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Whatever made Minghe so cautious was by no means trivial. Besides, it had so strong power as to stir up the Evil Spirit generated from the Cultivation Tribulation in Untainted Land. Was he secretly cultivating Magic Skills or refining some Magic Weapon? As proof could not be found, people in Untainted Land all held varied views and wide imaginations about it.

Deep in the Hall of Pangu, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery could still sense something different. As the twelve Mazingers were formed by relying on Blood of Essence of the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery and their origins were connected, being insensible to it was, therefore, impossible for the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. Though not the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery themselves, the twelve Mazingers did share some of their Origin and were growing in strength.

Since the last visit from Minghe, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had been in the Hall of Pangu together, healing their injuries and refining the Twelve Divine Beings Banner. What Minghe had suggested did make sense. If the Twelve Divine Beings Banner could be used to resist against the Boomerang from the tactical formation, a far stronger power of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation would be unleashed.

However, it never came to their minds before that Goddess Nvywa became the Sage by creating the Human Tribe, and before long, Minghe became a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin by creating the Ashura Tribe as well. What shocked them most was that turbulence in the Blood Sea shortly after Minghe became a Sage, which even stirred up the reaction of their Origins.

Looking towards the Blood Sea, Torch Dragon exclaimed to Emperor Jiang, "Oh, Brother... " He had never thought that Minghe would be able to make a fuss even though he managed to secure Blood of Essence and the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation.

Emperor Jiang replied with knitted brows, "I know what you are worried about. With our Blood of Essence and the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation at hand, Minghe is very likely to make a set of Divine Beings Banners himself, as he has suggested before. However, even though he has succeeded in making that, there shouldn't be such a stir and commotion. The Origin split from Blood of Essence is also growing, which I think you may have sensed as well."

Zhurong was irritated and said, "It's no use thinking without action. Why not ask him face to face? So he has a skeleton in the closet, no wonder he willingly interchanged his Hong Meng Immortal Qi with our Blood of Essence and tactical formation. He is not upright at all, just like I always said."

Gonggong laughed. "What an idiot! Are you even comparable to him after he has reached the Origin level? Besides, however he wants to deal with Blood of Essence is none of our business. Now we finally got the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Minghe, and none of us wants it to be exposed."

Gonggong's words threw Zhurong into extreme anger. At the sight of this, Emperor Jiang said, "You should stop quarreling over this. I agree with Gonggong. The deal was struck with two willing parties, if we go back on it now, we Ancestors of sorcerer would be reduced to being dishonest villains. Besides, we Wu Tribe have already had Goddess Nvywa as our powerful enemy. At this juncture, to fight against Minghe, the Origin Senior, is the last thing we want."

Zhurong soon quieted down after what Emperor Jiang had said, taking his seat in a pale disappointment, while Gonggong also held his tongue. Emperor Jiang had quite a headache about their relationship. After snubbing them out of a quarrel, he turned towards Torch Dragon, finding him in meditation.

"What's your plan, brother?" asked Emperor Jiang. Startled, Torch Dragon replied, "It's natural that the Origins will grow in strength if the twelve Mazingers were finally made. But they are not powerful enough to call the Real Entity of Pangu. I'm wondering why Minghe would even care about them."

Torch Dragon's comments enlightened Emperor Jiang. He never gave it a thought as they would never sacrifice Wu clansmen for the Divine Beings Banner. However, Minghe was different. Since already having the Divine Beings Banner, he could easily make twelve Mazingers with blood, which never ran short in the Blood Sea. As to why he bothered to do that, Emperor Jiang could not figure it out.

Everyone was in silent rumination before Torch Dragon jumped to his feet, and claimed, "Big brother, it occurs to me that we can do exactly what Minghe did as a backup plan." His words attracted all the other Ancestors of sorcerer. They all showed extreme interest in his thought.

On one hand, Minghe was happy seeing his twelve Mazingers gaining strength by devouring more and more blood. However, the blood in the core area of the Blood Sea was shrinking, which even harmed its origins. It did worry him on the other hand, but after putting forth so much hard work, he had to continue to finish it.

After 49 days, the twelve Mazingers finally ended the blood-sucking with a rumbling sound. Minghe found that nearly two-thirds of the blood was gone, and even one-tenth of the Origins of the Blood Sea had been consumed. Fortunately, those twelve Mazingers did have the vital force of the Sage-to-be at the Secondary Stage.

Those twelve Mazingers fidgeted all the time since being created. They wanted to escape from the Divine Beings Banner. However, Minghe commanded at once, and with his word: "Forbidden!" all twelve Mazingers were spelled motionless. That spell had long been set before on the Divine Beings Banner, just in case of this.

As twelve Mazingers had been created successfully, he soon moved on to the last step. With the twelve Mazingers in hand, Minghe went into the world of Heaven and Earth with his Good Separation and Evil Separation so as to develop the Divine Law using the twelve Mazingers, a good chance to gain insight into the Divine Law that Minghe would never miss.

In the world of Heaven and Earth, the Divine Beings Banner flapped in the wind. Though those Mazingers were confined physically, their screams could be heard clearly. They could sense what Minghe was brewing, yet were unable to do anything about it as Minghe had the power to lead the way.

"Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, form!" commanded Minghe, arranging the Formation. An instant later, an endless powerful Evil Spirit burst forth from the Divine Beings Banner. The world of Heaven and Earth was thrown into turmoil like the coming of doomsday. The twelve Mazingers, with the help of the tactical formation, slowly began to break loose from the spell of Minghe.

"Spare your efforts, it's useless trying at this moment," thought Minghe. Then he proclaimed. "Real Entity of Pangu, appear now!" Presently, the twelve Mazingers made their last sound. The twelve Mazingers were turned into one tall and strong man.

Minghe was quite satisfied with the Real Entity of Pangu converted from the twelve Mazingers. It looked and felt satisfactorily like the Real Entity of Pangu. However, what he worried was that, after such a short time, there began to show a breach in the fake Real Entity of Pangu as well as in the Divine Beings Banner.

Minghe hurried on. "Real Entity of Pangu, transform now!" commanded Minghe. In the blink of an eye, the Twelve Stick Divine Beings Banner was reduced to mere dust and the Real Entity of Pangu exploded, from which developed the Heaven, the Earth, and all creatures, in a manner like when everything was created in Untainted Land. Minghe never had the chance to watch the world created by Pangu himself, which was unmatched so far.

The Real Entity of Pangu's breath was turned into wind and clouds, his voice into cracks of thunder. His left eye flew high into the sky and turned into the sun, casting its light over the entire land, while his right eye became the moon, dispersing the darkness at night. Rolling hills were turned out from his muscles.

His veins became the Spiritual Pulse of hills. His limbs and body transformed into grand mountains in the eastern, western, southern, northern, and central part of the land; his blood into rivers, lakes, and seas; his teeth and bones into metals and rocks. Myriads of stars were formed from his hair, twinkling against the boundless sky of Untainted Land.

Both Minghe and his Good Separation and Evil Separation were amazed at the scene. They could not imagine what it must have been like when the real Pangu created the world. During the transformation of the Real Entity of Pangu, the twelve origins merged into the World of Heaven and Earth, making it twice as strong as before.

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