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Chapter 662

“Hey, hey, boss, isn’t the scale of the martial art tournament of Planet Hongshan very big?” After the 14-year-old Caulifla heard the news, her dark eyes shone brightly and her face almost stuck to Xiang’s body.

A faint fragrance entered Xiang’s nostrils, he raised his eyebrows and coughed dryly: “The martial art tournament this time is going to be very big as all the experts will return to participate, moreover the rewards are going to be very generous.”

“There are going to be rewards!!” Caulifla yelled.

“Kale, let’s quickly go and train. I must break through to Super Saiyan before the martial art tournament begins.”

“Sister Caulifla, I understand.”

“Even if you break through to Super Saiyan, it is useless. There will be many Super Saiyan 2 level experts. You won’t be able to win.” Xiang bluntly gave a blow to Caulifla.

Caulifla’s eyes widened: “Boss, how can you say such a thing? As long as I am willing to train, I will become powerful and then I can win with a bang!” Caulifla gestured very confidently, her two little hands dancing in the air.

Xiang rolled his eyes and felt speechless at Caulifla, who was feeling confident for no reason and even Kale felt ashamed.

“Do whatever you want, don’t cry if you are defeated.”

“No way it will happen!” Caulifla said, not in the least concerned. Her bright eyes were shining, imagining what she was going to do when she won the big prize.

When all the Saiyans were going all out in making preparations, Xiaya teleported and arrived on Earth. At this time, the atmosphere on Earth was also heated.

The World Martial Arts Tournament is a global event, and when the news that Goku and other great experts will attend, it was like adding firewood to a burning stove. The atmosphere became even more heated.

“Many people are looking forward to the World Martial Arts Tournament this time.” Xiaya appeared in the center of a bustling city. His appearance was quiet and no one in the surroundings noticed him. Then he immediately flew in the direction of Mount Paozu.

“There are a few powerful auras in that direction!” At this moment, a pleasant voice sounded beside his ears.

Xiaya froze, he turned his head and saw a petite figure in purple and black floating beside him. As he flew, that figure also moved gracefully.

“Kusu, didn’t you stay on Planet Hongshan, why did you run over to Earth?” Xiaya asked suspiciously. Kusu has been staying as a guest on Planet Hongshan these days and was full of praise for the food on Planet Hongshan.

Kusu’s silvery-gray braided pigtails swayed as she said seriously: “Wherever Xiaysama goes, I have to follow. This is the duty of an Angel.”

“Huh?” Xiaya thought it to be a little funny, but seeing Kusu’s serious expression, Xiaya was a little moved.

Perhaps in Kusu’s heart, guarding the God of Destruction is the meaning behind the existence of Angels. Regardless of Kusu’s small height and immature thinking, compared with Whis and Vados, she is definitely lacking, but she has always been earnestly fulfilling her responsibility as an Angel.

“Then you follow me, there are many powerful warriors on Mount Paozu. They are all Saiyans.”

“Umm, just like Xiaysama before, they have all gone somewhat astray from the correct path.” Kusu narrowed her eyes and sensed Goku’s aura on Mount Paozu. Super Saiyan 3 transformation was wrong in her eyes.

“Maybe this is the other’s path?” Xiaya said.

“?” Kusu raised her head questioningly, Xiaya laughed and no longer said anything. Then he speeded up and entered the boundary of Mount Paozu.

After meeting Goku, Xiaya explained his purpose for coming.

“When is Planet Hongshan going to hold the martial arts tournament?” Knowing that Planet Hongshan is about to host a large-scale martial art tournament, Goku became excited.

“Just after the World Martial Arts Tournament on Earth. I will inform you at that time.”

“Then there is not much time, I am quite looking forward to it.” Goku looked excited, and then he looked at the little silver-haired girl following Xiaya, a girl he had never seen before.

“She’s Kusu, she’s a very powerful expert,” Xiaya told him the truth. Although Kusu’s strength may not be ranked among the Angels, she is also an expert at the fourth level of Divine Realm, much more powerful than him, a God of Destruction.

“She is powerful?” Goku shook his head, completely unable to tell.

“Kusu is very powerful!” Kusu shook her scepter, indicating that she was very powerful.

