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Inside of the Royal Nv Wa Temple, in the Heavenly Court, the Cloud of Blessings appeared above Goddess Nvywa's head and her Three Flowers which gathered on the top were a critical moment for Enlightenment. Since the Goddess Nvywa had gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, she hadn't stopped attaining Enlightenment from it. Although her cultivation had improved, she still didn't have any idea how to obtain the Fated Chance to be a Sage.

Besides, after years of Closed Door Meditation, Goddess Nvywa's cultivation had already ascended to the peak level of the Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be. Even her Good Separation also stepped up to the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, but still, she hadn't been able to seperate her Evil Separation, so her cultivation had stopped at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be.

But, that didn't mean that there wasn't any good news. Although unable to seperate the Evil Separation, Goddess Nvywa had attained a new understanding of the Divine Law of Fate, and she successfully understood 40 percent of the Divine Law of Fate in just merely thousands of years. Even though she didn't have the Good Separation, her cultivation was already at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be.

As for how to improve her Divine Law of Fate, Goddess Nvywa didn't have any ideas at all. In the beginning, GoddessNvywa had tried very hard to enighten it once she attained an enlightenment of the Divine Law of Fate, but her progress was sluggish. And, she hadn't expected that, after she had gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, her Enlightenment toward the Divine Law of Fate would improve so fast, which had been really surprising.

[Fate, Fate...] Goddess Nvywa kept repeating those words to herself. She felt that the Fated Chance for her to be a Sage was based on the Divine Law of Fate. Otherwise, her Enlightenment toward the Divine Law of Fate wouldn't be improving so fast after she had gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

At this time, Fuxi entered the palace, looked at the Goddess Nvywa, who showed her worry on her face, and said, "Sister, what's wrong? Have you still not been able to obtain enlightenment from the Hong Meng Immortal Qi? Be patient. Since the Honourable Ancestor had said that you would be a Sage, it must be that you would become a Sage."

Goddess Nvywa frowned, and said, "Brother, I knew that but I have already had the Hong Meng Immortal Qi for thousands of years, and I was still unable to become a Sage, so how could I be patient? Besides, in all of those years, I haven't been able to seperate my Evil Separation. If my Enlightenment towards the Divine Law of Fate doesn't move on smoothly, all of those past years would definitely be wasted."

Fuxi sighed, about the Enlightenment of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, He couldn't help her at all, but he had some understanding of the Way of the Three Separations. During the war with the Wu Tribe, he had felt that he could seperate his Evil Separation soon, but the situation was different for his sister.

Goddess Nvywa had a kind-hearted personality, and she didn't like to fight, which was quite the same as Houtu from the Wu Tribe. In the Way of the Three Separations, the Good Separation and Evil Separation were easier to be separated. With a kind-hearted personality, the Goddess Nvywa could easily separate her Good Separation. As for her Evil Separation, that was different, as it could only be separated after she developed an understanding of evil thoughts within oneself or through the act of seperating. The separation would have little chance to break through with only the Closed Door Meditation.

Fuxi said comfortably, "Sister, don't be so down. You still needed the Fated Chance to complete your separation. However, since your Enlightenment toward the Divine Law of Fate went smoothly, maybe the Fated Chance for you to become a Sage was in the Divine Law of Fate. Therefore, you just need to attain more Enlightenment towards the Divine Law of Fate."

Hearing Fuxi words, Goddess Nvywa cheered up, and said, "I also think so, but I have a feeling that I couldn't find my Fated Chance if I only stay in the Heavenly Court, so I want to go to the Untainted Land to find my Fated chance."

After hearing that, Fuxi frowned as the Untainted Land was the Wu Tribe's territory. He was worried about Goddess Nvywa going by herself, "Since it was so, I would go with you, so that we could take care of each other. After all, the Untainted land is the territory of the Wu Tribe."

Goddess Nvywa shook her head, refusing Fuxi's offer while saying, "No need for that. My brother, you were still injured, and your Separation was coming soon so you'd better start on your Closed Door Meditation. This time, I will go to the Untainted Land just to find my Fated Chance, and I won't provoke the Wu Tribe. I will be more careful, and if I encountered danger, I would immediately return to the Heavenly Court, so you can just focus on your Closed Door Meditation."

After hearing Goddess Nvywa's words, Fuxi didn't reply. Although the Untainted land was the territory of the Wu Tribe, only the Twelve Ancestors of the Wu Tribe had the strength to fight with his sister. Besides, in the last battle, the Twelve Ancestors of the Wu Tribe received the boomerang from tactical formation so they might still be in a Closed Door Meditation to recover themselves. What's more, the Great Sorcerer from the Wu Tribe was not a match for Goddess Nvywa, so Fuxi agreed with the Goddess Nvywa's view.

