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From Minghe's perspective, Untainted Land was originally a cruel world. Strength was the only thing that mattered in this world. Therefore, he did not impose any restrictions on his disciples. They could do anything. Minghe would not care as long as they did not betray him or harm their fellow disciples.

As long as his disciples remembered these rules, Minghe did not mind even if some of his disciples become a good man like Hongyun, or a carefree immortal like Zhenyuanzi, or even a peerless devil king like Luohou.

In Untainted Land, there was no law to decide whether one was good or bad, kind or evil. Minghe himself did not know if he was kind or evil. For Hong Meng Immortal Qi, he had slaughtered 68 Sages-to-be. Was he evil or kind? Good or bad? He did not know.

Among those Sages-to-be, some of them had committed many evil deeds. Killing those was enforcing justice on the behalf of the heaven. But there were also those who had protected others, making it a brutal act to kill them. So it was really hard to determine the boundary between good and evil. Minghe could only follow his Core of Thoughts. As long as his Core of Thoughts was intact, so what if he slaughtered the entire world?

Since Kong Xuan had become his disciple, Minghe would definitely not allow him to stay here anymore. Never mind someone kidnapping him, he might even get assassinated if they were careless even for a moment. Using much of his supernatural power, Minghe brought Kong Xuan back to Blood Sea along with the entire formation.

When they were about to reach Blood Sea, Minghe suddenly had a feeling that something was going to happen today. With his current cultivation realm, the feeling would definitely come true since his heart had vaguely felt it. However, Minghe could not guess if it would be good or bad.

The moment Minghe arrived at Sacred Island, Liu Er and Chixuan welcomed him. Liu Er bowed and said, "Master, you're back!" Minghe nodded and said, "Did anything happen in Blood Sea in my absence?" The feeling he got came from Blood Sea, but he did not know what had happened in the end.

Liu Er said, "Master, two Nine-grade Red Lotuses of Fire fell into Blood Sea today. They were exactly the same as the one that you gave me. Does someone else also have the Red Lotus of Fire except you?"

Nine-grade Red Lotus of Fire? There were two of them at that. Minghe was stunned as there were only three Nine-grade Red Lotuses of Fire. One he gave to Liu Er, the other two he had given to Chang Xi and Wangshu. Today, two of them suddenly returned to Blood Sea. Did something happen?

Ignoring the curious looks Liu Er and Chixuan gave him, Minghe stepped forward and arrived above Blood Sea. He saw the two lotuses floating on the Blood Sea, slowly converting the Evil Blood Aura surrounding them into nutrition for Converting.

Looking at the lotuses, two figures emerged in Minghe's mind. Chang Xi was mature and sexy, carrying a hint of adorableness. Wangshu was gentle and carried a slight air of a pretty daughter from humble family.

He recalled the time he met, got acquainted, travelled, and then parted with the two sisters. In an instant, 100 years have passed. Minghe's mind back then was not as firm as it was now. The time he spent with them felt like he was back in his old life, full of sweet words and promises.

But Minghe had not communicated with them for more than 10,000 years since their parting. He had no clue what happened to them during their separation. The fatal part was he had never thought about them in that time.

Love and affection seemed to have disappeared from his life. During the days without them, Minghe was not lonely in the slightest. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say he was used to loneliness. The path he was trying to walk on was a path to stand above the world. Who could accompany him on such a road?

Minghe did not know it would be so lonely at the top. Perhaps no one knew. How many people could understand the loneliness at the peak? He still remembered the first time they met and how the love inside his heart moved as he thought they could be his life Taoist partners.

As time passed, Minghe became stronger and stronger. The more he walked, the more distant he became. Now they completely could not keep up with his steps. They could not even see his shadow. Meanwhile, Minghe also realized his seven emotions and six desires were gradually fading. The only thing remained for him to seek was the Great Way.

