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The wisdom Demon Tribe had all left Untainted Land due to the majesty of The Sage. Those who stayed were just some Wild Beasts without wisdom. Since the environment here was not suitable for those beasts to live, their number was already declining. In other words, this meant the Human Tribe had a great chance to develop as their living environment had become much safer.

In The Chaos, Goddess Nvywa was standing among airstreams inside. Those Air of Chaos could not even get close to her without her moving a finger to stop them. After entering into the Sage realm, Goddess Nvywa had become more holy and her every action revealed a sense of the Way of Heaven. Even those blustering airstreams in The Chaos tended to be silent when they neared her. This was what people called the realm of The Sage.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people were gathering around Goddess Nvywa. Most of them were from the Demon Tribe. This time Emperor Jun had led all elites in the tribe here to congratulate Goddess Nvywa on successfully ascending as The Sage, as well as to listen to her teachings. The opportunity to listen to Goddess Nvywa's sermon was precious after all. As for those 3,000 figures who once listened to the Teachings in Zixiao Palace, how many were still alive?

Three Pure Ones, Jieyin, and Zhunti all looked at Goddess Nvywa with different expressions. They all had the common goal to become a Sage like Goddess Nvywa as soon as possible. Though Goddess Nvywa did not show any arrogance, all of them experienced great pressure from her. Just as the saying 'Everyone is a nonentity under The Sage', naturally none of them wanted to be that nonentity.

The others dared not to disturb Goddess Nvywa when they saw she had closed her eyes and did not move. They just stared at her, standing by the side silently. Goddess Nvywa suddenly opened her eyes and announced peacefully, "It's the time for me to set up an Ashram."

She took out her Red Woven Ball and used her Sage-level capacity to change it into a light, splitting the sky of The Chaos and creating the Void. Though she was now The Sage, she was still not Pangu's match. Therefore, it was already the limit of her power to create the Void.

Goddess Nvywa's vital force became much more terrifying and profound by the power of the Way of Heaven. The Earth, water, wind, and fire were madly swirling in that small world. Goddess Nvywa was still calm as she manipulated the Red Woven Ball, destroying the Earth, water, wind and fire as they were formed time and time again.

Goddess Nvywa's small world finally turned into peaceful land, for she had created mountains, water, and forests with raging-like Earth, water, wind, and fire using the Mountain and River Map that Ancestor Hongjun gave her.

What Goddess Nvywa had done added Merit to herself since her small world belonged to entire Untainted World and would better stabilize the Untainted Land. Though the Merit was not that high, no one would turn away free Merit.

After taking in the Merit, she observed the newly created small world. Satisfied with it, she then said peacefully, "The name of this small world is Wahuang Heaven from now on." Royal Nu Wa was her title when she was in the Demon Tribe before becoming The Sage. Giving such a name was a message to all living beings of Untainted Land that she was still part of the tribe despite her new status.

In Wahuang Heaven, a simple palace was built at the peak of an extremely tall mountain. A plaque with the Taoist characters 'Royal Nu Wa Temple' hung above the gate. This place was for Goddess Nvywa to teach Taosim to others. She landed in front of the gate of the palace. "I'm talking about Fate this time. My Fellow Taoists, please enter the Royal Nu Wa Temple."

The Fellow Taoists she referred to were naturally Three Pure Ones, Zhunti, and Jieyin. They all listened to the Taoism sermon in Zixiao Palace and they all had The Foundation of the Great Way in the Dao. She did not want to be arrogant to avoid their jealousy. Further, she knew clearly they would become The Sage one day, so she did not want them to hate her later because of her arrogance now.

Goddess Nvywa led everyone into Royal Nu Wa Temple. Emperor Jun proactively walked towards her to congratulate her. Seeing his behavior, the others including Three Pure Ones also did the same. Since they were Sages-to-be, they needed to show their respect to The Sage on a superficial level despite their unwillingness.

After everyone was seated, Goddess Nvywa began her teaching. "The God of Fate separated the Yin and Yang. Yang was born from the Earth and Yin was born from Yang. Humans are the Heaven... " A Sage's teaching was naturally extravagant and full of colorful descriptions, though hers was inferior to Ancestor Hongjun's.

As Goddess Nvywa was teaching Taoism in Wahuang Heaven, she spared little attention for her creation, the Human Tribe. Though nearly nothing threatened the tribe, they did not develop very well. The newborns in the tribe knew nothing about the world and had no idea how to survive.

The Human Tribe could be regarded as being in a rather weak condition. When they encountered strong Wild Beasts, they could hardly win. To make things worse, those beasts often attacked them at night. As time went by, many Wild Beasts had been accustomed to the pressure of The Sage. In other words, that coercion at this place was gradually declining.

This situation worried Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi very much. The three of them were the first creations of Goddess Nvywa, so they enjoyed great respect in the Human Tribe. Furthermore, they indeed had great leadership talent. Otherwise, the others in the tribe would not call them Three Ancestors of Human Tribe.

Witnessing the troubles of Human Tribe, Suiren-Shi hurriedly began coming up with solutions. However, he found it was very difficult to overcome their problems, for many humans were dying from both illness and Wild Beast attacks, while the number of newborns was pretty limited. This was to say, the Human Tribe might go extinct soon if this continued.

One day, a lightning split the sky, cleaving above an old tree. The tree began burning and the Wild Beast that stayed close to the tree all run away. Luckily, Suiren-Shi saw the whole thing and he soon got a good idea.

Suiren-Shi was excited and happy when he thought that they could light torches during the night to scare those Wild Beasts away. This way, their tribe would never be troubled by those Wild Beasts again.

Later, he walked close to the burning tree. A dark object fell down from the top of the tree, giving him a good fright. However, the delicious smell that came with that dark object soon attracted Suiren-Shi. He discovered the dark thing was in fact a roasted snake.

He was deeply attracted by this roasted snake due to its delicious smell. He hurriedly peeled the skin off the snake. Suiren-Shi could not resist taking a bite off the fresh meat and placed it into his mouth.

"Well... " Suiren-Shi happily enjoyed the roasted snake. Though the Human Tribe fed themselves with the raw meat and blood of beasts in the past, they had never tasted roasted meat. Therefore, after Suiren-Shi noticed the importance and function of fire, he hurriedly brought the still burning stick to the Human Tribe.

However, the stick he was holding soon burned into ashes and the fire also disappeared. Seeing this, Suiren-Shi returned to get another burning stick with great patience. But he failed again and again. Luckily, he realized the principle behind those burning sticks. The thicker the stick was, the longer it would burn. Therefore, he decided to find a thick burning stick to bring the fire back to the tribe.

With such a situation, Suiren-Shi began thinking again. He thought the fire was of great importance to the Human Tribe since it could give warmth, roast food, and keep the beasts away. But if they could not find an easy way to make fire, the tribe would be stuck and could not grow stronger.

As the fire burned in where the Human Tribe lived, Suiren-Shi began explaining the benefits of fire. Everyone admired him more than ever after tasting roasted meat. They had never eaten such delicious food. Since then, those in the Human Tribe learned the way to deal with Wild Beast: fire.

However, problems began to crop up as time passed. Though it was a good thing to have a fire, they found it was too hard to keep it lit as the rain would easily put it out. Someone had to put it in a cave and keep an eye on it. What was more, people in Human Tribe lived pretty close to each other to enjoy the fire. No one wanted to live far away from the fire.

With such a situation, Suiren-Shi began thinking again. He thought the fire was of great importance to the Human Tribe since it could give warmth, roast food, and keep the Wild Beast away. But if they could not find an easy way to make fire, the Human Tribe would be stuck and could not grow stronger.

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