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Chapter 115: 115
Watching the Soul Devouring Crow’s jubilation, Zhuo Fan perked the corner of his mouth, knowing that Long Jiu recognized him . After all, he used to address Long Jiu with ‘Grandpa Jiu’ the first time they met .


Furthermore, unlike those that addressed him as ‘Grandpa Jiu’ , Zhuo Fan’s haughty tone made it undoubtedly clear to Long Jiu as to who he was .

None of the people there understood what happened . Their eyes darting from one to another in hesitation .


A third rate clan kid dared speak nonsense to a Veiled Dragon Pavilion’s elder – odd . The elder in question not only did not rebuke but looked relaxed – odder .


On top of that, there seemed to be some underlying meaning in it, which was baffling to them .


This cast many doubts upon the guests . But before they could pry, a sneer resounded, “Humph, Drifting Flowers Edifice is so thoughtful to let some pipsqueak have a table!”


To everyone’s shock, Xie Tianyang had been standing at the entrance, unbeknown to them . Meanwhile, Jian Suifeng’s face had turned ashen .


The exclusion of Sword Marquise Abode from the seven houses’ feast was utter humiliation .


Chu Qingcheng cried, urging Zhuo Fan, “Who told you to sit? Leave at once!”


“Qingcheng, did you forget? It was I who invited them!” Huangpu Qingyun smiled at her, but his deeper meaning pricked at Sword Marquise Abode, “Isn’t it a waste to have an empty table? I have welcomed the two disciples to make better use of it . It is not a place for a dog to sit in after all . ”


“Humph, since the second young master does not put Sword Marquise Abode in his eyes, we shall be taking our leave then . Farewell!” Xie Tianyang waved his sleeve and left .


This time, Jian Suifeng didn’t stop him, going after him with a stern face . There was no compromise when it came to the matter of Sword Marquise Abode’s dignity, even if it meant offending the other six houses .


Chu Qingcheng became anxious .


It was Huangpu Qingyun who did this, but Drifting Flowers Edifice was the host . With Xie Tianyang returning humiliated, wouldn’t Sword Marquise Abode put all the blame on Drifting Flowers Edifice?


In this moment of crisis, Drifting Flowers Edifice should be making friends, not offending others left and right .


“Young master Xie, please wait . This is the fault of our Drifting Flowers Edifice, please forgive me! I will be arranging a table shortly to apologize!” Chu Qingcheng cried in panic .


Xie Tianyang paused and turned . Chu Qingcheng was willing to lower herself and apologize . This was enough for Sword Marquise Abode to keep their dignity .


It wouldn’t be proper to be obstinate .


However, noticing Huangpu Qingyun’s mocking grin, Xie Tianyang’s anger flared and spoke coldly, “Edifice Lord Chu, since you have the powerful Regent Estate to lean on, you needn’t degrade yourself . I am unfortunate to say that the small and meager Sword Marquise Abode cannot accept your apology!”


Xie Tianyang left this time for good .


Chu Qingcheng sighed .


How could she not get his meaning? Drifting Flowers Edifice chose to rely on Regent Estate in their hour of most desperate need, this in turn alienated the other houses .


She didn’t know if this was the right path, but she began to feel that Drifting Flowers Edifice was becoming more and more isolated . Even their long time friend, Long Jiu, could only sigh at this .


If she couldn’t even preserve the dignity of her guests, what’s to have them return a second time?


Huangpu Qingyun was immensely pleased and showed it in his smile . His eyes drifted to Vicious Pill King who nodded and showed a crafty glint .


Zhuo Fan took it all in and cried inside [Damn it! This is Huangpu Qingyun’s plan! To isolate Drifting Flowers Edifice!]


When Drifting Flowers Edifice was gone, the next to follow would be Sword Marquise Abode and Veiled Dragon Pavilion who refused to acknowledge their might . And when the seven houses were under one banner, the Luo clan would fall .


Zhuo Fan squinted his eyes as he yelled, “Brother Xie, there are more seats here! If you do not mind, let’s squeeze together and join the feast?”


[Humph, an insignificant noisy brat dares call me brother? Are you freakin’ worthy of it? Sitting next to you would throw the seven houses’ honor down the drain!]


Xie Tianyang snorted inside as he clenched his teeth!


[This rotten Drifting Flowers Edifice has gone too far! Since when can a third rate clan kid yell at me?]

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Xie Tianyang didn’t even turn around so Zhuo Fan scratched his nose as he shouted, “Coward, are you that scared of sitting next to me?”


The fierce tone rang in everyone’s ears .


Everyone was dazed, even Huangpu Qingyun . They were too out of it to even react .


[Blast it! This punk is a madman among lunatics! The nerve of this brat!]


He first threatened Elder Jiu and now he was calling Sword Marquise Abode’s young master a coward? Did he yearn for death that much?