Did he forget about love? Minghe reached to touch the rim of his eye. There was nothing at all. It turned out that the love he had believed to be real during their separation was nothing more than a part of worldly affairs refined in his heart. When he once again saw the two lotuses he gave away back then, Minghe realized he was only slightly regretful and rueful.

Sadness, despair, pain. All those weak emotions did not exist in his heart in the slightest. In the end, did this mean he was losing his humanity? Or did it mean his mind had transcended worldliness? Minghe did not know, but he was sure about what he wanted.

Looking at the direction of the Lunar Star, Minghe did not know what to feel. But since Chang Xi and Wangshu had made their decisions, he did not have worries anymore. It was just a pity they were not people from the same world, otherwise...

After Minghe retrieved the lotuses, he returned to Sacred Island. He settled Kong Xuan in and put away the five elements Spiritual Roots. After telling Liu Er to take care of his junior, he began his Closed Door Meditation. As he cleared his emotion and understood his State of Mind, he had a feeling his obsession had become clearer. His Fated Chance to separate Selfcentric Seperation could come at any time.

On the Lunar Star, in front of Guang Han Palace, three women were watching everything unfolding in Blood Sea. They were Xihe, Chang Xi, and Wangshu. They saw Minghe's every move, including when he looked in the direction of the Lunar Star.

Chang Xi and Wangshu watched as Minghe quietly retrieved the Red Lotuses of Fire, unsure about how they felt. That year, they sneakily left for Untainted Land without their older sister Xihe's knowledge and met Minghe at the valley. Minghe had treated them meticulously then. His every action and word were unlike how they were now.

And the current Minghe was not the former Minghe they knew. Chang Xi and Wangshu had always been watching from a distance, including the battle in which he slaughtered 68 Sages-to-be individual cultivators. Though they had not met for more than 10,000 years, some fantasy still existed in their hearts.

But after that battle, they realized the current Minghe was already a complete stranger. The old Minghe would only appear in their memories now. The one they had been missing was the old Minghe.

Chang Xi and Wangshu felt as if they were staring eye-to-eye in the last glance from Minghe to the Lunar Star. They still understood Minghe's thoughts. Seeing Minghe disappearing into the tactical formation, they closed their eyes. A teardrop fell down their faces.

Seeing her sisters' reaction, Xihe gave a word of advice. "Sisters, don't be so persistent. Your meeting was simply the first love tribulation in your life. Just forget about it! You still have so many days to live. You'd definitely meet someone who can be your genuine Taoist partner for life."

Chang Xi opened her eyes. She held the teardrop that had just fallen from her eyes in her hand and said indifferently, "Don't worry, Sister. I'm fine. My love tribulation has passed. I will never fall in love again." Cold. The vital force of Chang Xi, who had always been rather lively, turned cold.

Wangshu's change was the same. The two sisters actually underwent change in their vital forces. Like an ice mountain, they gave off an unapproachable feeling. It was different from their sister Xihe, whose coldness was only her temperament. Chang Xi's and Wangshu's coldness were an ice-coldness that came from forgetting love. Perhaps they would never fall in love again in the future.

Xihe did not know if she should feel happy or sad about the changes in her two sisters. She simply did not want Chang Xi and Wangshu to be associated with Minghe. But she did not expect it would actually put them on the path of forgetting love. She also did not know if she made the right decision stopping them back then. But it had already happened. It was useless to worry about it.

Chang Xi and Wangshu both held their teardrops in their hands, seemingly considering something. After a while, they put away their teardrops and simultaneously decided to enter Closed Door Meditation. This greatly surprised Xihe. Though they were all born at the same time, the gap between them was too big. Her cultivation realm was at Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, while Chang Xi and Wangshu were only at the peak level of Da Luo Golden Immortal.

And now, they actually took the initiative to enter Closed Door Meditation themselves. It rather surprised Xihe. After forgetting love, Chang Xi and Wangshu started to dedicate themselves to cultivation. Xihe also did not know what she should say. She could only hope things would now head towards a better direction.

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