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Yet, this time Minghe, with his Good Separation and Evil Separation, had no time to pay attention to the changing of the World of Heaven and Earth, since they were too busy to comprehend the evolution of Heaven and Earth by the fake Real Entity of Pangu. It was rare to see, especially since it included the evolution and development of the Twelve Divine Laws as well.

After a long time, Minghe and his Good Separation and Evil Separation finally awoke. They learned much during this Enlightenment. Seeing the Real Entity of Pangu again, Minghe found that there were some feelings for Rakshasa like the Real Entity of Pangu, though he was a fake one. It would be a great help for Minghe when he turned into the Rakshasa in the future.

The Red Lotus Taoist had already reached the Realm of Origin, and what he comprehended was that the vital force of the fake Real Entity of Pangu, which was similar to his Law of Killing. However, the Real Entity of Pangu showed up for such a short time that Red Lotus Taoist couldn't comprehend the essence of it, but he had recorded the vital force for further enlightenment.

Heaven and Earth Taoist had certainly gained the most. His power was greatly strengthened with the World of Heaven and Earth's development, and his supernatural power was even stronger than that of Minghe. Moreover, he could clearly see that the World of Heaven and Earth was approaching its limits. If it was able to surpass the limit, it would successfully convert into small chiliocosm.

Heaven and Earth Taoist was thoroughly familiar with the World of Heaven and Earth's development, so he knew what it needed. Even so, there was nothing he could do because all of the things it needed were under the control of the Demon Tribe.

They were the sun, the moon, and the stars. Yes, they were. Although the fake Real Entity of Pangu had evolved from the sun, the moon, and the stars, they only had a good appearance, but without any of the power of the stars. Besides, the sun and the moon were respectively substituted with the Law of Fire and the Law of Water. If Minghe wanted to evolve the real ones, he would have to obtain the origin of the stars from Untainted World.

Yet, the evolution created by the fake Real Entity of Pangu brought something to the World of Heaven and Earth. That was the creature, with its flesh and blood. The appearance of creatures was a sign that the world was becoming increasingly perfect. Therefore, Heaven and Earth Taoist was more confident about converting his world into small chiliocosm.

Of course, this was not the greatest achievement for him, but his enlightenment of a piece of Law of Space. It was a great thing, and even Minghe and Red Lotus Taoist hadn't expected it since the Law of Space was one of the several best Divine Laws in the 3,000 Great Ways.

It was a great fated chance for Heaven and Earth Taoist to comprehend a piece of Law of Space. But then, since the World of Heaven and Earth was one world, it naturally had a strong space origin. When the fake Real Entity of Pangu integrated the space origin with this world, Heaven and Earth Taoist successfully felt the existence of the space origin.

Although Heaven and Earth Taoist had only comprehended a piece of Law of Space, he was quite satisfied, since it was not easy to comprehend the Law of Space. The piece of Law of Space was just like a seed that as long as Heaven and Earth Taoist was willing to spend his time and energy on it, it would blossom and bear fruits one day.

With such guarantee, Heaven and Earth Taoist immediately began his Closed Door Meditation, hoping to deepen his enlightenment of the piece of Law of Space. He would regret if he missed the chance. Minghe and Red Lotus Taoist also restarted their Meditation again, since everything's done.

The Blood Sea was quiet again. Yet all forces in Untainted Land were wondering what had happened there. Although they could detect it, they would find nothing. The Blood Sea was so quiet as if nothing had happened. But, the quieter it looked, the more suspectable it would be. The unknown was attractive and terrible.

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery knew that Minghe had manipulated their Blood of Essence and Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, but they did not know the details. Moreover, they could hardly feel their separated origins. Maybe, Minghe had achieved his goal, or he had hidden them.

However, it did not have much to do with them. What they should do was enhance their strength and prepare for the decisive battle with the Wu Tribe and Demon Tribe. The battle would determine the future of their clan, so they should never be careless.

