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One day when Suiren-Shi was deep in thought, he heard a sudden burst of sound overhead. He looked up and saw a bird pecking a tree to find insects inside the bark. It led him to a sudden thought when he noticed a burst of spark when the bird pecked the bark.

He immediately found some trunk branches from that tree species and began his experimentation. He hit the branches, rubbed them... After several tests, Suiren-Shi finally found the most effective way, also the oldest way, to ignite fire. It was Fire by Rubbing Sticks.

He first looked for a sunken part on the wood or created a hole himself. He then took a sharp branch, placed it inside the hole, and rotated it back and forth by hand to create friction. Over time, this motion naturally created sparks. He then placed flammable materials like hay onto the sparks and blow gently. A fire was thus created.

Suiren-Shi held up his ignited Torch and happily shouted, "Now I've successfully made fire and got the first fire for the Human Tribe. The Human Tribe will now bid farewell to the life of eating raw meat and drinking animal blood. We will enter a new era under the witness of the fire, Heaven and Earth."

With these words, thunder rumbled to the highest Heaven. Thereafter, numerous Merits fell upon Suiren-Shi. 10 percent went to the fire while the rest was absorbed by Suiren-Shi. Suiren-Shi immediately felt the change of the Way of Heaven was coming and his cultivation improved constantly until he was at the peak of Da Luo Golden Immortal.

Suiren-Shi absorbed the Merit that greatly improved his cultivation. Though he did not know any transforming exercises, he could clearly feel the tremendous power in his body. He found the Wild Beast he had previously encountered were no longer worthy opponents. Even for those horrifying beasts, he was confident enough to defeat them.

Suiren-Shi taught the Human Tribe how to Fire by Rubbing Sticks and the tree used to easily Fire by Rubbing Sticks was called the Suiren Wood. It represented the Suiren-Shi's Merit for creating fire for the Human Tribe. The Human Tribe learned to create fire manually, they used fire to roast and bake food, light up the night, get warmth, and smelt. The Human Tribe had entered a new era.

However, Suiren-Shi had to keep away from his tribe due to the sudden increase in his strength. Though there was no hidden danger for his cultivation because of the Merit, he could not control his power. So it was a good choice for him to leave. On one hand, he could learn how to control his power. On the other, he could study how to let the rest of his tribesmen to enjoy the same power.

The Human Tribe had yet to have any contact with the outside world. They were not aware of such a thing as cultivation, so Suiren-Shi could only rely on himself to explore and hopefully find a method for cultivation. After all, he was a Da Luo Golden Immortal, who could feel the existence of the Way of Heaven and discover a simple cultivation method.

With the existence of fire, the Human Tribe began expanding quickly the outside world. Though the tribe no longer feared the invasion of Wild Beast, they had another issue. The fire would be extinguished, especially on rainy days. The Human Tribe lived in the wild and many would inadvertently be attacked by Wild Beast without notice.

Seeing the situation, Youchao-Shi began to think about solutions. One day, when he was walking, he heard birds twittering on the tree. An idea struck him.

Wild Beast rarely attacked birds because they lived on trees. Perhaps Human Tribe could live on trees as well. Youchao-Shi began to get his tribesmen to try live on trees, but gradually he discovered some problems.

Though living on trees would protect them from the attack of Wild Beast, it caused great inconvenience to them. Not only were there not enough trees for them to live on, they also had problems climbing up and down. Most importantly, anyone could fall and die. So Youchao-Shi desperately wanted a better mode of living for tribesmen.

One day, it rained heavily and those who were hunting outside began hiding everywhere. Some of them hid under trees, some in crevices and caves. A new idea formed in Youchao-Shi's mind when he saw this. If he could get some wood and stones to build a shelter, he could build a house for the Human Tribe.

When the rain stopped, Youchao-Shi immediately asked the tribesmen to find stones and wood. After a while, a simple house stood in front of the people, with a thatch on top. Tribesmen could now rest easy when heavy rain poured. They no longer had to be afraid when it rained.

An extremely satisfied Youchao-Shi exclaimed, "Today, I built the first house for the Human Tribe to shelter them from rain and wind. The Human Tribe will bid farewell to a life of living in the wild. From now on, each of them will have their own houses. Heaven and Earth can witness this."

With those words, Youchao-Shi felt the Way of Heaven and endless Merits fell. 10% went to the houses and the rest was for Youchao-Shi. His cultivation constantly increased until he reached the peak of Da Luo Golden Immortal. He laughed and stretched out his hand, only to see the house that had absorbed Merits became palm-sized and fell onto his hand.

Youchao-Shi's house was like Suiren-Shi's Torch. They had transformed into Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasures after absorbing merits of heaven. With the addition of the Human Tribe's belief, the treasures commanded infinite power and were only slightly below primordial spiritual treasures.

Youchao-Shi immediately instructed his tribesmen to begin building houses and gradually optimized the houses in the construction process. The Human Tribe had completely discarded their life in the wild and began living in fixed residence. This was a precursor for the Human Tribe to build tribes.

Like Suiren-Shi, he left the tribesmen after becoming a Da Luo Golden Immortal. He went to look for Suiren-Shi on the mountains and they began Prediction the ways of cultivation. And the only one left was the only woman of Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe. She was Ziyi-Shi.

Ziyi-Shi was no doubt an ancestor of the Human Tribe. Her important discovery was the villus that covered the entire Human Tribe. Further, there were venomous insects in Untainted Land caused deaths.

Ziyi-Shi had no solution since the Human Tribe had learned to Fire by Rubbing Sticks and began to using Torch to repel the insects. This had produced good results, greatly decreasing the mortality rate. But there were still some people who died because of this, distressing Ziyi-Shi a lot.

Since houses were built, the threat of insects was not as great. But they must still leave their houses to find food. Once they were out of the houses, there was no longer any shelter. So many still died. Moreover, Ziyi-Shi gradually discovered the Human Tribe were no longer afraid of the cold after the clan had fire and houses. But once they went out, they would faint because of the cold weather.

One day, Ziyi-Shi accidentally found that a Wild Beast that had been bitten by a poisonous insect but was still alive. Her eyes lit up and she wondered if the Wild Beasts were not afraid of highly toxic insects. Furthermore, the Wild Beasts were apparently used to the cold weather. It made her feel like she had found a way out.

Ziyi-Shi went back to the clan and immediately found some Wild Beasts killed by her tribesmen. She asked them to peel the fur off the Wild Beasts and dry them with fire. Thereafter, Ziyi-Shi wrapped herself in the dry fur and felt very warm. She no longer needed to fear the cold.

Ziyi-Shi was very satisfied and exclaimed, "Today, I made the first piece of clothing for the Human Tribe to protect them from venomous insects and the cold weather. The Human Tribe will now bid farewell to a scantily-clothed life. From now on, they will have a way to protect themselves. Heaven and Earth can witness this."

The sky changed dramatically after these words. Countless Merits descended from the highest heaven, all falling upon Ziyi-Shi and the hide she wore. Her cultivation reached the Realm of Da Luo Golden Immortal after absorbing the Merits and the fur became a Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasure which was invincible in defense.

Suiren-Shi's Torch was an offensive Magic Weapon that could release endless Samadhi True Fire. Ordinary people could not fight against it. One saw how powerful the weapon was in Journey to the West, when Red Child almost burnt Sun Wukong to death.

Though the attacking power of Youchao-Shi's house was not as strong as Suiren-Shi's Torch and its defense was not as good as Ziyi-Shi's hide. Fortunately, it had a dual capability. If the three ancestors worked together in a fight, they could release an infinite power.

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