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Chapter 446

agoma was frightened by Xiaya’s imposing aura, so he retreated . Suddenly, Tagoma recalled King Frieza’s arrogant and tyrannical disposition, so he immediately recovered a little confidence . “The great King Frieza is naturally fine . ”

“Who the hell are you, and why are you hindering my mission? If you know your place, then immediately get out of the way; otherwise, King Frieza will not let you off . ”

As though he didn’t hear Tagoma’s shout, Xiaya raised his eyebrows and muttered to himself, “Impossible, Frieza was clearly bombarded into pieces by me, and even his aura had disappeared . How could he still be alive?”

Xiaya was a little puzzled . Back then, he had checked Frieza’s aura and decided to leave after Frieza’s aura had disappeared . Somehow, though, Frieza is still living well; how could this be? He knew that there was no need for this alien to deceive him, so Frieza ought to be alive .

The ultimate life-saving skill of Frost Demon . Xiaya didn’t know about it at all .

“Forget it . So what if he is alive? I’ll just kill him again . ”

An indistinct cold light flashed in his green eyes and shook his head . Xiaya raised his head to look at Tagoma and said with a smile, “Hehe; alien, although you look ugly, your skills are not bad . 420,000 Battle Power is very rarely seen . ”

But, it was a pity that he came to the earth .

Seeing Xiaya’s indifferent and emotionless expression, and the green eyes which seemed to be looking down at an ant, Tagoma’s heart thumped . Resentment instantly welled up in his heart . His countenance turned ugly, and he shouted while pointing his finger at Xiaya, “You are really courting death . Let me sacrifice your life to heaven today . ”

“So you are called Tagoma?” Xiaya’s tranquil gaze didn’t place Tagoma in his eyes at all .

Tagoma was angry, but Tien Shinhan and Vegeta felt that it was expected . Their expressions relaxed . Now that Xiaya had personally appeared, then this trifling Frieza Corp is naturally nothing to worry about . In any case, he is the leader of Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans, would he still be afraid of Frieza’s trifling subordinate?

“Now that Teacher is here, earth’s crisis is over,” Tien Shinhan whispered to Goku on the side .

“Even Frieza is afraid of Super Saiyan, and yet this trifling alien Tagoma dare to provoke him . ” Vegeta sneered, even though Tagoma’s powerful Battle Power makes him tremble in fear . At that moment, however, he was looking forward to seeing Xiaya display Super Saiyan’s power .

He was eager . Come on, let me take a good look!

Goku also watched with anticipation . He knew from a long time that Xiaya was very powerful, but was not clear how strong he really is .


Nappa looked bewildered .

From the people present on the scene, only Nappa was clueless about Xiaya’s strength, but currently, his injuries were very serious, so how would he have time to pay attention to Xiaya?

Kai’s Planet .

As the center from which the North Area is managed, although this place is not big, one can observe everything that happens within the North Area .

Ever since Xiaya and others appeared on earth, North Kai was startled speechless, saying in disbelief, “Are these the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan mentioned by Tien Shinhan and others? They are so much more powerful than the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta . Is that gold-haired person leading the troops a Super Saiyan? ”

Super Saiyan had once appeared in the history of North Area, but it was many years ago, and he remembers it only vaguely .

It’s just that these Saiyans not only have no evil aura; instead, they are composed and calm . This made North Kai, who had weathered great winds and high waves, unable to adapt for a moment . Since when did the cruel Saiyans actually begin to protect the peace of the universe?

“But in any case, the earth’s crisis is finally over . ” North Kai sighed inwardly .

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He can tell that all the Saiyans who arrived on Earth are all experts, and some of them even have strength exceeding his imagination .

In a dark forest, an explosion rocked the sky .

Yamcha was besieged by more than 10 aliens, as bright white Spirit Balls continued to shuttle through the air with his commands . With one hand, he produced five to six energy balls . But the aliens who were besieging Yamcha were not weak, and in the 2x Kaio-ken situation, Yamcha unexpectedly couldn’t seize the advantage .

