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Chapter 116: 116
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At the sharp clap, everyone turned to Chu Qingcheng .

She smiled and eyed the Vicious Pill King, “On this occasion, with all seven houses gathered here, I would like everyone to bear witness to one matter of mine!”


She stared Vicious Pill King down with a cold gaze, “Yan Song, it is time to end our grudges, today . ”


“Hhha… What grudges do you speak of? I do not understand . Have I perhaps turned up uninvited?” Vicious Pill King stroked his beard .


Squinting, Chu Qingcheng continued, “Yan Song, stop faking it . The elders of the seven houses are here, and so is Regent Estate’s second young master . You won’t leave this place until you give up the Rainbow Cloud Palm’s antidote!”


Iris Overseer and Peony Overseer stood up also, ready to strike at a moment’s notice .


The others kept silent, watching the events unfold .


They knew of this grudge between them for a long time . This time, however, Drifting Flowers Edifice invited Regent Estate to mediate and press down on Pill King Hall . Vicious Pill King would have no choice but to comply in his presence .


Yet, just when the second young master ought to speak, he remained unusually quiet .


The people ignored Chu Qingcheng, and Vicious Pill King, turning their gazes to Qingcheng .


Because they all knew, he was the one who had the final say .


Who was right and who was wrong, who failed and who won, all rested on this man’s shoulders .


Huangpu Qingyun smiled towards Vicious Pill King, “Hhha, Elder Yan, if you truly poisoned Drifting Flowers Edifice’s disciples, there is no harm in providing the antidote and keep it cordial . ”


“He-he-he, second young master is right!”


Snickering, Vicious Pill King cupped his hands at Huangpu Qingyun, but his sinister eyes stared right at Chu Qingcheng, “I have indeed hurt your overseers, but I am unable to provide the antidote . ”


“Yan Song, the nerve of you! You won’t even listen to the Regent Estate? Do I have to bother His Majesty for you to drop this matter?” Chu Qingcheng shouted .


But Huangpu Qingyun lightly waved it off, “His Highness is terribly occupied and has no time to mind us, seven houses . Even after what happened in Windgaze City between Veiled Dragon Pavilion and Hell Valley, His Highness rebuked them both . Not only they, but even the other houses were given a warning . Windgaze City has now become a restricted area for us . ”


When Huangpu Qingyun pointed this out, Long Jiu and Hell Valley’s 5th elder started glaring at each other .


Zhuo Fan sneered inside, knowing where this was going .


For the Regent Estate to unify the seven houses, they must have all of the houses’ affairs under their control . Wouldn’t it become a mere figurehead as the leader of the seven houses if the other houses turned to the emperor for mediation?


[Humph, they move quite quickly when it comes to grabbing power . So this is the true ambition of Regent Estate!] Zhuo Fan’s eyes flashed coldly .


Chu Qingcheng took a deep breath to calm her anger, “Qingyun, you are right, but this old dog…”


“Leave it to me!”


Huangpu Qingyun held his hand in interruption and spoke to Vicious Pill King, “Elder Yan, taking your current stance is tantamount to slighting Regent Estate . Don’t you see me sitting here?”


“Hhha, the second young master misunderstands . The truth is, I cannot provide the antidote!”


Vicious Pill King cupped his hands and smiled, “But, shouldn’t what a certain thief stole be returned first?”


“Eh, what do you mean?” Huangpu Qingyun raised an eyebrow, his voice odd .


Grinning, Vicious Pill King looked at Chu Qingcheng in askance, speaking with a sly smile, “Edifice Lord Chu, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten of that devil Chu Qingtian . ”

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Shivering, tears welled in Chu Qingcheng as she clenched her fists . Bottomless rage and overflowing killing intent surged .


The people were shocked having witnessed Chu Qingcheng so out of control for the first time .


Sneering, Vicious Pill King added, “Drifting Flowers Edifice had once sent that devil, Chu Qingtian, to become my disciple . I found him smart and imparted some of my teachings . In the end, he stole Rainbow Cloud Palm’s antidote formula . His strength was lacking when refining it and died, while also poisoning many overseers in the process . How can this be my fault?”


“Yeah, he was my senior brother meant to inherit the master’s legacy . But he was driven by delusions of grandeur and betrayed us despite our good relations . He got his just deserts when he thought too highly of himself . He was blind to believe he could refine the antidote, only to fail!”


Yan Fu was mocking them now, “The only thing I admire about my senior brother is his talent in alchemy . As for his moral character, he was too arrogant, repaying gratitude with enmity and hurting Drifting Flowers Edifice . It can be said he was impudent!”


“Shut up!


Chu Qingcheng’s anger flared and her eyes reddened as she watched the evil pair . The others jerked in fright .


Throwing a disdainful gaze at her, Vicious Pill King snorted, “Second young master, if this happened in Regent Estate, would you give your spy the antidote?”


