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Chapter 117: 117

The people saw Zhuo Fan casually holding his glass as he nursed his wine . He didn’t look afraid at all, having just contested against Huangpu Qingyun .


“Humph, you dare interrupt the matter between Drifting Flowers Edifice and Pill King Hall?” Huangpu Qingyun glared .


Zhuo Fan shook his head and embraced Xiao Dandan . Lifting a taunting eyebrow at Huangpu Qingyun, “I am now part of Drifting Flowers Edifice and have the right to speak for it . What goddamn right do you have for spouting bullshit?”




Huangpu Qingyun’s fury resulted in unleashing his power, launching a sudden palm attack . Not even Zhuo Fan would dare take a palm backed by a 2nd layer of Profound Heaven cultivator .


However, he didn’t look the slightest bit worried . He knew someone would save him!


A white silk ribbon seized the palm . He turned to see the cold Chu Qingcheng staring back .


“Qingcheng, what’s the meaning of this? Are you violating the agreement?” Huangpu Qingyun squinted .


Chu Qingcheng spat through gnashed teeth, “Song Yu’s words are correct . Second young master has given his verdict and now it is the elders’ turn to judge its fairness . I am sure the great second young master is a man of his word . ”


After muttering to himself, Huangpu Qingyun snorted in anger, “Fine, then let the elders decide!”


His power flashed and the white silk ribbon on his hand was torn to shreds as he returned to his seat . His cold eyes gleamed over the crowd .


“Tell me, is my verdict right, or wrong?”


The hearts of everyone seized . They shook their heads then glared at Zhuo Fan .


[Does a Drifting Flowers Edifice’s son in law have to go this far for them? Now you threw the ball in our court . Won’t uttering a single word earn Regent Estate’s rage?]


Mulling for a moment, Hell Valley’s 5th elder stood up laughing, “Hhha, second young master’s verdict was indeed fair . I have no objection!”


“5th elder is wise . Second young master, I second him!” Vicious Pill King smiled at Huangpu Qingyun .


After seeing Peony Overseer’s riveting gaze, then Huangpu Qingyun’s, Merry Woods’ Lin Zitian cupped his hands, “I accept second young master’s verdict wholly . ”


Huangpu Qingyun nodded pleased and Peony Overseer was prepped to blow .


[No man is worthy! They speak sweet nothings and then abandon you in your hour of need . You damn two-faced!]


[I will never forget this, Lin Zitian!]


Peony Overseer’s eyes burned with towering flames of rage, her breath ragged in a desperate attempt to hold it in . Meanwhile, Lin Zitian simply avoided her gaze .


As matters stand, three of the seven houses approved of Huangpu Qingyun’s verdict . Only one more was needed to set it in stone .


Drifting Flowers Edifice was fully against it, but even they had no choice in the matter .


Pushed against the wall, none of the elders desired to fall alongside Drifting Flowers Edifice and offend Regent Estate .


Huangpu Qingyun had a pleased smile when he saw Chu Qingcheng’s sour face . He turned to Long Jiu, “Next, Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s Elder Jiu . State your stance!”


Taking a deep breath, Long Jiu thought it over . He saw Chu Qingcheng’s hopeful gaze and Huangpu Qingyun’s towering arrogance . Sighing, he shook his head, “Second young master, I also believe you are co-…”


Chu Qingcheng was ashen and Huangpu Qingyun was beaming from happiness .


Then Zhuo Fan pursed his lips, casually saying, “Grandpa Jiu, choose your words wisely . ”


[The hell! This punk is threatening Elder Jiu, again?]


Zhuo Fan’s tone was flat, but all knew its meaning . What shocked the people present was his balls to disrespect Long Jiu again and again!


He may be a junior to Long Jiu, but doing it a second time was testing Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s patience . If Long Jiu didn’t strike, it would be an affront to their reputation!


“He-he-he, Long Jiu, you’ve been berated once again by a mere junior yet still do not retaliate . You have quite the mild temper, it seems . ” Hell Valley’s 5th elder seized the chance to mock him .


Long Kui and Long Jie glared at Zhuo Fan .


Though Long Jiu didn’t care, all his focus was on what to say next . Looking at Zhuo Fan again, he noticed the deep determination his eyes hid . Long Jiu then gnashed his teeth!

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[Fine then, I’ll gamble!]


“Second young master, I believe you are partial! Drifting Flowers Edifice may have been the first to be in the wrong . But taking their precious treasure from them is the same as cutting off their future . It is no different than destroying them!”


Long Jiu cupped his hand and shouted . Though his head was soaked in sweat . His words smacked Regent Estate in the face . His stance would have a great impact on the way Regent Estate would treat Veiled Dragon Pavilion in the future .


But he had more faith in Zhuo Fan . He saw it with his own eyes in Windgaze City . Each of Zhuo Fan’s decisions was always correct .


Shock beyond belief! No one saw this coming . This wasn’t just siding with Drifting Flowers Edifice, it was going against Regent Estate .


Chu Qingcheng and the other two overseers offered their thanks again and again . Long Jiu gave a bitter smile as he slumped in his chair .


He had no idea if this would promise blessings, or spell doom .


Huangpu Qingyun disregarded Long Jiu and stared at Zhuo Fan . He made the grand Elder Jiu change his decision . Just who the hell was he?


