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After arriving at the Moon-watch Peak, Xiao Chen had almost searched the entire peak, including Bai Ying's cabin and the Moon-watch Pavilion, yet he did not find her. Finally, he asked a female disciple and was told that Bai Ying left three days ago.

"Did she say when she would come back?" Xiao Chen asked anxiously. In the entire Three Pure Sect, only she could teach him. The reason he was not in a hurry before was that he thought he could ask her any time. However, she was now gone.

"Uh... She did not."

"Okay then..."

The huge peak now seemed empty. Xiao Chen sighed, walked around for a bit, and reached the Moon-watch Pavilion at the Fullmoon Cliff.

The Moon-watch Pavilion and the Rainbow Pavilion of the Xiao Family were of the same size. The difference between the two was that the Moon-watch Pavilion stood on the edge of the cliff with nothing around, making it look pretty scary. In front of the pavilion was a spacious, empty area that was suitable for practicing swordplay. Every time the moon rose, this was the place closest to the moon.

"Alas, why did she leave right when I need her... Where did this woman go exactly?"

Facing the cliff, Xiao Chen sighed. All of a sudden, a cold voice rose from below, "Damn kid, which woman are you talking about?"

"Sh*t! There's someone down there!"

Xiao Chen immediately went to the edge of the cliff and found a cave below. Bai Ying stood on a prominent rock in front of the cave with her dress dancing with the wind. From this angle, Xiao Chen could just shamelessly see two higher peaks on her bosom when blood rushed to his head.

"Oh my beloved Elder, don't take things too hard. Please don't jump. There are so many senior brothers and sisters waiting for you to come back!"

Bai Ying shot him a glance and said, "Kid, what's your business here?"

"Elder, please come up here first. I feel I'm offending you by talking to you from above..." Xiao Chen pinched his nose to prevent a nosebleed from happening.

"You just can't give me some break. I'm not going to commit suicide. I'm just surviving the ordeal." As she spoke, she ascended slowly.

"Surviving the Ordeal? Elder, are you going to become an Immortal?"

Bai Ying glared at him and then lowered her head, saying, "Senior Brother said that the inexorable fate of mine is coming, so I have to hide somewhere to survive from it..."

"Senior Brother? Is he the Second Elder who holds an astrolabe all day and muttering things?" Xiao Chen smiled and said, "It can't be that serious. Do you really believe that thing exists?"

Bai Ying suddenly raised her head to look at him seriously, saying, "His astrology has always been accurate. If he said that my inexorable fate is coming, then it will come definitely. He also said that it's an ordeal of life and death, unless..." She sighed at this.

"Unless what?" Xiao Chen asked. He would have really bought her words if he hadn't seen many things.

Bai Ying shook her head and sighed. "Nevermind. Since you've found me, I think I can't hide from it now. Tell me, what's your problem?"

"What? It's you that made a sound to let me find you, isn't it? And you let me find you so easily, don't you think that you treat this issue so lightly?"

Xiao Chen smiled and said, "Of course it's about cultivating. Those cultivation methods that you gave me, I can't understand some parts of them. My progress in cultivating was stuck."

Bai Ying looked at him and said seriously, "Didn't you find that you've progressed so rapidly over these months? Have you noticed that your cultivation has become unsolid?"

Xiao Chen was shocked. That was right. In these months, he was in such a hurry to upgrade his cultivation level. He had not consolidated his cultivation before upgrading to the next level.

It was just like building a highrise. Although the foundation on the ground was well built, the building would collapse eventually if he tried to get work done faster in the late stage. It was impossible for him to rebuild the building.

"Moreover, you don't have too many chances to fight. In the Three Pure Sect, any Lv 5 Qi Refining Realm cultivators had gone through hundreds of fights. But you haven't fought once in the arena of the Cultivating Valley."

Xiao Chen turned serious. It seemed that he did lack fighting. Last time when he fought Xu Hao, it looked easy but the truth was that he fought hard.

"If you continue to cultivate like this, your cultivation would be more and more unsolid. You won't stand a chance to defeat Mo Yu." Bai Ying mercilessly crushed him.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly and said, "Then what now?"

"The only way is to undo your cultivation and cultivate over again."

"Undo my cultivation? Cultivate again? What? Are you mad? Are you joking? You must have undone your cultivation many times, hence your level is so low."

"I'm not kidding you." Bai Ying looked very serious and said, "This is my exclusive cultivation method called 'Wisdom-forsaking Technique'."

After saying so, she looked at a cloud in the sky and continued, "In the Foundation Building Realm, I've already undone my cultivation three times. Although I'm now only at Lv 8, I can defeat a Core Forming Realm cultivator. It's a shame that Cheng Ying is a fool and refused to practice my Wisdom-forsaking Technique. Otherwise, he won't be afraid in front of that Mo Yu."

Xiao Chen's mouth twitched twice. "Wisdom-forsaking. I think that you've just undone too much cultivation to use your mind properly. Now you just want to pull someone else into the water..."

Although it was not impossible for her to defeat a Core Forming Realm cultivator, Xiao Chen thought this method was not reliable. It took him so many time and effort to upgrade to this level, how could he casually undo so much cultivation?

Bai Ying frowned and said, "What, you don't believe me?" Then, a few rows of white radiance suddenly appeared in her hands and then dashed to the major acupuncture points of her body.

Xiao Chen was scared and jumped. "I believe you! I believe you! Elder, don't do this! Don't undo your cultivation in front of me!"

A moment later, Bai Ying stopped and took a deep breath. She said, "Who told you that I'm undoing my cultivation? I've temporarily sealed my cultivation. I'm now only at Lv 5 Qi Refining Realm."