“You’re right!” Huangpu Qingyun nodded .


Everyone’s eyes were on him in a split second . It was Drifting Flowers Edifice who asked for him, so what was he doing sticking up for Pill King Hall?


Only Zhuo Fan knew this was coming, calmly tasting the fine wine .


“Second young master, there is a reason behind this matter . At that time, Pill King Hall attacked our Edifice Lord…” Iris Overseer hurried to explain, but Vicious Pill King cut her off, “Humph, there are plenty of arguments among the seven houses, but does this garner sending a spy to another house? Going by your words, won’t that make Hell Valley filled with Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s people? And Veiled Dragon Pavilion teeming with Hell Valley’s spies as well?”


Elders began nodding at this .


In the case of small arguments, they were resolved openly . Sending spies was too demeaning and shameful for the seven houses’ prestige!


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Iris Overseer was flustered while Chu Qingcheng was almost lost in her rage . Her eyes bore hatred towards Yan Song, wanting to eat him alive .


“That’s enough . Since I and the houses’ elders are here, I will be the judge and you witnesses in dissolving this grievance . ”


Huangpu Qingyun’s shout drowned the two side’s bickering . Everyone nodded .


Huangpu Qingyun turned to the Vicious Pill King, to which Yan Song cupped his hands, “I leave everything in the second young master’s hands!”


Turning to Chu Qingcheng, she let out a ragged breath and nodded . Huangpu Qingyun came at her request and believed he would side with Drifting Flowers Edifice .


Huangpu Qingyun’s eyes flashed pleased, “With both sides in agreement, then I will state my verdict . Do not object it or it will mean a challenge to Regent Estate . ”


“Yes!” Chu Qingcheng and Vicious Pill King nodded .


“Good . Elder Yan, you are to give the Rainbow Cloud Palm’s antidote to the Drifting Flowers Edifice!” Huangpu Qingyun shouted and Chu Qingcheng was happy .


But Huangpu Qingyun followed up on a cold tone, “However, Drifting Flowers Edifice was the first in the wrong . To be fair, Elder Yan may choose any one item from Drifting Flowers Edifice as compensation!”


This caused a widespread shock . Everyone knew what Yan Song coveted the most .


Drifting Flowers Edifice refused to bargain this treasure with him . Or they would’ve long have traded it .


Huangpu Qingyun’s verdict sounded fair, but it leaned towards Yan Song .


In a blink, they all understood, flickering their eyes from one to another . Chu Qingcheng was even more shocked . She noticed Yan Song’s cunning smile and came to realize it was a trap all along .


[They planned this from the start!]


“Second young master’s verdict is fair . I wholly agree!” Vicious Pill King laughed, “Then I won’t be shy and choose Bodhi Root . ”

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“Impossible!” Chu Qingcheng snorted, “The Drifting Flowers Edifice’s sacred treasure won’t be yours!”


“Qingcheng, you are the one who asked me to mediate . I have given my verdict and now you refuse? Are you mocking me?” Huangpu Qingyun barked .


Everyone knew Huangpu Qingyun didn’t come to help Chu Qingcheng, but the Pill King Hall .


With this excuse, Regent Estate drove itself between Pill King Hall and Drifting Flowers Edifice . If Drifting Flowers Edifice didn’t hand over Bodhi Root, they would have to face not only Pill King Hall, but the dreaded and mighty Regent Estate, the strongest of the seven houses .


If Regent Estate moved, no other house dared to help Drifting Flowers Edifice .


Before Drifting Flowers Edifice could drive out the vicious wolf, they brought in a tiger . There was no going back now .


Chu Qingcheng glared at Huangpu Qingyun with tears in her eyes . She never thought possible the one she rested her last hope on, her childhood sweetheart, would ruthlessly betray her!


Iris Overseer and Peony Overseer were enraged, glaring at him with bitter hatred .


The one they hated the most was now Huangpu Qingyun, the betrayer .


As if unable to look his former sweetheart in the eyes, Huangpu Qingyun turned his head and sighed, “Qingcheng, don’t be so obstinate . This is all for Drifting Flowers Edifice’s sake . ”


“Bullshit! What would be left of Drifting Flowers Edifice if the Bodhi Root is gone?” Peony Overseer’s temper flared and cursed him .


“How will you call yourself Drifting Flowers Edifice if everyone is dead?” Huangpu Qingyun snorted, “We agreed before, to not contest my verdict . Accept it or suffer the wrath of Regent Estate!”


Peony Overseer turned mute, Chu Qingcheng and Iris Overseer were falling in despair .


However, a sneer echoed around, “Young master Huangpu, if my ears didn’t fail me, you said you came to mediate and let the elders bear witness! Now that you have given your verdict, isn’t it the elders’ turn to judge its fairness?”


This shocked everyone, turning to find the brazen man who dared contest Regent Estate…

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