Indeed, Huangpu Qingyun discovered Long Jiu had already made up his mind of forsaking Drifting Flowers Edifice . However, those few words from Zhuo Fan set Veiled Dragon Pavilion against Regent Estate .


[Who in god’s name is he? He has greater sway than even me?]


In fact, he wasn’t the only one who noticed . Everyone else there realized this but chose to abstain from revealing it . Yet their eyes never left Zhuo Fan!


Chuckling inside, Zhuo Fan kept drinking with Xie Tianyang like best buds .


“What of Sword Marquise Abode? What is your opinion?” Huangpu Qingyun turned his cold eyes to Jian Suifeng .


Xie Tianyang however patted Jian Suifeng before he could rise and laughed, “8th elder, let me handle this . ”


“Uh, Tianyang, this concerns the future of Sword Marquise Abode . You must…”


“I know, I know!”


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Xie Tianyang waved his warning off, sneering at Huangpu Qingyun with a slanted look, then toasted with Zhuo Fan again, “Kid, I find you really familiar . Are you really a son in law to Drifting Flowers Edifice?”


“Yep!” Rolling his eyes, Zhuo Fan didn’t know what he was going for and nodded .


“He-he-he, then prove it by kissing your wife!” Xie Tianyang laughed as he pointed at Xiao Dandan .


She went beet red in a flash, her heart raced, going a mile a minute, and stole glances at Zhuo Fan . The latter glared at Xie Tianyang and cursed softly, “What are you playing at, punk? Wanna fight?”


Xie Tianyang just stated, “Hey now, I know you want my favor . So do what I say or I don’t know which side to choose . ”




This made everyone hold their breaths . Jian Suifeng was close to exploding . In this critical moment, when one word could decide the future of their house, he was playing around?


“Tianyang!” Jian Suifeng shouted .


“8th elder, believe me . I know what I’m doing!” Xie Tianyang showed a reassuring glance . Jian Suifeng had never before seen him look so serious .


He nodded in the end and chose to believe this disciple . [He won’t be damning the house over a game, right?]


“Fine, Xie Tianyang…” Zhuo Fan clenched his fists and was itching to wipe that grin off Xie Tianyang’s face, with his fists . But he chose to endure, glaring at him, “I will obey your order!”


Zhuo Fan embraced Xiao Dandan and French kissed the girl in front of the whole crowd .


Xiao Dandan’s mind went blank . When he saw Xie Tinayang’s ridiculously pleased grin, Zhuo Fan couldn’t help but curse, “Pervert, what are you happy about? If you want a woman, go find your own!”


“Hhha, I already have, you know? Once I tell her, she will hate you forever . ” Xie Tianyang laughed and slapped the table in joy .


Everyone watched Sword Marquise Abode’s young master in a daze . They didn’t know what he was saying but one thing was certain . The two knew each other .


Meanwhile, only Zhuo Fan knew the ‘she’ he was referring to was Xue Ningxiang .


Shaking his head, Zhuo Fan sighed, “Make your choice then . ”


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“Alright, brother . I choose you . ” Xie Tianyang could barely hold his glee as he turned to Huangpu Qingyun and taunted with his eyebrows, “Second young master, I absolutely positively refute your so-called fairness . That is why Sword Marquise Abode believes your verdict is wrong!”


Huangpu Qingyun clenched his fists in rage . His eyes bored through Xie Tianyang, “You have gall! Just you wait!”


Xie Tianyang lifted his head in confidence, ready to fight back .


With this, the verdict was a tie . Chu Qingcheng was overjoyed and expressed her thanks to Xie Tianyang . She then said to Huangpu Qingyun, “Since the second young master’s verdict could not gain the seven houses’ elders’ approval, it is vetoed . ”


“Who said it is? Have you forgotten about us, the Regent Estate?” Huangpu Qingyun snorted .


“He-he-he, I have never heard of giving a verdict and vote also . Regent Estate’s vote is invalid from the start . ” Zhuo Fan sneered .


Gnashing his teeth, Huangpu Qingyun glared at him .


If he had killed Zhuo Fan when he had the chance, Veiled Dragon Pavilion and Sword Marquise Abode would’ve abstained and Drifting Flowers Edifice would’ve easily fallen!


[Damn punk! I will kill you myself!] Huangpu Qingyun glared murderously at Zhuo Fan .


Zhuo Fan noticed and smiled, “If the second young master is unsatisfied with this conclusion, I have a proposition . Elder Yan gives the antidote and he is free to pick anything from Drifting Flowers Edifice, besides Bodhi Root!”


“No! Only Bodhi Root matters to me!” Vicious Pill King brushed his sleeve in anger .


Zhuo Fan perked the corner of his mouth as if he was expecting this, “That may not be off the table as you might think . Just that you can’t have it so easily . It will all depend on you . ”


“What are you getting at?” Vicious Pill King asked .


“Simple . The Hundred Pill Meeting is about to start and the prize shall be the Bodhi Root . The winner will have all rights to claim it . ”


“Alright . Let’s see if anyone can contest my alchemy skill! Hhha…” Vicious Pill King cackled, thinking he had it in the bag .


Huangpu Qingyun muttered for a while then agreed . While Chu Qingcheng and the rest were filled with worry . Who could beat Vicious Pill King in alchemy?


It seemed like a lifeline for Drifting Flowers Edifice, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference then before…


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