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Torch Dragon asked, "My fellow Taoist, I don't know what Karma is owed to God the Father, but you want to pay it back with the Hong Meng Immortal Qi?" The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer were worried about being set up by Minghe, so they wanted to find out, or else they would be restless.

Minghe obviously understood what Torch Dragon thought, and said, "I received Cultivation Will left by Pangu in the secret area of Mount Buzhou which benefited me very much. You Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer and the Three Pure Ones are the only descendants of Pangu, and they have the Hong Meng Immortal Qi already, so you are the only ones I can find to pay Pangu back."

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer put down their guard once they heard Minghe's explanation. The Cultivation Will left by Pangu was quite important since it greatly benefited Minghe. Emperor Jiang finally made his mind up and said after he figured out what happened, "Alright, then it's deal."

After that, Blood of Essence was bled out by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer together and placed before Minghe along with the tactical formation of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. Upon seeing that, Minghe lifted his hands and delivered the Hong Meng Immortal Qi in front of the Ancestors of Sorcerer as well.

Minghe stood up and bade farewell after he packed up the tactical formation and Blood of Essence from the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer. He then turned back and said to the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer before he left, "Although the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation is powerful, so is its boomerang. You can't hold it for long even with your strong bodies, but if you can forge the Twelve Sticks Divine Beings Banner and nourish it with Blood of Essence, it will carry some of your burdens when you arrange the formation."

Minghe left the Hall of Pangu after that. That was all he could say, he did not want to intervene in the fate of the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer and the Wu Tribe. Now he was so happy about the end of his Karma to Pangu. What a relief! Even his realm was also influenced positively by this.

The Ancestors of Sorcerer looked at the Hong Meng Immortal Qi in the hands of Emperor Jiang after Minghe left. Even their pale faces for their loss of Blood of Essence could not conceal their excitement. But who deserved this Hong Meng Immortal Qi? After all, there were twelve of them, but only one could own the Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

Emperor Jiang looked around at his brothers and sisters, and finally he said, "It goes to sister Houtu since there is only one Hong Meng Immortal Qi!" The other Ancestors of Sorcery loved Houtu so dearly since she was the youngest one, so there would be no problem giving it to her.

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcerer were gestated by Pangu's Blood of Essence and Primordial Killing Intent. Houtu was the last one who came to birth, so she did not get much of Primordial Killing Intent since she was last. Maybe that was why she had the most moderate temper among them.

Houtu was beautiful, but not like the others. Her beauty was of gentleness, sense, and kindness, so no one got jealous at all, but happy as she received the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Emperor Jiang.

And after discussion, they found Minghe's last advice was feasable, so they began the preparation for it. They rested and rehabilitated to recover from the boomerang of the previous formation and the damage made by their loss of Blood of Essence. Luckily, they would recuperate since there were thousands of years left.

Anyway, with the loss of the useless Hong Meng Immortal Qi and the gain of Blood of Essence from the Ancestors of Sorcerer along with the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, in addition to the end of his Karma with Pangu, Minghe left the Wu Tribe delightfully. After all, killing two birds with one stone was always a good deal.

After leaving, Minghe harnessed a cloud and flew toward the Blood Sea. But it was not very long before he sensed some formation waves beneath him as he passed over a valley, and he also felt the waves of Spiritual Roots of the Five Elements from that.

Spiritual Roots of the Five Elements were exactly what his Good Separation, the Heaven and Earth Taoist, needed for his World of Heaven and Earth to grow its power of the Five Elements, so how could he miss it? He landed in the valley, and there was a formation as he expected, but it seemed unsteady and it might have expired at any moment.

Minghe scanned it with his Spiritual Thoughts, and he found out it was formed with five Mid Grade Spiritual Roots as its Eye of Formation. Besides, it was not formed by nature but man-made. It was so lavish that they made it this way, only a few people or powers could have managed to do it.

Unlike the common Postcelestial Spiritual Roots, the Primordial Spiritual Roots were rare in Untainted Land. He only found a few after years of searching, and the five Primordial Spiritual Roots used here were the perfect match for the Five Elements, which were so precious.

