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Chapter 448

The blonde woman screamed as the hat on her head flew away, and the beautiful blond hair fluttered in the wind . She crouched and massaged her butt while gathering the sketches that had been blown away all over the place by the wind . After gathering all the sketches, the blonde-haired woman looked at him with a scowl .

“What’s the matter with you? Why are you getting angry at me for no reason?” Tights was very angry . She was just taking photos and drawing materials next to the spaceship, and didn’t hinder anyone . But, who would have thought she would be attacked by someone for no reason .

As she looked up, she saw that the person who attacked her was a young man with spiky hair and was wearing a peculiar Battle Armor . Tights raised her eyebrows and felt that the person in front of her seemed somewhat familiar . After Vegeta grew up, both his temperament and image changed compared to his childhood .

“Who are you? You look familiar . ” Tights stood up after gathering up the sketches .

At this time, Vegeta was also startled as surprise flashed through his eyes before immediately saying with an indifferent look: “It’s you, woman . So, it turns out that you are an earthling? If you don’t want to die, then get out of my way . ”

Vegeta had already shown mercy just now . If it was someone else, they would long have been crushed by his energy wave .

“Ah, you are that kid! You’ve grown so big . ” Tights also remembered, and suddenly shouted . Circling around Vegeta, her pale fingers pointed at Vegeta’s chest and arms . The delightful fragrance blew by the tip of his nose, annoying the extremely prideful Vegeta .

This mentally unbalanced woman is still unpleasant to the eyes as before .

“Get out of the way!” Vegeta endured the urge to kill her . He pushed the crazy woman away and walked towards the spaceship .

“Hey, you are too much . Meeting an old friend and you are not even a little polite . ”

Tights shouted with her arms crossed . Brief family seems to have a constitution that resists the passage of time, causing her to still look like a young woman in her twenties . The beautiful golden hair fluttered in the wind, like a golden ribbon . If she stands together with Bulma, no one would think that the two of them were 11 years apart in age .

Vegeta paused, then he coldly snorted and opened the spaceship’s hatch without turning around and entered . Right now, he was in a hurry to go to Planet Namek and look for the dragon balls and didn’t have time to waste with this woman .

Besides, he had experienced before how troublesome this woman is . It is already magnanimous of him that he didn’t kill her . There is no need to get entangled with her .

Rumble, the spaceship lifted up, as the hot ascending air currents raised a gust of wind . The swift and fierce vortex blew away the surrounding sand and dust . The spaceship rose straight up, and in the blink of an eye, even its shadow could not be seen .

Tights stamped her foot in dissatisfaction, angrily muttering: “Bastard, you left just like this, older sister before doting on you was in vain . ”

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Then she rolled her eyes and smiled: “His personality is still as bad as before, but I didn’t expect that after so many years, Vegeta would grow into a strong man . Is he still working under Frieza?… It’s too dangerous…”

Don’t know whether the Brief family is careless or not . Tights didn’t even realize how dangerous her behavior was in the past . Tights’ frail body, as long as Vegeta used a little of his strength on her, she might have disappeared .

“Next time I see him, I have to properly educate him . ”

Tights nodded, making a decision .

In the deep and dark starry sky .

A bright ray of light crossed the gravitational zone of the solar system and soon entered the much deeper universe .

On the spaceship, after searching, Vegeta set up the coordinates of Planet Namek and set the course of the spaceship, before entering the living area to take a bath before putting on a new Battle Armor .

“Kakarrot, a Low-level Warrior is actually so much stronger than this prince, and there is also the Saiyans from Planet Hongshan, all of whom are experts . If this prince does not hurry up, then I wouldn’t even be their match . Bastard, I absolutely can’t let something like that happen… ”

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Vegeta put on the Battle Armor and pondered while walking .

The Saiyans that had appeared on earth brought great shock to Vegeta, which made him, a self-proclaimed elite, feel a kind of urgency . In particular, Kakarrot having a huge improvement despite his talent being something that can be disregarded, and the sudden eruption during the battle . This all brought a huge shock to Vegeta .

“Those bastards on the earth seem to have mastered a method to hide Battle Power, and then suddenly increase it in a battle . Such control is very meticulous . While confusing the enemy, it can also precisely exhibit 100% of the Battle Power . ” Vegeta pondered, feeling as though a bolt of lightning had arced through his heart .

Vegeta was a born warrior, and he always carefully analyzed techniques that could affect the situation of battles .

With this analysis, he realized the profoundness of earth’s martial artists . The fighting methods of Goku and others appeared like a mirror in front of Vegeta’s eyes . Vegeta explored the strong points of their battle while readjusting his shortcomings .

The past Vegeta, or the vast majority of the warriors in the universe, liked to directly use energy to attack . It is not that this is bad, but it does waste a lot of energy — energy that is not being fully utilized .

The Martial arts of the earthlings were more inclined towards fine control, which was related to the physique of earthlings . Earthlings are only an ordinary weak race, and the speed of producing Ki in their bodies was very slow . This required humans to fully use the trace amounts of Ki in the body during the long-term evolution — such as Master Roshi, Master Mutaito, etc . ; with little traces of Ki, they could employ a variety of strange changes, determined not to waste even a little bit of it .

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These are determined by a race’s characteristics or environmental determinism . Their weak body determined that earthling’s martial arts perception and mode of development was different from the civilizations in the universe .

But, all routes lead to the same destination . However, this did not mean that unconventional attack methods were necessarily outdated, but at the present stage, compared with precise control, the universal fighting method in the universe lacks a kind of nation’s wisdom — and is more like a barbaric nouveau riche smashing the prey to death with a hunting gun, rather than shooting with the gun .

“Moreover, even Frieza’s subordinates are much more powerful than this prince, so it can be deduced that Frieza himself must be much more powerful . Even if I want to defeat Frieza, I am still not strong enough . If I can research the techniques that Kakarrot and others used, I can become even stronger . ”

With that, Vegeta’s eyes shone .

Then, Vegeta immersed himself into it and pondered over the various strange fighting methods of Goku and those earthlings, hoping to comprehend the way to hide aura and manipulate energy from it…

But Earth’s martial arts have their own essence, and it was not something that can be grasped easily .

Vegeta’s combat talent was extremely high, and it existed entirely for combat . With such a thought, Vegeta really felt something, his black pupils becoming even darker .

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