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Chapter 663: Chichi and Piccolo’s doubts

While they were chatting, a jet aircraft landed on the spacious plaza, the fierce wind causing everyone to squint. It was the Vegeta family. After Vegeta jumped down, Tights and Trunks followed.

“Goten, I’m here to play with you.” Little Trunks yelled as he ran over and then began to fight with Goten.

“Vegeta, you guys are late.”

“Humph, Kakarrot, open your eyes wide and watch carefully. My son is going to be better than yours.” Vegeta folded his hands across his chest, raised his head proudly, and shook his fingers impatiently.

Goku smiled and said, “Why bother? After the martial arts tournament is over, let’s go to Planet Hongshan together, that place has many experts.”

Speaking of Planet Hongshan, Vegeta also got serious and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, saying confidently: “You’re so anxious to fight me? I look forward to the day you are defeated by my hands!”

“Hey, why wouldn’t it be you who would lose to me?”

“Don’t dream, do you think I spent the past seven years in vain? Don’t think that just because you used to be ahead of me, you would still surpass me now. The current me is not what I used to be.” He said with confidence. Although Goku has always been one step ahead of him, him being a Super Saiyan 2 while Vegeta at Full Power Super Saiyan seven years ago during the Cell Games, but if Goku thinks that he can always surpass him, Vegeta will not admit it.

“Then I am looking forward to it.”

Goku looked at Vegeta with a serious expression.

Seeing the fighting spirit burning in the eyes of the two, Krillin and the others couldn’t help but smile wryly. Compared with them, they are lagging too much. Anyway, they were also looking forward to the upcoming Planet Hongshan’s large-scale martial arts tournament.

“I have never been to Planet Hongshan. There will definitely be a lot of powerful Saiyans participating in the tournament. I wonder what kind of results we can achieve?” Krillin laughed loudly, looking full of expectations. Compared with Saiyans, they are inherently disadvantaged, but they wouldn’t necessarily be much inferior when they know Kaio-ken. It’s not as if Planet Hongshan is full of Super Saiyans, right?

He looked at Piccolo whose normal strength is comparable to that of Androids, but after using Kaio-ken, I’m afraid it’s hard to find an opponent for him!

At this time, the broadcast of the tournament sounded.

“All contestants who have come from afar to participate in the tournament, sign up at the registration office. The initial screening will be starting.”

As the sound was broadcasted, there was a commotion in the crowd, and a large number of people rushed towards the registration office. Of course, the registration was divided into the Youth Group and the Adult Group. According to their age, they are separated into different groups. After that, there will be a screening segment to eliminate unqualified contestants.

Because of the large number of contestants participating in the tournament, the qualifier will no longer have specific battles like last time. Instead, the test method that Martial Art Capital introduced has set a minimum standard for contestants.

In Martial Arts Capital, it is stipulated that only those who have reached a strength of 200, i.e. 20 Battle Power, are eligible to challenge Korin Tower, to avoid chaos and unnecessary casualties in the Sacred Land of Korin. Although this standard is constantly improving with the increasing prosperity of Earth’s martial arts, now it has been upgraded to 500J to be qualified, but the pre-screening of the World Martial Arts Tournament does not need to be so strict, so the standard of 200J is sufficient.

Hearing the broadcast, Gohan, Videl, Goten, Bulla, and Trunks walked towards the registration office and joined the line there.

“Come on, Gohan, Videl, you must come back with the championship!”

“Goten and Bulla too.”

Bulma placed her hands on the corners of her mouth, forming a trumpet, and shouted.

Bulma was beautifully dressed, and her fluffy purple hair was fluttering in the wind. She looks like she is in her twenties. Have to say that Dr. Brief’s family genes of not aging are really magical. Bulma and Tights are clearly around forty years old, but both the sisters don’t look old at all.

Looking at Bulma cheering for Gohan and the others, Krillin and Yamcha couldn’t help but break out into cold sweat. Krillin moved closer to Yamcha and whispered: “Gohan is really bullying people by participating in the tournament.”

“Yeah, no one on earth is Gohan’s match!” Yamcha agreed.

Not surprisingly, Gohan and Videl quickly caused a sensation in the qualifiers. The two of them punched lightly at the strength tester, displaying explosive data.

