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Something with facial features, hands, and feet soon appeared in Goddess Nvywa's hands. It rapidly grew to about three meters tall when placed on the ground. Upon seeing that, Goddess Nvywa's creation was accelerated. So was the integration of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi into her Original Spirit.

As Goddess Nvywa felt tired after creating several hundreds of humans, she wove a rattan stained with the magical earth. When the magical earth fell onto the ground, they converted into human form. After a little while, the number of humans amounted to 129,600.

Goddess Nvywa looked at the new species and told them, "You're created based on the features of the primordial body of Tao, showing your extraordinary nature. 'Human' will be your name." As soon as the word 'human' came out, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi finished its integration with Goddess Nvywa's Original Spirit. Something happened between the Heaven and Earth.

A huge Golden Light of Merit suddenly descended from Heaven and fell directly upon Goddess Nvywa. She received 95% of the Merit, while the rest fell upon the human-creating rattan which immediately became a Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasure. Goddess Nvywa's cultivation rapidly rose to enter the Early Stage of the Sage after absorbing Merits and a huge coercion blanketed Untainted Land.

Music flowed in the air, flowers blossomed, and thousands of beasts gathered and roared. Auspicious Signs were spread throughout Untainted Land, evolving into the Great Way. Countless rare spiritual treasures, ordinary plants and beasts, as well as Spiritual Products gained wisdom. Some were even directly shapeshifted and immortalized.

It was the second time for all living beings of Untainted Land to feel the power and see the Auspicious Signs. Last time they experienced this was due to the first Sage, Ancestor Hongjun. But they did not expect to see a second Sage being not the Three Pure Ones or even Minghe who was second only to Sage in strength. Instead it was Goddess Nvywa of the Demon Tribe.

The entire Untainted Land was shocked, but the Demon Tribe was happy to see Goddess Nvywa become the Sage of Untainted Land and they all kneeled. "Congratulations to Goddess Nvywa!" Of course, someone in the Demon Tribe did not seem as happy.

That person was naturally Emperor Jun, the Demon Emperor. Though he was smiling, he was resentful upon seeing everyone in his tribe knelt for Goddess Nvywa. As Royal Nv Wa, at most she had some level of influence in the tribe. Now that she had become the second Sage after Ancestor Hongjun, her influence and stature in the tribe would eclipse his.

In Mount Kunlun, the Three Pure Ones were also resentful after defeating the coercion of the Sage, Goddess Nvywa. They had always called themselves Pangu tribe and felt superior to others, but now they had lost faces as their junior Goddess Nvywa had become the Sage first.

Laozi looked disdainfully in Goddess Nvywa's direction, feeling restless. He could accept it when Minghe exceeded him at the level of Sage-to-be Realm. But as the first disciple of Ancestor Hongjun, he felt like he lost face when Goddess Nvywa became a Sage before him. It was said that Laozi was the one without desire, but could anyone be truly without desire?

Since Honoured Lord of the Origin was prideful, his expression was even worse and resembled a fired explosive. He expected the Three Pure Ones to be the first to become Sages, but now Goddess Nvywa had succeeded before them, making him feel terrible.

Tongtian was not at all jealous, though he felt some unsatisfaction inside. Instead, it fired the competitive streak in him. Though Godness Nvywa was the first among them to ascend as a Sage, she was only at the Early Stage. When he became one himself, they would be able to know who was superior.

After a while, Goddess Nvywa seemed completely different after experiencing the mystery of the Sage realm. Her vital force was so mysterious that others could not decipher it. She was very satisfied with her current strength and understood why all were nonentities under the Sage.

Just then, a golden phoenix flew to her from afar with a bird song and rolling auspicious cloud. The phoenix lowered its head and wings with utmost sincerity to congratulate Goddess Nvywa, delighting her.

"You will be named Jin Ning and serve as my mount." The golden phoenix immediately transformed into a 16-year-old girl after being enlightened by Goddess Nvywa. Jin Ning bowed and said delightfully, "Congratulations on your new immortality and eternal life! Jin Ning would like to be your mount." She then turned into a golden phoenix again.

After receving the Fated Chance, Goddess Nvywa was ready to leave. She wanted to bring the human-creating rattan along, but just then, it became a Postcelestial Merit Spiritual Treasure. It flew away and fell into the hand of a human. After seeing that, she had to give it up. She mounted Jin Ning and left Untainted Land.

At that time, Goddess Nvywa did not think highly of the Human Tribe since she only treated them as her Fated Chance to become a Sage. She did not realize the sudden appearance of Human Tribe's Luck between the Heaven and Earth when she was gaining insight into the Sage Realm. Though the Luck disappeared immediately, it contained the sign of the hidden dragon.

Sitting on the golden phoenix in the sky, she looked at the Heavenly Court and became lost in her contemplation. Since she was now a Sage, it was not suitable for her to live there anymore in case of she caused discontentment in Emperor Jun.

Therefore, it would be better for her to open up a small world in the Chaos. That world could be her Ashram. She said, "I'll open up the Wahuang Heaven where I'll teach the Tao of Fate. Fated ones are welcome to listen."

Though she was only at the Early Stage of the Sage, she was entitled to open up a small world. It would not be difficult with the aid of the power of the Way of Heaven. Since it was not easy to see the Tao of Opening up a World, let alone listening to the sermon of a Sage, the Almighty of Untainted Land would definitely go to the new world.

Upon hearing Goddess Nvywa's words, many cultivators in Untainted Land left their Immortal's Cave for the edge of the Chaos, waiting for Goddess Nvywa to open up a Ashram. Jieyin and Zhunti had not found their Fated Chance, so they came to the new world from their western world with the intention of gaining insight from Goddess Nvywa.

In Mount Kunlun, the reactions of the Three Pure Ones to Goddess Nvywa's words were different. Laozi had recovered his usual expression as if Goddess Nvywa's becoming a Sage had nothing to do with him. Honoured Lord of the Origin was more resentful and thought Goddess Nvywa was humiliating them by teaching in public. As for Tongtian, he was interested in her newly opened world and her teaching.

Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian had different opinions on whether they would go for Goddess Nvywa's sermon. Laozi had to make a final decision by himself. "Goddess Nvywa has become the Sage. We should go and congratulate her and listen to her teaching since we are already there." Though Honoured Lord of the Origin disagreed, he did not say anything and flew with the two towards the Chaos.

As for Emperor Jun, his mood improved after hearing that Goddess Nvywa would open up a new world as her cultivation space. He immediately took the Taiyi, Fuxi, and many Sacred Demons to the Chaos. He also prepared some valuable gifts to congratulate her. Since she was the Sage of the Demon Tribe, she would be their biggest ally in the future.

The Human Tribe left behind by Goddess Nvywa in Untainted Land were confused. Though they would soon be the main characters in Untainted Land, they were now just like blank papers. They knew nothing about this land and had no cultivation. Any demon or beast could completely destroy their whole tribe.

However, they were in the place where Goddess Nvywa became the Sage and her coercion had dispersed all the demons and beasts nearby. This ensured their tribe would not be disturbed by any Demon Tribe. Moreover, since the Human Tribe was created by Goddess Nvywa, the Sage, anyone with wisdom would give her face and not harm them.

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