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Houtu could not stay calm after hearing Minghe's words. She glanced at the Three Separations of Minghe and the Blood Sea, thinking about the possible measures that Minghe could have taken. She noticed that the Puppet of the Origin had never turned up again. Could it be in the Blood Sea? But that did not make sense because if it were in the Blood Sea, Xuan Ming could not have succeeded.

The more she thought about it, the more anxious she felt. Unlike the other Sages, Minghe was a sophisticated one whose thoughts could hardly be comprehended. Yet Houtu was curious about how Minghe could move so quickly against her in such a short time, as she had only decided to attack the Blood Sea after Hongjun had shown up. She saw that Minghe was on guard against Hongjun and asked Xuan Ming to take action. But Minghe should not have known about the attack beforehand. Could it be possible that he had figured out the solution in such a short time?

Minghe paid no attention to the Sages who were speculating about his intentions. He was now busy swallowing the Air of Destruction and the Origin of Untainted Land, which could greatly promote his advancement, with his Good Separation. Now that the Way of Heaven had begun to mend Untainted Land, time was tight for Minghe. Swallowing more Air of Destruction and the Origin of Untainted Land was certainly beneficial to his strength.

However, it was out of his expectation that the Way of Heaven could mend Untainted Land at such a rapid rate and that it should be so powerful. The Way of Heaven in the World of Heaven and Earth could not match this one even a bit. Not long after the Way of Heaven appeared, a new Untainted Land showed up in front of all the living beings of Untainted Land, and a unique world turned up as well.

Minghe then returned to his former appearance from the Real Body of the Mazinger, as did Heaven and Earth Taoist. The Three Separations landed beside Minghe together. Feeling the change in his Real Body of the Mazinger and that in the body of Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe knew that his previous efforts had paid off, which even exceeded his expectations. He smiled with satisfaction.

However, the Way of Heaven did not disappear after all that had ended. Instead, it dropped upon everyone's heads, directed at Minghe, Hongjun, and Tongtian. The fact that Minghe had absorbed the Air of Destruction did not matter very much, but what Hongjun and Tongtian had done forcibly broke away from the Way of Heaven and impaired it.

Confronting such powerful prestige of Heaven, Minghe showed no fear. At present, he no longer needed any cautiousness. His formidable strength offered him the confidence to face the Way of Heaven. The same went for Hongjun, who even dared to swallow the Way of Heaven and might be fearless now since he had left the Way of Heaven. As for Tongtian, he had always been the one who never yielded. Given that he had done that, he would never show any awe.

The power of Heaven, which frightened all the living beings of Untainted Land, remained this way for a long time, while Minghe, Hongjun, and Tongtian remained the same as well. The two sides were at a stalemate. Time passed so slowly that it tortured everyone. They dared to relax only when the Way of Heaven finally receded.

Maybe due to it being damaged, and that Minghe, Hongjun, and Tongtian were not so easy to deal with, the Way of Heaven did not take action against them. Perhaps it would be far from a satisfying consequence if the newly restored Untainted Land was broken again because of their fight.

Though the Way of Heaven had disappeared, everyone received the messages that it left behind. The first was the changes in Untainted Land. Though it had been successfully restored, it had changed somehow due to its breaking. Purvavideha, Aparagodaniya, Jambudvipa, and Uttarakuru, which existed in mythology, appeared.

They were called Dvipas, yet the acreage of Purvavideha alone was more than the combination of the other three. It thus became the major habitat of the Human Tribe. Aparagodaniya was located in the former western land, while the millions of mountains, the origin of the Wu Tribe, lay in Jambudvipa, and the Demon Tribe in Uttarakuru. The Dvipas then had their hosts.

Second, a small chiliocosm, transformed from Untainted Land's fragments, was born outside Untainted Land. Though Heaven and Earth Taoist had tried his best to swallow all the fragments of Untainted Land, there were some leftovers, which were converted into a unique small chiliocosm, the so-called secular world, by the Way of Heaven. In this world, all immortals could enter Untainted Land, while the living beings of Untainted Land could not enter it except for their reincarnations and incarnations. However, it would be more than difficult to cultivate as an immortal and come back to Untainted Land in the world. Few would like to take that risk.

