the way, if you can't ride on the sword, let Cheng Ying send you down. Don't fell off and kill yourself before your duel with Mo Yu. That'll be a joke."

The sound and her figure faded away slowly. Xiao Chen shook his head and smiled before he took out the Unsullied and rode on it toward the Sunset Peak.

Back on the Sunset Peak, Xiao Chen had many things to do. He could not bring Lil Ruo to the Moon-watch Peak, so he had to ask the three elders to take care of her. He would be undoing his cultivation for a few months, so he had to arrange everything properly. He decided to leave the Zither in the yard, so as to let Evernight take care of Lil Ruo.

The news regarding his duel with Mo Yu six months later had spread throughout the Three Pure Sect. Everybody in the Inner and Outer Gate knew it now, that the duel would be a life and death battle.

The moon rose to the top of the mountain in the night, and the moonlight was as clean as water, shrouding the entire Lingtai Mountain. Everything looked quite mysterious. In a yard on the Black Dragon Peak, the candlelight was still on. The two people who sat face to face were Chu Hanyan and Yang Shaochen.

"Do you really think that there was a huge Earth Spiritual Meridian under this mountain?" Yang Shaochen looked at the beating candle fire and asked.

Chu Hanyan nodded and said, "It can't be wrong. Otherwise, there would not be such abundant Spiritual Qi in the Lingtai Mountain. It's a pity that those old guys don't know how to utilize it."

Yang Shaochen shook his head and said, "Just now, I went down there. There were a few formidable formations of forbiddance. If I hadn't quit in time, my body and soul would have been destroyed."

Chu Hanyan raised her head and said, "It must be left by the Sect Leader. Zi Xu, this old Daoist really is something. We're lucky that he's not here."

"Is he very strong?"

"What do you think?" Chu Hanyan sighed suddenly.

Yang Shaochen brow furrowed and said after a few whiles, "By the way, when I was down there, I felt that a piece of Divine Sense was locked on me. Was it your Second Martial Uncle? I don't think that he's able to do this."

"It can't be Xingzhen Zi." Speaking of this, Chu Hanyan's face changed and she said, "Was it... Shaochen, you can leave here tomorrow. I'll take care of this place."

Yang Shaochen noticed her serious looks and asked no more. He said, "Well then, you take care of yourself in these months. I'll send men to bring elixirs to you. By the way, why are you helping that Mo Yu this much? Is he really just your junior brother?"

Chu Hanyan looked at the wick and said, "I'm afraid that you still don't know his true identity. That Xiao Chen was just humiliating himself. As for Bai Ying, I've long hated her..."

"Xiao Chen... I felt that this person is not simple." Yang Shaochen narrowed his eyes.

"Humph. You think too much. It was true that the Xiao Family was the strongest among the six ancient families. But the true Xiao Family had long perished. The current Xiao Family in the Violet Manor is nothing but an ordinary ciltivators' family. As for that Xiao Chen, he is nothing but a normal kid from a martial art family in this Human World."

The next morning, after everything was ready, Xiao Chen went to the Moon-watch Peak on his sword. Bai Ying was already waiting for him on the Fullmoon Cliff. When he arrived, he was stunned to see two hill-sized black rocks there. He said in surprise, "Holy... Was there a rain of meteorites last night? Where did they come from?"

"Your knowledge is so limited. They are two pieces of black iron ores. It took me much effort to move them here."

"Two pieces? Two hills I reckon."

Xiao Chen could not imagine how a delicate woman like her managed to move these two huge things here.

"Kid, stop talking nonsense. Now, take them as Mo Yu and punch them."


Xiao Chen immediately walked to the black iron ores on the left, ran all of his True Energy, and punched out with Gold Break. With a rumble, nothing happened on the black iron ores; instead, his arm was numb under the impact.

Bai Ying shook her head and said, "Now, do you know how weak you are?"

"All right. Let me introduce the Wisdom-forsaking Technique now. Know this, after you undo your cultivation, your strength will definitely surge, and you will keep doing this. It's just like a cultivator conducting deliverance by weapons to enter the Samsara. Every time after he does this, his cultivation will definitely be stronger than that of his last life. Until one day, he breaks the limitation of life and death, and then becomes an Immortal..."

Xiao Chen was quite confused. But he had gotten the main picture. It was just like making steel. A fine piece of steel must be refined many times. "Only she can try this kind of creative cultivation method. Did she create this method under desperation?"

Ordinary cultivators thought that strength grew with cultivation levels, but she went into a circle at a certain level and did not stop doing this until she could not improve at that level. So, if she cultivated all the way to Core Forming Realm like this, she could defeat anyone at the same level.

"Don't think that it's easy. Let me tell you, that when you are undoing your cultivation, you can't have any sympathy. Otherwise, you will fail, which will lead you to Qi Deviation. This is the true essence of the Wisdom-forsaking Technique," said Bai Ying seriously.

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