Goku glanced at her in surprise, how powerful a little girl can be? Anyway, he did not get entangled with this and put all his thoughts on the upcoming martial art tournament on Planet Hongshan. The news was passed on to Vegeta, Krillin, and others through Goku and as expected, they were all very interested.

On the way back, Kusu curled her lips and muttered, “They don’t believe that Kusu is powerful. Xiaysama, they really don’t have good eyes.”

Xiaya couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head: “Because they are all mortals. The martial arts of Earth judge a person’s strength by sensing their aura. You don’t emit any aura, so of course, you will be treated as an ordinary little girl.”

“Humph, so this is because of the difference in levels.”

Kusu’s mood is like a child’s. When coaxed, it immediately improved, and then she whispered: “I heard that Earth is just a low-level planet, but it seems that even though the high-end fighting force is not as good as Planet Hongshan, Goku and his sons are quite powerful.”

“Because they are all Super Saiyan.”

“Hey, hey, Xiaysama, since Universe 7 has so many high-end fighting forces, how about giving some to Universe 10? Compared with Universe 7, our place is too miserable.”

That’s true! Universe 10’s most powerful Obuni only has 5.5 billion Battle Power.

Of course, there is already a group who have been selected to train in God of Destruction’s world and Obuni is one of them. His Battle Power may have already increased. But compared with Universe 7, it is still far behind.

“Kusu, it’s not easy to cross through the universe. Their roots are completely in Universe 7. You can’t make them leave their homes.” Xiaya smiled and advised her. He also had the thought of ​​relocating some of Planet Hongshan’s experts to Universe 10, but he quickly rejected it.

Kusu said, “There is no need to relocate, just transfer the people related to them to Universe 10. They don’t need to move to universe 10. Just take the example of Caulifla and Kale, they are from Universe 6, but they live in Universe 7. We can conversely transfer the people related to them to Universe 10.”

Xiaya was dazed for a while before saying in surprise: “Can it really be done like this?”

“Of course, even a God of Destruction’s people can be transferred. Transferring just a few mortals is a piece of cake.” Kusu looked completely sure. It’s just that he doesn’t know whether she really confirmed that it could be done like that, or she is just randomly talking and ignoring some rules.

But surely as an Angel, Kusu is qualified, right?

“Then whom do you prefer?”

“Xiling, Myers, Lazuli, Meifei, Xiang, Xili, Caulifla, Kale…” Kusu counted them one by one on her fingers.

“Wait, wait!” Xiaya interrupted her and said while not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “You are trying to transfer some of the most powerful people on Planet Hongshan to Universe 10. Let’s just talk about Caulifla and Kale, didn’t you say that they are the people of Universe 6? ”

“What does it matter? Just pull them over.”

Kusu said with a straight face: “Xiaysama, you are the God of Destruction of Universe 10, you have to consider it for us!”

“Okay, okay, we’ll talk about this later…” Xiaya changed the subject.

The sun and the moon reversed and time passed by.

After preparing for a while, the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, which has attracted much attention on Earth, finally started in Krillin City.

Martial artists came from all over the world to compete in the tournament, of course, many of them want to perform well in front of the legendary characters to attract their attention.

Compared with the previous tournament, this time the tournament has gone through tremendous changes. From the previous single competition, the tournament this time was divided into two parts: Youth Group and Adult Group. The matches of the Youth Group are very simple and will take place directly in front of the audience outdoors while because of the large number of people in the Adult Group, it was divided into Qualifiers, Main Competition, and Top 16.

“Krillin, this time the tournament will be held in your territory. You have to take good care of us.” Yamcha, a comrade-in-arms for many years, said jokingly while putting his hand on Krillin’s shoulders.

Krillin smiled: “As the host, I can invite you to dinner. But Goku, you can’t eat too much, or I will become poor.”

“That’s no fun.” Goku shook his head and laughed.

At this time, Yamcha saw the little girl holding Hasky’s hand. She looked four or five years old with blond hair just like Hasky. She is Krillin and Hasky’s daughter, Marron, who is just four years old this year.

“Marron, come to uncle’s side.”

But little Marron ignored him and hid behind Hasky, causing everyone to burst into loud laughter.

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