It did not cost Minghe so much to break the formation since it was unsteady essentially. He found a soft spot and easily hacked into the formation where the abundant powers of the Five Elements flowed. A giant pentachromic egg was sitting at the center, which constantly received the powers of the Five Elements, and some giggling could be heard from the egg.

But the five Primordial Spiritual Roots which arranged the formation were not in good condition and they were withering, which was the main reason for the fluctuation. Minghe took a close look and found out that the speed that the egg was absorbing power was quicker than the growth of Spiritual Roots, which might have been foreseen by its creator. So there were some details changed in the tactical formation which turned the Origins of Primordial Spiritual Roots into the nutrition for the egg.

The result was obvious, the Origins of the Primordial Spiritual Roots were sucked up by the egg and, eventually, they would be withered and turned to ashes. If the creature in the egg could not come into birth before that, its cultivation would be effected for the primordial shortage.

Looking at the condition and the absorbing speed of the egg, Minghe knew that it would not last that long based on the cracking of the egg, but it actually told that the egg was special, which aroused his interests. So he began to predict the history of the egg.

It was not so long before Minghe knew the past of the egg. Surprisingly, it turned out to be the offspring of the Lord of Phoenix, the descendant of the Phoenix Tribe. It was during the battle with the Devil Tribe, so the Lord of Phoenix put it here for future retrieval. However, only God knew that there was no coming back.

Now Minghe knew basically who was the creature in the egg. As he stepped forward, the creature must have sensed his coming so it began shaking, and a childish voice came from it. "Who are you?"

Minghe answered, "I am Ancestor Minghe, little fellow, do you have a name?" The creature said, "My name is Kong Xuan, my mother gave me that name. I had a great mother but she is dead." As Minghe expected, Kong Xuan, the incredible commander-in-chief in Golden Chicken Mountain of the Shang dynasty during the Battle of Gods Investiture, was in that egg.

Obviously, Kong Xuan was feeling a little low when he mentioned his mother's death. Minghe consoled him and said, "Don't be sad, Kong Xuan, your mother sacrificed herself for the whole Phoenix Tribe, you should be proud of her."

What Minghe said cheered up Kong Xuan instantly—so mentally tough, not bad. Minghe said, "Kong Xuan, I can tell you are a talented kid. Do you want to be my disciple?" Now that they had met, how could Minghe let such a gifted disciple go, who had no less talent than Liu Er?

Kong Xuan said doubtfully, "You want me to be your disciple? Are you a strong one?" Minghe smiled and said, "Of course, even stronger than your mother." The best the Lord of Phoenix reached was just the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, which was totally below Minghe's cultivation.

Kong Xuan shouted excitedly, "Is that true? OK, I will be your disciple if you can heal those five Primordial Spiritual Roots for me." The Spiritual Roots were the source of Spiritual Air of the Five Elements for his cultivation, so naturally, he would not let them wither gradually.

Minghe smiled again and said, "Easy-peasy." He lifted his arm and sprayed five streams of the Three-Light Holy Water on those Primordial Spiritual Roots, and the roots became vivid immediately after absorbing the water, with no sign of withering at all.

Kong Xuan was extremely surprised on seeing that. The egg shook again and he said, "Master, your disciple, Kong Xuan, at your service." He acknowledged Minghe as his master so delightfully. Although he was still in the egg, he knew his mother's vital force was completely no match for Minghe's even if he controlled his at a low level, so he must be a superpower. In addition, he had such treasures like the Three-Light Holy Water. Being his apprentice was definitely not a bad deal.

Minghe nodded with a smile on his face and said, "That's good. Kong Xuan, your master is Ancestor Minghe, who stands above the Blood Sea, keep that in mind. From this day forward, you are my second disciple. I will introduce you to Liu Er, your senior fellow, when we get back to the Blood Sea. There is only one rule in our tribe, which is being loyal and honest to your master and never kill one of your own. The one who breaks this rule will be ruined, tortured, and exiled to the Land of Tranquility till the end of his souls."

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