Elder Jiu didn’t retaliate because of seniority . With his power, striking against a junior in front of everyone would be too shameful .


While Xie Tianyang was a rash youth . [You think he’d let you off after this public humiliation?]


[The Drifting Flowers Edifice won’t say anything even if you do end up dead!]


Iris Overseer held her forehead, Peony Overseer sighed . Chu Qingcheng gnashed her teeth with tightened fists . She was itching to tear him to pieces .


[This rotten brat, here he goes again thinking with his brawn . ]


Vicious Pill King’s disciple and Merry Woods’ disciple were enjoying the show with cold smiles .


“Edifice Lord Chu, this is too much even if you rely on Regent Estate . Do you want to slight Sword Marquise Abode so much?” Jian Suifeng snorted in anger as his body exudes power .


Chu Qingcheng rushed to diffuse the misunderstanding, “Please calm down, 8th elder . This is a misunderstanding . This child speaks without thinking . I will deal with this personally . ”


Chu Qingcheng glared at Zhuo Fan and berated, “Song Yu, what are you waiting for? Apologize!”


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A small smile played on Zhuo Fan’s lips as he looked at Xie Tianyang’s back .


Shivering, Xie Tianyang turned around jerkily, eying Zhuo Fan with rage, but also shock . He then strode before Zhuo Fan .


“Young master Xie, please… He is but a child, please don’t lower yourself to his level!” Chu Qingcheng was nervous, yet Yuan Qi gathered in her palms .


She would have no choice but to interfere if Xie Tianyang moved in for the kill .


Xiao Dandan jumped in front of Zhuo Fan as she nervously said, “Young master Xie, he is my fiancée, one of Drifting Flowers Edifice . His error will be dealt with by Drifting Flowers Edifice . Please don’t let anger control you!”


Ignoring her, Xie Tianyang only calmly walked to Zhuo Fan’s table .


However, outside of everyone’s expectation, the two didn’t jump at each other’s throat . Xie Tianyang just landed his butt on the chair next to Zhuo Fan and poured himself a drink before downing the glass . Then, stared at Zhuo Fan’s face, not fully convinced as he laughed, “Hhha, good wine!”


“Of course! Drifting Flowers Edifice’s wine is made by the young and charming ladies . Since you’re here, brother, let’s have drinks all round!”


Zhuo Fan filled his cup and Xie Tianyang nodded, sitting there as if nothing happened .


Everyone’s eyes were bulging out of their sockets . Even Jian Suifeng was dumbstruck .


Xie Tianyang’s reckless temper flared even before the likes of Huangpu Qingyun from the Regent Estate . Why was he casually drinking wine with a man who just cursed him?


He didn’t understand, the others even more so .


Having the show cut short, the others were stunned . Chu Qingcheng was also dumbfounded, her hands relaxing .


She couldn’t understand what trick Zhuo Fan pulled to calm Sword Marquise Abode’s young master’s anger .


“Xie Tianyang, didn’t you say sitting at that table is beneath you…” Huangpu Qingyun was disappointed as he spoke coldly .


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Laughing, Xie Tianyang waved off his reproach, “I do, but not with a brother who I appreciate . ”


Xie Tianyang and Zhuo Fan clinked glasses just like drinking buddies!


Jian Suifeng awkwardly sat next to Xie Tianyang, not quite able to wrap his head around his young master, “T-Tianyang, you…”


“Hhha, 8th elder, sit! Sharing a table with this brother will not disgrace Sword Marquise Abode in the slightest!” Xie Tianyang waved his hand, pulling Jian Suifeng to sit .


Jian Suifeng watched Zhuo Fan, befuddled .


Seeing peace restored, Chu Qingcheng relaxed also . Her pretty eyes landed on Zhuo Fan with gratitude .


Zhuo Fan raised a glass in her honor and lifted an eyebrow .


Chu Qingcheng glared at him but they held no anger . It was the same as when a big sis smacked her little brother over the head, a love tap .




Huangpu Qingyun’s eye grew cold, severely irked by Zhuo Fan’s action of diffusing the conflict between Drifting Flowers Edifice and Sword Marquise Abode .


However, Chu Qingcheng did not notice . So, she urged, “Qingyun, it was hard to gather all the seven houses before the Hundred Pill Meeting, as you can see . So, don’t be so hard on young master Xie . “


“Hhha, how could I? I came because of you after all . ”


His eyes flashing, Huangpu Qingyun spoke, “Let’s begin . Now that all houses are here, let us settle the matter between Drifting Flowers Edifice and Pill King Hall . ”


Chu Qingcheng was happy . [With Regent Estate standing here, that old dog will have to give up the antidote . ]


What she didn’t know however, was that Vicious Pill King was also anticipating this…

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