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Chapter 447

He fainted?” Xiaya was dumbfounded .

Goku and Tien Shinhan walked over, and Tien Shinhan asked, “Teacher, you didn’t kill him?”

Xiaya said with a smile, “This guy’s strength is quite good . For now, keep him alive; don’t you think that having a person who doesn’t need to be shown mercy as a sparring partner will help you grow?”

Xiaya had a faint smile on his face . ‘’Tagoma being used as a sandbag for training could be considered a kind of making use of ‘waste’ . Come to speak of it, Frieza was able to get stronger because he had Tagoma as a sparring partner . If four months wouldn’t do, then eight months would .

Of course, it’s just a joke . It’s ridiculous how Frieza got so powerful in four months .

When Xiaya said that, Goku and Tien Shinhan revealed contemplative expressions . Looking at Tagoma, who had already passed out, their eyes shone with excitement .

“Vegeta, we meet again! You have come to earth, too . ” Xiaya walked over to Vegeta and greeted him .

Vegeta’s expression was stiff, seemingly a little embarrassed as he nodded awkwardly . In front of Xiaya, he was not qualified to show arrogance .

The corners of Vegeta’s mouth moved as he asked, “How is Tarble?”

Xiaya nodded . “He is living well on Planet Hongshan, maybe he will soon marry a Saiyan . ”

Hearing that Tarble was living worry-free, Vegeta became at ease and nodded at Xiaya, and then said to Nappa with a calm face, “Let’s go; we are leaving Earth . ”

“Huh, leaving now? But those Saiyans?”

Nappa looked enviously at the Saiyan warriors slaughtering aliens in the sky . Their robust bodies and gorgeous Battle Armors… If he could join them, that would be great .

Vegeta glared coldly at him, thinking, I am in a rush to go to Planet Namek to find the dragon balls . There is chance for word of its existence to get leaked as many people know of it, and I also don’t have time to bring along Nappa, this burden . Besides, the less people know about Planet Namek’s dragon balls, the better .

So, he said resolutely, “If you want to stay, stay; you don’t have to follow me in future . ” After that, he immediately flew away .

Nappa wanted to speak but hesitated and, in the end, finally didn’t choose to leave with Vegeta .

“Sir…” Nappa walked over and spoke fawningly .

Xiaya glanced at him and did not speak . Nappa had no choice but to stand on the side, feeling embarrassed .

Xiaya did not have a favorable impression of Nappa, but he did not deliberately kill him . Nappa was also a miserable person . He hardly had any good days under Vegeta . In the original work, he was killed by Vegeta . Now that Nappa had chosen to stay, then he would be taken back to Planet Hongshan . As for whether he will turn over a new leaf in the future or not, it was not Xiaya’s concern .

The current Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans were already sufficiently powerful . It did not matter if Nappa was there or not . If he did not behave properly, no one would blame Xiaya for being unkind .

On the other side, with the intervention of powerful 2,000 Saiyans, the more than 10,000 aliens brought by Tagoma were defeated, without being able to put up any resistance . After a while, the 2,000 Saiyans returned, one after another, and afterward, Krillin and Chichi also flew over .

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Xiaya’s children also came up, clearly excited .

“Sir Xiaya, all the enemies have been killed!” Olex, who was in charge of the mission, reported with a calm expression .

Nodding with a smile, Xiaya looked towards his children, only to see that their faces were red, as though they hadn’t had enough . The enemies this time were too few and too weak, so they hadn’t fully enjoyed themselves .

“Xiaya, thank you so much . If you hadn’t come, we wouldn’t know what to do . ” Krillin said, patting his chest whilst nursing the lingering fear .

“Yeah, thanks to you all,” Yamcha and Yajirobe said .

Chichi also expressed gratitude, and then looked a little sad . “It’s a pity that after Piccolo’s death, old Kami also died . Without dragon balls, those who died on the earth can’t be resurrected . ”

Xiaya watched their expressions, but he did not immediately tell them that Planet Namek also had dragon balls .

“Olex, find a place to rest . ” Turning around, he instructed Olex and others to be on stand by on earth, and then said to Goku and others: “This is not the place to talk, let’s go to Lookout first . ”

“Mhm!” Everyone nodded and looked with sadness at the vast land riddled with holes .

This crisis was definitely an unprecedented disaster for the people of earth . More than 10,000 aliens wreaked havoc on earth, and the damage caused was immeasurable . After losing Earth’s dragon balls, it was uncertain how much time would be required to rebuild the destroyed city .

Xiaya glanced at his children . Xiang, Xili, and Meifei’s eyes lit up, and they held Tagoma’s hands and feet before keeping pace with him as they flew towards Lookout .

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Korin Tower . Korin took a deep breath .

“Immortal Korin, the shaking seems to have stopped . Is the battle over? What was the result?” Satan stared nervously .

Korin stroked his beard and told him about the situation below . “Luckily, Saiyans arrived just in time and resolved Earth’s crisis . ”

“We won?”

Satan couldn’t believe it, and after receiving Korin’s confirmation, he burst into tears and cried

“Immortal Korin, the Saiyans you are talking about… who is it?” A grey-bearded martial artist asked . He hadn’t read the novel written by Tights and didn’t know about the Saiyans in the universe .

“It’s a long story …”

Korin laughed heartily, and his thoughts flew back to more than thirty years ago . At that time, two young Saiyans came to earth and formed a good relationship . Who would have thought that after many years, Earth would be really saved by them?

In a corner of the West City .

The downtown area that had already turned into ruins .

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A spaceship with a length of more than thirty meters was docked beside the ruins . The ground beyond several meters away was all burned black . When Nappa and Vegeta arrived on Earth, it destroyed the place completely . The entire downtown area had almost no intact land except for the place where the spaceship was docked .

The sky was blue and white clouds were floating in the sky .

The effects of battle in the South City reached West City, but the power of nature is also very strong, soon the sky became clear again .

“I must quickly take the spaceship and immediately head towards Planet Namek . As long as I can get their dragon balls, this prince will have the opportunity to surpass Frieza and then also surpass that Xiaya . ”

Vegeta thought while flying, his heart fervent .

Facing the swift and fierce whirlwind, he instantly sped up . A white ray of light violently exploded and like lightning streaking across the sky, Vegeta’s figure appeared hundreds of kilometers away in the blink of an eye .

The place where the spaceship was docked, Vegeta landed .

At this time, the sight before him caused his face to suddenly turn black, and his gloomy face was covered with frost . He found a blonde-haired woman taking pictures of his spaceship with a camera, and she also kept taking out pen and paper to write and draw .

“Earthling, you have got some nerve!” Disregarding the reason, Vegeta shouted angrily and his vigorous power turned into a violent storm before pressing down towards the blonde-haired woman .

The air made a whooshing sound, and the blonde-haired woman was swept up by the storm before falling to the ground . The paper, pen, and camera in her hand dropping to the ground .

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