In a mountain of Untainted Land, there was a Taoist, no, a Martial Artist, practicing boxing. His every gesture and motion were simple but powerful, as Great Way were always simple and one would finally recover his original simplicity. The martial cultivator was Musen, who went out in search of his Fated Chance.

Musen left the Human Tribe in order to bring back some Fated Chances. If he kept staying at the Human Tribe, he could have no chance to take out anything useful. If he rashly took out something, it would possibly arouse the suspicion and he would have no explanation about where it was from. But if he went out, it would be different. He would have lots of explanations as he wished.

Musen went out to change his Spiritual Treasures into the Fated Chances he got during his trip. The more important was that he would like to fetch some things from Minghe. These things, refined by Minghe in the early years, were useless to Minghe but useful to the Human Tribe.

They were the 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets. Yes, they were the things Musen wanted to get from Minghe. The 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets were originally refined by Minghe for obtaining more Merits. When Minghe took them back, he found the tablets were embedded with a few Merits and Lucks, so he kept them.

These 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets were completely useless to Minghe, but useful to Musen. Musen was not interested in the Merits and Lucks on the tablets, but the vital forces the Hundred Tribes left on them.

Although the 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets were refined by Minghe in his early years, they were not Postcelestial Spiritual Treasures. When the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land got the tablets, they refined them with Blood of Essence and made them the Spiritual Inheritances for routine transforming exercises. In that way, the tablets were embedded with some Lucks of the Hundred Tribes. However, when Minghe got them back, a few Lucks began to dissipate, and now they were totally gone.

Although the Lucks were gone, there were still the Hundred Tribes' vital forces deeply embedded on them, and this was what Musen wanted most. Minghe originally predicted the transforming exercises on the Enlightenment Tablets, and then the Hundred Tribes improved them. When Minghe recovered them again, he made a little arrangement in his spare time so as to make up for the Human Tribe's shortcomings in The Way of Celestial Immortality.

The transforming exercises on the 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets were originally predicted by Minghe according to himself. He never forgot that he was a human being in his subconsciousness at that moment, so the transforming exercises he predicted were on the basis of the primordial body of Dao. Though the Hundred Tribes evolved the transforming exercises into their own, the central section remained the same and finally ended up in the same way. The Hundred Tribes also converted into the primordial body of Dao and cultivated the transforming exercises.

Most of these transforming exercises were predicted to the realm of Da Luo Golden Immortal, which were enough for the Human Tribe for the time being. Or he would ask Minghe to predict them further to the Sage-to-be Realm in the future. As for the Origin Realm, one might reach that stage by the Enlightment of the Divine Laws.

After Minghe sent him the 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets, Musen intended to immediately return to the Human Tribe. Unexpectedly Heaven and Earth Taoist reinvented the Twelve Mazingers, so that Musen could only put off his return. With Minghe's Law of Spirititual Beings, he witnessed the evolution by the fake Real Entity of Pangu together with Minghe and his Good Separation and Evil Separation.

The evolution of Heaven and Earth was not that simple, which contained the knowledge from the Way of Heaven. Since different people had different views, Minghe comprehended the secret of the Rakshasa, Red Lotus Taoist recorded the piece of vital force similar to the Law of Killing, while Heaven and Earth Taoist noticed a piece of Law of Space. People with different cultivations would have different kinds of enlightenment.

Musen cultivated the Martial Arts. He had cultivated the essence of the Martial Arts from the fake Real Entity of Pangu, where he understood that the great truths were always simple. With the progress of the Martial Arts, his body was constantly strengthened as well. He was dominating, but his domination was not that of a self-conceited emperor, but a Martial Artist, fearless. It was unspeakable.

At this moment, Musen finally embarked on the road of Martial Arts. The will of the Martial Arts was unbeatable and infinite, so was the body of Martial Arts. The infinite Martial Arts and system meant that Musen also had infinite possibilities. The Realm of Sage-to-be, the Origin, no, no, the Martial Arts would certainly surpass these levels.

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