As time passed, the enormous burden on his body made him gasp violently .

“Damn it, these aliens are too troublesome . ” Wiping the sweat, Yamcha’s eyelids were gradually becoming heavy, the muscles all over his body aching .

Puchi, an alien died under his attack . As blood dripped down from the sky, a few other aliens viciously attacked Yamcha with red light emitting from their eyes .

Just when Yamcha had fallen into a crisis, dark red figures flew over to his side . After they arrived, they fiercely attacked those aliens without saying a word and destroyed them like crushing dry weeds, turning the dozen or so aliens into ashes .

“You are…” Yamcha looked shocked at the Saiyans who had lent him help, thinking about their identity .

“Saiyan Jill, I have received an order from His Majesty Xiaya to kill all the aliens . ” That Saiyan said stiffly, and then regardless of Yamcha’s reaction, he led his team towards another aura .

Yamcha floated in the air lost in thought before turning ecstatic: “Great, Saiyans from Planet Hongshan have really rushed over . ”

After watching the battle in the distance, and carefully sensing it, Yamcha was shocked . Judging from the densely packed auras, a lot of Saiyans seemed to have come to Earth .

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Above the vast land, an evil energy swept out .

Tagoma roared as the pitch-black aura all over his body expanded . He bent down as his feet exerted force, and with a crack sound, the layers of rock fissured . His body flashed, and his figure suddenly blurred and then flew out like an artillery shell .

His speed was so fast that he arrived in front of Xiaya instantly .

“Go to hell! Super Energy Sphere!”

Roaring fiercely, the powerful energy gathered in his hand exploded with ink-like pitch-black lighting, and at the same time, his palm pierced through the air, pressing straight towards Xiaya with loud booming sounds .

“It has started!”

When looking at Tagoma launch attack, a sense of crisis instinctively flashed in Goku, Tien Shinhan, and Vegeta’s minds, and they could not help but think how to respond if they were facing this technique instead . But quickly they realized that it was useless to think all these because when facing Tagoma’s full-strength attack, they simply don’t have the capability to resist it!

A crushing defeat! They reached a common conclusion .

And at the same time, they were also expectant, not knowing how Xiaya would respond .

Tagoma’s speed was too fast and had exceeded their visual capture ability, but Xiaya was looking nonchalantly .

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Seeing that he was about to succeed, Tagoma’s viper-like eyes burst into a gleam, and the corners of his mouth curled into a sneer, but soon his smile stiffened; he only touched empty air . Xiaya’s figure had long disappeared .

What’s going on, just now he was clearly still here? Tagoma became flustered . Suddenly, a feeling of danger assailed him, and he felt a chill in his heart .


A black shadow flew out . Tagoma looked confused as a blood arrow spurted out from his mouth . His body contorted abnormally, and then he lay down on the ground, twitching .

It happened so quickly that from beginning to end less than one second passed . Seeing that, whether it is Goku, Tien Shinhan or Vegeta, their scalp felt numb . Xiaya’s attack speed was so fast that even their reflexes couldn’t keep up .

Earlier, Tagoma was clearly about to win, but in the next moment, he was brutally struck to the ground .

What happened at that moment? And how did Xiaya do it? No one knows .

“You … who are you? It’s impossible for an average person to have such power!”

Tagoma, who was powerlessly collapsed on the ground, suddenly revealed a frightened expression, as if he had seen something terrifying . Such a powerless situation, he had only experienced in front of King Frieza .

Does this person have the same strength as King Frieza?

Impossible, King Frieza is an invincible universe emperor . How could someone be on equal footing with his majesty?

Walking over, Xiaya crouched down and crushed the energy detector on Tagoma’s ear before saying coolly, “I’m the leader of Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans, and is also someone that Frieza has never been able to defeat .

“Impossible, King Frieza is invincible …” Halfway through speaking, Tagoma suddenly remembered something; his eyes darkened and he fainted .

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