Xiao Chen sensed her level and found it true. He said, "And?"

"And? You, with Lv 7 Qi Refining Realm cultivation, will fight me. Of course, you can also use the same move that you dealt with Xu Haotian."

Xiao Chen smiled and said, "Humph, don't look down on me. My cultivation is not catalyzed by taking pills like Mo Yu and the others."

Bai Ying reached out her hand and said, "Kid, you're confident enough. Then try me. But we will make a bet first. If you lose, you will pay for my dishes in the following months."

Xiao Chen snorted and said, "Okay. What if you lose?"

"Then you can do whatever you want," Bai Ying said seriously.

"What... Take this!"

Xiao Chen suddenly ran his True Energy as the wind blew around fiercely. Then came a dragon roar. Among all his moves, the Dragon Roar Palm was the most adept one. Two golden dragons in dozens of meters long whistled forth in an unstoppable manner, bringing a huge amount of mud to the air all along their paths.

Bai Ying shook her head and smiled. She put two fingers together and pointed ahead, when the wind stopped instantly and the dragons disappeared. Xiao Chen's heart sank to his feet. Although he saved 30% of his strength in case of hurting her, his move should not be shattered this easily.

While thinking of this, he ran his True Energy again. This time, he used Gold Break, an ancient move of the Xiao Family Martial Art. His fist was shrouded by a golden radiance, and he threw himself to her like a meteor. Under the huge energy turbulence, the trees nearby kept shaking.

Bai Ying smiled gently and said, "Interesting. Practicing both Immortal skills and Martial Arts." Then, she punched out a huge palm print in the air that blocked Xiao Chen's fist.

Xiao Chen suddenly felt as if he smashed against a giant mountain and could not move forward at all. His heart sank. How could he fail to break a Lv 5 cultivator's move? While he was wondering, another wave of overwhelming strength crushed on him. He could not resist this strength and was instantly sent flying backward with a rumble.

Falling on the ground, Xiao Chen held his chest and was about to spurt out a mouthful of blood. Bai Ying was shocked and said, "Kid, are you okay?" She then instantly moved to his side and held him.

"Haha! Of course I'm fine!" Xiao Chen smiled wickedly and punched with both hands. In such a short distance, plus her unawareness of a sneak attack, he thought that she would be definitely unable to block this attack.

However, Bai Ying sneered coldly and instantly moved to his back like a phantom. She then picked him up and threw him to a big tree. "Bam!" The tree was smashed from the middle.

"Kid, you are too young to play tricks in front of me. Tell you what, I've undone my cultivation six times."

Xiao Chen struggled to stand on his feet and patted off the dust on his clothes. Just now, she was indeed at Lv 5 Qi Refining Realm. But her strength and speed were way above his. It seemed that his Lv 7 cultivation was truly unsolid.

"Elder, please accept my respect!"

"There's no need of courtesy. In the following three months, you will be paying for my meals." Bai Ying smiled and said. Normally, she did not smile in front of a crowd.

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly. It seemed that he would refine elixirs and sell them again. Her Wisdom-forsaking Technique was indeed special.

"Elder, when will you teach me the Wisdom-forsaking Technique?" Xiao Chen had already decided to undo his cultivation. It was better than an unsolid cultivation.

"You don't even want to call me master. People won't know it's me who taught you this skill. So, why would I?" said Bai Ying seriously.

"Well... Um... It's not like that..." Xiao Chen said, embarrassed.

"I am your master, so it's on me. A disciple should not refute his master."

"Uh, fine... When shall we start?"

Bai Ying moved her fingers and said, "Let me count the days first."

"What for?"

"People pick dates to hold weddings. So I will do this too." Bai Ying said seriously and continued to move her finger, saying, "Hum... Tomorrow, I'll have steamed crabs. The day after tomorrow, boiled prawns. Two days after tomorrow..."

"I've finished. Let's begin seven days later."

As a result, Xiao Chen rushed back to Sunset Peak and gave all of his pills to the three princes to sell. The next noon, he went to the mess hall on the Star-picking Peak with Bai Ying.

"What the...! No way! This ugly guy come here with the Third Elder!"

"Are they secretly in love with each other?! I'm going to tell the First Elder!"

Xiao Chen silently lowered his head, pretending that he had heard nothing.

"Lil Chen, is it that hard to have lunch with me? Don't wear a sad face. Smile. Haha." Bai Ying placed her head on both hands and said in an amiable way.

Xiao Chen raised his head and tried to smile, saying, "Elder, order whatever dishes you like."

"Hum, good!" After saying so, Bai Ying waved to the window and said, "Old Liu, I want five plates of crabs, two plates of braised beef, one plate of..."

Xiao Chen secretly raised his head to look at the price tag hanging on the wall. His heart seemed to be bleeding.

Whispers rose from around. "What? When has the Third Elder become this rich? Did she win a bet?"

As a result, this was what happened one hour later.

"Third Elder, it's 134 Spirit Stones in total. Are you paying now, or charge it to the Second Elder's account?"

Bai Ying wiped her mouth and gave Xiao Chen a charming smile, saying, "Good disciple, pay for your master now."

"I... Who is your good disciple? Don't address me casually!" Xiao Chen smiled like a gentleman and asked, "Elder, have you finished?"

"Oh? Old Liu, I want two more plates of crabs to take away!"

"What the...! Look what did I say..." But Xiao Chen still took out 200 Spirit Stones like a gentleman.

Anyway, Xiao Chen had managed to live seven days of spending a huge number of Spirit Stones. Today was the day Bai Ying taught him the Wisdom-forsaking Technique. However, something happened in the Three Pure Sect.

The disciple who was sent to the Violet Manor last time was back.

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