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In this enlightenment, Musen's cultivation had a meteoric rise, directly entering the early stage of the Fate Reading Level from the peak realm of the Heaven Clashing Level, which was close to the secondary stage. Most of all, Musen began to understand Martial Arts and directly enlightened three levels of his Law of Martial Arts, which had saved him a lot of time.

Now, with all things done, it was time to return to the Human Tribe. With the Enlightenment Tablets, the Human Tribe's strength would definitely enter a stage of rapid growth. The Martial Arts were ever-changing, and everyone had his own enlightenment. Besides, on the Enlightenment Tablets, there left the vital forces of countless clans. If the vital forces were enlightened and integrated into the Martial Arts, it would be of great benefit to the cultivation of the Martial Arts.

Out of the valley, Musen flew to the Coast of the East Sea. It had been a hundred years since he had left and it was time to return. Over the past hundred years, the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe would have been on the right track. Now, he needed to go back to preside over the overall situation and explain Martial Arts and the Way of Celestial Immortality to his clans.

When flying over a mountain, Musen suddenly felt something was calling him from the mountain. Were there treasures? Musen stepped off his clouds and went to a cave on the side of the mountain by following this feeling, and the feeling calling to him was coming precisely from this cave.

The mountain looked ordinary from afar, but once Musen entered the mountain, he found that it was extraordinary. The mountain could be regarded as a top holy mountain with an abundant Spiritual Air. However, the Spiritual Air in the mountain was hidden well, so it was hard for ordinary people to find its special contents. Was there some mystery to this mountain?

If the mountain was so special, then the things in the cave must be even more extraordinary. Musen immediately went into the cave. Before long, he went deep into the cave and found an amazing scene inside. On the red platform, a huge seal was floating above it, with a vital force of the Emperor surrounding it, appearing majestic and frightening.

Looking at the huge seal, Musen was exhilarated and his blood even surged. And, most unexpectedly, his Way of Martial Arts was kind of out of control, "Ow, ow!" With a dragon howling, a Five-claws Golden Dragon flew out of Musen' head. It was Musen's Way of Martial Arts, a form made up from his Enlightenment of the Human Tribe's Luck.

The Five-claws Golden Dragon belonged to the royalty. The Dragon Tribe had declined since the first catastrophe of Longhan, and the Five-claws Golden Dragon also disappeared. However, when the Human Tribe appeared, with the growth of this tribe, the Luck of the Human Tribe actually evolved into the Five-claws Golden Dragon. It was still small, but particularly dignified.

Musen's fate had been completely linked with the Human Tribe since he had evolved his Way of Martial Arts into the Five-claws Golden Dragon with the Luck of the Human Tribe. His Way of Martial Arts would strengthen if the Luck of the Human Tribe surged. Similarly, his Way of Martial Arts would get damaged if the Luck of the Human Tribe were disrupted. It might be said that they were bound together for good or ill.

The strange reflection of his Way of Martial Arts this time maybe had something to do with the Luck of the Human Tribe, otherwise, it would not be so. There were only a few Spiritual Treasures related to the Luck of the Human Tribe in Untainted Land. Musen's Punisher Whip was embedded with a bit Luck of the Human Tribe, so it could be one. Among the other Spiritual Treasures, Musen could only think of one which was related to the Luck of the Human Tribe. Could that be it?

Musen looked at it with excitement. He was about to move forward when something unexpected happened. His Martial Arts dragon directly plunged into the seal before he could react, as if it were being called.

A burst of clear and melodious dragon howling came from the seal. Musen was suddenly aware that his Way of Martial Arts had been completely integrated with the seal and it was really weird. However, this way saved Musen a lot of time refining the treasure. Moreover, he did not have to be afraid that others would take it away.

Musen waved his hand and the seal fell into it. Musen looked at the seal, it was the Kongtong Seal, just as he had expected. The Kongtong Seal was a Primordial Spiritual Treasure and a Treasure of Humanity of the Human Tribe as well, which could be used to suppress the Luck of the Human Tribe and dominate the Human Sovereign. It was powerful in attack and could not be matched by other Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

Musen had never expected that he could get a treasure on this trip, which would now become the Treasure of Humanity, in the near future. It was just the Kongtong Seal at the moment and had not yet displayed any power of the Treasure of Humanity. However, it wouldn't be time for it to show its power until the Cultivation Tribulation of the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. Then he would appoint the Three Royals and Five Emperors of the Human Tribe with it, to help the Human Tribe grow stronger and become the major tribe in Untainted Land.