Staring at the small chiliocosm, Minghe was somewhat excited. He saw a plant in that world, where some members of the Human Tribe existed. Could it be the Earth that he knew? He was not sure. After all, its history differed greatly from the one that he knew about. Perhaps he could come back thousands of years later to see if this was the place that he had been longing for.

While those two pieces of news were not so attractive, the last one alarmed them all. All the Sages were stunned after viewing that, yet Tongtian smiled. Unlike the Sages, most of the living beings of Untainted Land showed expressions of ecstasy like Tongtian did, especially in the Heavenly Court.

The Sages and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of the Origin could not take actions in Untainted Land, or there would be a Divine Punishment dropped on them. This was a warning for the Sages from the Way of Heaven. Since it was the overly powerful strength of the Sages that contributed to the breaking of Untainted Land, the Way of Heaven restricted the Sages and experts of the Origin. They could fight in the Chaos, but Untainted Land could not bear any more turbulence.

All the Sages changed their expressions. Now it was the Sages-to-be who led Untainted Land, and the Sage sect was no longer so lofty. Besides, after the war of the God Deification Ceremony, all four religions had suffered, with abundant elite disciples listed on the Investiture of the Gods. Thus, the Heavenly Court immediately became the superior one among all the living beings of Untainted Land, which was the reason why Haotian and Yaochi were so joyful.

Untainted Land would be in great turbulence as varying forces might turn up without the presence of the Sages and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of the Origin. Haotian would be quite busy then, while he could fulfill his potential without those Sages. Thus, he would be more than willing to be busy.

After all of that, all the Sages began to count the dead and injured ones in the final battle. Honored Lord of the Origin was the most depressed one, as five of his Twelve Golden Immortals were dead. However, ironically, Laozi was the calmest one. Given that Xuandu, his real disciple, was fine, Laozi did not have any other things to care about.

As for Jieyin and Zhunti, the two of them were so sad that others might have wondered whether their fathers had died. And that was understandable, as the Western Religious Sect might have been the one that had suffered the greatest loss among the three sects. After all, most of its disciples were introduced to it by Zhunti from the east, without the good talents and abundant Magic Weapons that other disciples of three religions had, so it was natural that most of them had been injured or died.

Compared with the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect, the Tribe of Severity also suffered a similar loss, with many of its elites having survived with their Essential Qi uninjured. Therefore, it was very likely that they could stage a comeback. Since the Sages could not take action on the living beings of Untainted Land, Tongtian was apt to let Abundant Treasures lead the Tribe of Severity and disciples such as Zhao Gongming help him rule. The Tribe of Severity certainly boasted a chance to stage a comeback.

As for the war between the Shang Dynasty and Western Zhou, which had been interrupted by the breaking of Untainted Land, its outcome was revealed as well. It seemed that the mandate of Heaven stood by Zhou. A fissure caused by the breaking force cost the Shang army more than half of its main force, and even Grand Preceptor Wen Zhong had been listed on the Investiture of the Gods due to his infection of the Air of Destruction. Since then, Untainted Land had belonged to Western Zhou, and the Battle of Gods Investiture ended.

Minghe did not care about the situation one bit. King Zhou, Emperor Xin, had successfully transformed his human body into the Real Body of Asura with the Killing Air in this war and had elevated his cultivation to the realm of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Now, he was a real member of the Asura tribe. Yet this did not mean too much to Minghe either.

Minghe suddenly looked at the Blood Sea and said, "It's time to..." Suddenly, several powerful forces exploded in the Blood Sea. Houtu smiled upon noticing that. A burst of laughter echoed between Heaven and Earth. "Hahaha... We're back again." However, Houtu did not maintain her happiness for long after hearing Minghe say, "Terminate it."

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