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Chapter 664: Supreme Kai and his Attendant Kibito

While Chichi and Piccolo were discussing Kusu’s identity, in the martial arts hall, a young man wearing a dark blue Kai outfit opened his eyes in confusion.

“Supreme Kai-sama, what’s the matter?” The Attendant Kibito next to him asked with concern.

East Supreme Kai shook his head, “It’s nothing, I just sensed a mysterious fluctuation.”

“Mysterious fluctuation? Has Majin Buu awakened?” Kibito became nervous. Although he hadn’t personally seen Majin Buu, he has been influenced by staying beside Supreme Kai for a long time. His fear of Majin Buu was the same as Supreme Kai. If Majin Buu had appeared, they would not be able to resist him.

East Supreme Kai shook his head: “It shouldn’t be. That fluctuation was very mysterious, not like Majin Buu’s evil aura. Forget it, put these trivial matters aside, Majin Buu’s matter is more important.”

“If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have left the egg with Majin Buu in it on Earth.” East Supreme Kai felt a little regretful.

In the beginning, Bibidi, the controller of Majin Buu, could not control Majin Buu, so he sealed him in an egg and brought the egg with Majin Buu in it to Earth. Later Bibidi was killed by East Supreme Kai on Earth. To not disturb Majin Buu’s egg, he left it on Earth. But then East Supreme Kai later learned that Bibidi actually has a son named Babidi.

Now Babidi has found Majin Buu’s egg and is trying to release him.

Unlocking Majin Buu’s seal requires a lot of pure energy.

“Earth’s World Martial Arts Tournament has gathered all the experts on this planet. If Babidi is on Earth, he will definitely send someone to absorb the energy of the earthlings.”

Thought East Supreme Kai. The wait-and-see approach might not work, but if he has to find out the whereabouts of Babidi himself, he doesn’t have such ability.

“I heard that the most powerful person on this planet is a Saiyan named Goku and they are also here.”

“Goku? Is that the one who transformed into Super Saiyan when Planet Namek was destroyed?” Kibito was surprised, but he quickly calmed down.

When Planet Namek was destroyed eleven years ago, he and East Supreme Kai were both paying attention to it, and indeed they found Goku transformed into the Super Saiyan state, but at that time Goku, who had transformed into Super Saiyan for the first time, was ignored by them and they paid him no further attention.

He frowned: “But if we want to prevent Majin Buu from resurrecting, that Super Saiyan’s strength is still not enough!”

Kibito was so sure because he has seen other Super Saiyans before. Over the past generations, it’s not that Super Saiyan has never appeared in the universe, but most of them have only around 100 million Battle Power, and the most powerful ones only have two to three billion. They were not even the match of Supreme Kai-sama.

So entrusting their hopes on Super Saiyan, he does not approve of it.

East Supreme Kai hesitated for a while, but he also agreed with Kibito’s views, “No matter what, this is a very important target. If Babidi really settles on the energy here, by following the tracks, we can definitely find the whereabouts of Majin Buu!”

“We can only do this for now.”

Both the master and Attendant thought that and couldn’t help but sigh. Majin Buu’s existence is like a thorn, deeply pierced in their hearts. Whenever they thought of it, it was like a fishbone was stuck in their throats. If Majin Buu is not completely taken care of, they wouldn’t be at ease.

Meanwhile, the matches of the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament were in full swing. First were the Youth Group’s matches because there were not many contestants participating. Although a few young talents have emerged, they were far weaker than Goten, Bulla, and others.

Soon, the Youth Group’s matches were coming to an end.

In the semi-finals, Goten and Trunks were against each other. As Trunks was slightly more skilled, Goten was eliminated.

“Hahaha, Kakarrot, your son is no match for my son after all.” Vegeta laughed heartily and vigorously patted Goku’s shoulder. His son won, he felt very happy.

“It’s a pity!” Goku shook his head, but he didn’t care much about it.

Bulma frowned and said with dissatisfaction: “Goten is one year younger than Trunks, so it is normal to lose. Bulla is much more powerful than Goten, she can definitely defeat Trunks.”

“Bulma, I can’t pretend to not hear what you said. Bulla is a girl, how could she be Trunks’ match.” Tights tucked the golden hair behind her ears and criticized Bulma.

“Sister, you don’t know.” Bulma curled her rosy lips, pretending to act mysterious.  She was fully confident in her daughter.

Looking at the two sisters bickering, the others all smiled awkwardly. Kusu sitting next to Xiaya shook her little feet in the air as she said in a low voice, “That little girl named Bulla is much more powerful.”

“Shh!” Xiaya raised his finger and placed it next to Kusu’s lips.

The little angel immediately closed her mouth, and her purple eyes calmly looked towards the arena.

Not surprisingly, the final was Bulla vs Trunks. Although Bulla was one year younger than Trunks, in the end, Bulla was much better and became the champion of the Youth Group.

“How is it, isn’t Bulla very powerful?” Bulma giggled.

Seeing the smug look on her sister’s face, Tights wanted to grab her cheeks and pinch them hard. This rascal doesn’t even respect her big sister. It’s a pity that I even took care of her when she was a child.

“Kakarrot, I am going to teach you a lesson on Planet Hongshan,” Vegeta said with a dark face.

Goku shouted innocently, “What does it have to do with me!”

After the Youth Group’s matches finished, the next was the Adult Group’s matches. Since it was approaching noon, the next matches were going to be held in the afternoon.

Walking on the path leading to the dining hall, two figures, one tall and one short, appeared in front of Goku and the others. They both were wearing weird clothes. One of them was a silver-haired young man floating 30 centimeters above the ground.

Seeing them, Xiaya immediately recognized them.

“East Supreme Kai Shin of Universe 7 and his Attendant Kibito.”

Kibito is supposed to be an Attendant, but in fact, he was also an Apprentice Supreme Kai, but he has always regarded himself as an Attendant.

“Hello everyone! You are Goku, right? I’ve heard of your achievements, you really live up to one’s reputation. Such an extraordinary aura!” East Supreme Kai looked at Goku with a smile yet not a smile, and extended his hand to shake Goku’s hand, “Thanks for your help on Planet Namek, otherwise, there would still be many evil guys in the universe.”

After saying that, East Supreme Kai glanced at Xiaya and Kusu with puzzlement, then turned around and left with Kibito.

“Goku, who is that person? How did he know about Planet Namek?” Tien Shinhan asked in confusion.

“I don’t know, I don’t recognize him, but that person doesn’t seem to be simple.” Goku shook his head, also puzzled.

“He seems to be a weirdo,” Krillin said while looking at East Supreme Kai’s receding back.

“I could sense that guy is very special. He is not an ordinary person.” Piccolo had keenly sensed the oppressive feeling exuded by him. His face was solemn, it was vague, but he could somewhat guess.

Only Xiaya, who knows East Supreme Kai’s identity, had his lips slightly curled, “Hehe, is Supreme Kai still planning to use Gohan and the others as bait? But is the current Gohan something your magic can still paralyze?”

Xiaya was looking forward to it. In the original work, after Babidi’s henchmen injured Videl, it was East Supreme Kai who used magic to paralyze Gohan, so that Babidi’s henchmen could absorb Gohan’s energy.

But the current Gohan is much stronger than in the original work. Can East Supreme Kai’s scheme still be effective?

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