But, it was different now. Musen's Way of Martial Arts was cultivated by enlightening the Golden Dragon of the Human Tribe's Luck. Now, with the Golden Dragon of the Martial Arts integrating with the Kongtong Seal, and the Kongtong Seal being embedded with the Luck of the Human Tribe, it activated part of the power of the Kongtong Seal ahead of time. The Kongtong Seal could not be used to appoint the Three Royals and Five Emperors, but, instead, to suppress the Luck of the Human Tribe.

The Human Tribe was growing, but they had no treasure to suppress the Luck. Now they didn't need to worry because they had gotten the Kongtong Seal. The Kongtong Seal was of extraordinary significance to the Human Tribe. It was only a Primordial Spiritual Treasure for the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. However, if the Human Tribe got it, they would use it to suppress the Luck of the Human Tribe. Of course, it could only suppress the Luck of the Human Tribe. This was the fate set when the Kongtong Seal was created.

With the Kongtong Seal in hand, Musen was very happy. All of his plans were for the Human Tribe. Since the Kongtong Seal was the Treasure of Humanity, anyone who owned it would be able to appoint or abolish the Human Sovereign and control the Luck of the Human Tribe. Now Musen owned this treasure, so it saved the Human Tribe some hidden dangers in the future.

Musen put away the Kongtong Seal and began to observe the high platform in front of him. The platform was completely red and seemed to be made of some sort of metal. Since it could hold up the Kongtong Seal, it couldn't be something ordinary. Counting on his fingers, Musen immediately figured out its origin. Suddenly, he changed his look and began to figure again.

In Mount Kunlun, with the Clouds of Blessings above their heads, connecting to each other, the Three Pure Ones were enlightening the mystery of Hong Meng Immortal Qi, so that they would become Sages earlier. Goddess Nvywa and Minghe had already entered the Origin-Realm, so there were only five people with the Foundation of the Great Way who still had not entered the Origin-Realm, including the Three Pure Ones, Zhunti, and Jieyin. If Jieyin and Zhunti became Sages prior to them, then the Three Pure Ones would feel totally lost.

Suddenly, Laozi opened his eyes and the Cloud of Blessings above his head disappeared. He looked to the northwest with a puzzled expression on his face. It seemed that some of his Fated Chances were in that direction. He felt a little anxious, almost as if he had lost something.

When Laozi terminated his Enlightenment, Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian also immediately woke up. Honoured Lord of the Origin looked at Laozi and asked him, excitedly, "Brother, why did you suddenly stop? Is it that you have already been enlightened to the mystery of Hong Meng Immortal Qi and understand the Fated Chance to become a Sage?"

Laozi shook his head and said in confusion, "Not yet. When I was enlightening, I felt as if I had lost some of my Fated Chance. But, when I stopped, the feeling disappeared."

Honoured Lord of the Origin said, "Brother, it's only a little Fated Chance. It's not a big deal if you lose it. We'd better enlighten the mystery of Hong Meng Immortal Qi as soon as possible and get the Fated Chance to become a Sage. If Jieyin and Zhunti became Sages prior to us, then we would lose face to them."

Hearing Honoured Lord of the Origin's words, Laozi continued to enlighten Hong Meng Immortal Qi with sincerity. As Honoured Lord of the Origin had said, if Jieyin and Zhunti became Sages before to them, they would lose face. The little Fated Chance was no match to becoming a Sage, so it was not a big deal if he lost it. Unfortunately, he did not know it was a big Fated Chance.

Inside the cave, Musen looked at the platform in front of him in astonishment. He suspected that the platform was made of copper called the Brass in Mount Shou. Only a fist-sized copper weighed ten thousand kilograms. The platform in front of him was about 33 meters high and 17 meters wide, so its weight must be considerable.

The Brass in Mount Shou was the first-grade material for refining weapons. Any Spiritual Treasure with a little Brass in Mount Shou in it would significantly strengthen its power. Of course, that was not what shocked Musen most. Though the Brass in Mount Shou was the first-grade material for refining weapons, as a Selfcentric Separation of Minghe, he certainly knew that there would be a lot of such materials in Minghe's collection. What really shocked him was the mountain or the name of the mountain rather.

Mount Shouyang, the head of all the mountains in Untainted Land, was therefore called Mount Shouyang. The Brass in Mount Shou was a specialty of it. Currently, the mountain was still unknown in Untainted Land, but soon it would be famous all over Untainted Land. A Sage would inevitably take the mountain as an Ashram for The Sage, in the future. This Sage will then be the Sage Grand Pure Laozi in the future.

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