“Contestant Videl, 2600J, qualifies!”

“Contestant Gohan, 8700J, qua…qualifies!” Even the staff member in charge of recording the data looked dumbfounded.

Which was followed by shocks one after another. Goten, Bulla, and Trunks didn’t know how to show restraint. Although the contestants of the Youth Group did not have to perform strength tests, they thought it was fun and just participated. Goten’s punch was disastrous, and it directly turned the tester into a piece of scrap iron.

“Oh, so fragile!” Goten clenched his fists and looked at everyone innocently.

“Power…powerful!” The eyes of the staff member widened.

At this time, the blonde-haired host who came out of a passageway in the distance saw the situation here and jogged over. When he saw Goten, his eyes lit up.

He recognized Goten’s identity with just a glance.

“Too similar, he looks exactly the same as Mr. Goku when he was a kid! You are Mr. Goku’s family member, incredible.” The blond-haired host exclaimed in admiration, then he looked around for Goku and the others, and soon found Goku and others under a pavilion.

“Ah, there they are!”

The blonde-haired host greeted Goku and others and then continued to maintain order on the site.

Vegeta curled his lips disdainfully: “Humph, what a stupid trick. The World Martial Arts Tournament is getting more and more boring.”

“Don’t say that, I think it’s very interesting!”

“Call me when the matches start.” Vegeta glanced at Goku and dragged Tights away.

“This guy, he is still so difficult to get along with.” Bulma shook her head. Only her sister could bear with this stubborn nature of Vegeta.

“However, he is very good to Tights. He held her hand when he left.” Chichi, who was wearing casual clothes next to her, suddenly sighed. After becoming Kami, she underwent Mount Five Element’s training, and her charm was getting stronger and stronger.

“Yeah. ”

Bulma was dazed for a moment before her pretty face revealed a smile. She also walks around everywhere while holding Goku’s hand.

At this moment, a bright and colorful light ray pierced through the void, and Xiaya’s figure appeared in front of everyone. Beside him, a girl wearing a purple and black divine robe was standing while holding a scepter in her hand.



“Xiaya, you are here.” Everyone gathered around and called out to him with various names.

“How are the preparations for the martial art tournament on Planet Hongshan?” They asked about the preparations on Planet Hongshan.

Xiaya smiled and said: “Don’t worry, we’ve held this kind of large-scale martial art tournament twice before. We are very experienced. Its scale is enormous, and the number of contestants is beyond your imagination.”

“That’s really something to look forward to!”

“Hey, this girl is…” Everyone turned to Kusu. They had never seen the girl next to Xiaya before. Only Chichi slightly frowned when she looked at Kusu.

This little girl is not ordinary.

Chichi thought this in her heart.

“Her name is Kusu and she follows Xiaya’s side. She’s like his little helper?” Bulma was also not sure. Although she had met her when Kusu came to Mount Paozu last time, she doesn’t know the specific identity of Kusu. However one look at her, with her little body, it doesn’t look like she can help.

“I am Xiaysama’s Attendant.” Kusu nodded to everyone with a smile. In front of outsiders, Kusu has always maintained the dignity and elegance of an angel.

So, she is his maid. Everyone understood and looked towards Xiaya with an indescribable look in their eyes. He is really an evil capitalist. No, as the king who controls a planet, the word capitalist can no longer be used to describe him.

“It’s really enviable that he is so powerful and also has a little maid by his side.” Yamcha has a glib tongue, but his character is not bad.

“Let’s go, didn’t the organizer arrange a special room for you, let’s go and watch the tournament,” Xiaya said with a faint smile, and then everyone walked towards the best viewing platform in the martial arts venue.

Chichi and Piccolo were walking at the end, Chichi said to Piccolo: “What do you think about that little girl named Kusu? She gives me a peculiar feeling.”

“You can feel it too?” Piccolo’s expression became solemn.

“There is also Xiaya, he is giving a mysterious feeling. Standing next to him, there is a strong feeling of oppression.”

“This is the disparity in levels. That little girl doesn’t seem to be a mortal.”

They have both practiced Kaio-ken and once held the position of Kami, and they have a keen sense of divinity. Although Kusu didn’t deliberately emit divine aura, there was a silent suppression from the disparity in life level.

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