After saying goodbye to Fuxi, Goddess Nvywa went to the Untainted land by herself and hid her tracks to avoid garnering the Wu Tribe's attention. At this time, she only wanted to find her Fated chance, so she didn't want to make any trouble. If she was found out by the Wu Tribe, she would only return to Heavenly Court.

During her tour of the Untainted Land, what Goddess Nvywa saw was only seperateing. Although more than a billion Demons lived in the Heavenly Court, there were still many Demons that lived in the Untainted land. Most of which were left behind when Emperor Jun had migrated the Demon Tribe to the Heavenly Court, or it could be said that they had been abandoned by Emperor Jun and they could now only live in the Untainted land.

Actually, the Wu Tribe didn't try to eliminate the Demon Tribe but, rather, left them to grow on their own. Even so, there was always going to be a conflict between them. The Wu Tribe would use members of the demon clan, turning them into polished stones for their young warriors and harvesting them for food.

Although the cultivator didn't need to eat again, the Wu Tribe was the clan that used the way of refining the body. Through the use of the flesh of the Demon Tribe, they would be able to strengthen their bodies more quickly, and the Demon Tribe in the Untainted land could only fight with the Wu Tribe to survive.

The endless battle and endless seperateing made Goddess Nvywa frowned. Although she had already obtained the cultivation of the Sage-to-be, she didn't have any battle experience, and because she didn't like to fight, she kept cultivating and didn't interfere with the battle between the Wu Tribe and the Demons.

But, Goddess Nvywa's State of Mind had been touched by what she had seen during her journey. Unfortunately, the situation involving the Sorcerer and Demon Tribe had already passed the time in which it could be stopped. The seperateing between them would not end until one side had been defeated. Until then, they were to remain in this perpetual battle.

Looking at all the seperateing that had happened in the Untainted land, Goddess Nvywa could only sigh in her heart. Since the Untainted land was so vast, was it difficult to live in peace? Hundreds of tribes were like this, The Three Tribes of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin were like this, and the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes were also like this, was there not a tribe that existed in this land that could live peacefully?

Tribe? The Goddess Nvywa suddenly had an idea, and the Hong Meng Immortal Qi inside her Original Spirit began to tremble. She knew that this was the sign of her Fated Chance to become a Sage. Goddess Nvywa calmed herself down and concentrated on her Enlightenment.

Tribe? There were many tribes in the Untainted land, but there weren't any tribes that could live peacefully. In fact, the war also happened inside itself. The Wu Tribe was the example. Although they were united when they fought enemies from the outside, there were still wars within the clan itself, especially the tribes that were led by Zhurong and Gonggong. Although the distances between those two clans were vast, when they would meet, they would inevitably fight.

[What if I created a peaceful tribe?] As Goddess Nvywa's thought emerged, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi became active and showed the sign to fuse with her Original Spirit. The Goddess Nvywa understood that her fated chance had come and that creating a new clan was her Fated Chance to become a Sage.

Then Goddess Nvywa rose her hand and pointed at a thousand-year-old parasol tree. Suddenly, the tree became a lady wearing blue cloth. The lady kowtowed and said, "My Goddess."

Goddess Nvywa looked carefully at the parasol tree lady, from left to right. Sometimes, she frowned and sometimes she didn't, which made the lady really nervous.

"My Goddess, is there something wrong with me?" The lady asked in a soft voice.

"Nothing's wrong, you may go now." Goddess Nvywa sent the girl away and sighed. It would seem that it was difficult to become a Sage. Although she had transformed a plant spirit, it was still a demon, so she hadn't created a new tribr yet.

Goddess Nvywa walked over to the riverside and looked at her Fellow Taoist reflection on the water, and then she suddenly had a thought. What if I created a new tribe using my own image? In the Untainted land, there were many tribes, but after they cultivated, their appearance would change into many different kinds, while remaining in their primordial form.

After having that thought, Goddess Nvywa grabbed a bunch of mud and sprinkled some water on it. After the mud became pliable, the Goddess Nvywa started to pinch the mud into a clay man who bared her own appearance, after a while, the clay man was finished, and he started to move, then it suddenly fell apart.

Goddess Nvywa frowned. It seemed that she couldn't use mud, so what should she use? Suddenly, she remembered the treasures that she had gotten from the Treasure Gifting Rock and immediately took it out. If Minghe was here, he definitely would recognize them, they were the primordial earth and Three Light Holy Water.

Goddess Nvywa fused the primordial earth with the Three Light Holy Water. Then she repinched the mud man while using her Divine Law of Fate. At this moment, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi inside her Purusa finally fused. Her Original Spirit and Realm started to increase, and her Divine Law of Fate became stronger and stronger.

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