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Just when all the Sages were lamenting, Tongtian suddenly decided to make a move. He suddenly moved all of his supernatural power around his body and, when it had come to a point, he shouted, "Separate!" Not long after that, the Way of Heaven trembled, which was busy rescuing Untainted Land, while Tongtian spat out blood with a pale face.

Middle Stage of the Origin Hongjun and all the Sages were taken aback by this act of Tongtian's. They apparently had not foreseen it coming that Tongtian would destroy his own Original Spirit and separate his connection with the Way of Heaven. He had transformed himself from a Sage into a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of the Origin. It looked like his cultivation had degraded a little, but it remained in the Middle Stage of the Origin, which was comparable to the Secondary Stage of a Sage. And Tongtian's current state of cultivation came a little closer to Jieyin's.

But even so, Tongtian did not seem to regret it at all, but rather, he looked relieved. This must have had to do with his constraints being removed. There was a silver light blinking around him, and the vital forces in his body had been greatly restored and his face turned rosy once again. It had to be that Tongtian had absorbed the Origin of Chaos, which he had gotten from Minghe, and now his wounds had been healed.

Hongjun noticed the silver light that blinked around Tongtian, which the other Sages might not have noticed. But Hongyun did. After all, he was the one who had incarnated from the Rakshasa, so he could not be more familiar with the vital force of the Origin of Chaos. Tongtian had never been to the Chaos, but this Origin of Chaos that he got from Minghe looked as if Minghe had found something in the Chaos.

Hongjun did not know much about the Chaos, even though he had incarnated from the Rakshasa. But the memories that remained were limited, and the Chaos that he knew was before Pangu's Creation of Heaven. And as for today's Chaos and how it had changed, Hongjun was not sure. But Minghe had gained this much after only one visit there, so Hongjun began to show interest in the secrets of the Chaos.

When Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin saw that Tongtian had given up the Way of Heaven and abandoned his status as a Sage, they were truly shocked. But judging by Tongtian's expression, it did not seem that he had improvised this, so it must have been a decision that was made long before. Even though they were sure that what he had absorbed was to heal himself, it was not hard to guess that it had something to do with Minghe. There must have been some dirty business going on between those two.

However, it was useless knowing this because now that Tongtian had given up his noble status as a Sage, he would be free to go anywhere between Heaven and Earth without any limitations. And that was some decision. Both Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin had similar thoughts before and were not able to make up their minds. It was not child's play to quit the Way of Heaven, one needed to have made full preparations.

Having witnessed Tongtian abandon the Way of Heaven just like that, Minghe respected Tongtian's decisiveness from the bottom of his heart. Only Tongtian himself knew what it must have been like to be able to make such a huge decision in such a short period of time. From the look on all the Sages' faces, they had to have thought about this before, but it was not so easy to pull it off.

Just when Minghe was lamenting, all of a sudden, his facial expression changed. He turned his head toward the Blood Sea with a murderous look in his eyes. But when he stared at Houtu in front of him, he said with a cold voice, "Houtu, you mastermind, how dare you plot against me to get my Origin of the Blood Sea. Are you trying to bring the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery back to life?"

At that very moment, in the middle of the Blood Sea, the Twelve Stick Divine Beings Banner flew in the wind. Ancestor of Sorcery Xuan Ming controlled the Hall of Pangu and set up the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. Once the formation was set, the Twelve Stick Divine Beings Banner began drastically absorbing the core area of the Blood Sea and the area of the Wu Tribe. It was devouring the Origin of the Blood Sea, and the sign of the Twelve Divine Beings began to show up on the banners.

Actually, to be precise, the Twelve Divine Beings that had been formed on the banners were only on Houtu's and Xuan Ming's banners, all the other 10 were the bodies of the deceased 10 Ancestors of Sorcery. Houtu was trying to use the core area of the Blood Sea and the blood of the Wu Tribe as well as the Origin of the Blood Sea to rebuild their bodies.

Minghe remembered that when the war between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes had ended, the Evil Separation of Houtu, Pingxin, was on the battlefield and took away the wreckage of the banners. Minghe felt it strange but he could not tell why. Now come to think of it, it must have been the strange disappearance of the dead bodies of the Ancestors of Sorcery, but at that time he did not think much of it. The bodies of the Ancestors of Sorcery must have been blended into the Twelve Divine Beings banners, otherwise, even if you were to gather the bodies of the Twelve Divine Mazinger, it would be impossible to revive the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery.

Noticing the angry look in Minghe's eyes, Houtu said calmly, "Minghe, when you exchanged the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation and the Blood of Essence of our Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery for your Hong Meng Immortal Qi, you used the power of the Blood Sea to form the 12 Mazingers. Even though we didn't know your intentions, you kept a way open for our brothers. And for that, we ought to thank you."

All the Sages felt a sense of pleasure rise from their hearts because each time they had fought against Minghe, he never seemed to suffer any loss. But now that he was having such a big loss, they could not help themselves from feeling great. It was Minghe who had ripped them all off so many times.

In the middle of the Blood Sea, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise were leading their Asura Tribe to try to stop Xuan Ming's act of reviving. However, Houtu had come fully prepared. Her Good Separation and Evil Separation led Xing Tian and Chi You and all the other Wu tribesmen to fight against them. Even though Kong Xuan had the Cosmic Stars Formation and the Blood Sea Formation, it did not stop the 12 Mazingers from absorbing the blood and Origin from the Blood Sea.

Seeing this deadlocked situation, Zhunti teased Minghe with his words. "Minghe, man proposes, God disposes. When you were plotting against others, you did not see this day coming! Haha! Your den's gone! Haha!" Zhunti was more than happy to see Minghe suffer. In Zhunti's point of view, it would be great if the entire Blood Sea was soaked up.

Minghe peeked at Zhunti as a response and the look in his eyes was deadly. Zhunti felt threatened even by just one look into Minghe's eyes. Seeing Minghe's enormous Real Body of the Mazinger, Zhunti could not help feeling scared, so he stepped back beside Jieyin and felt some sense of safety.

As Minghe snorted, he turned his face to Houtu instead of staring at Zhunti, and there was a sense of self-mockery in his eyes. He blamed himself for not being cruel enough. Houtu had set him up multiple times for the sake of the Nether World, and due to her being a woman, Minghe never made his move but planned to settle accounts afterward. He never thought that Houtu would go even further.

Houtu looked so chill that he could see through the current situation. Now, Heaven and Earth Taoist had swallowed the Origin of Untainted Land, meanwhile, Red Lotus Taoist and Musen were guarding him by his side and Houtu did not know what they were trying to prevent. Even if something were to happen to the Blood Sea, those two would never make any move, so they obviously did not plan to go back to the Blood Sea. And Minghe was trying his best to devour the Air of Destruction, so he also did not plan on going back to the Blood Sea.

Liu Er had the intention of going back to the Blood Sea, but Houtu had blocked his way. And Minghe had no intention of dragging away Houtu for him. What was Minghe thinking? Besides, as the Sages saw it, even though Tongtian had the intention to help Minghe, he probably could not do that right now. With Hongjun there, Minghe could not get away from such a complex situation.

Minghe saw what was on Houtu's face. It was the ray of light of bringing her brothers back to life. Minghe said coldly, "Everything in this world has to do with Karma. The seed that you plant today will surely lead to some fruit tomorrow. The things you do today, you'll have to pay back with something else later on. So Houtu, don't be happy just yet. Even though I lost to you this round, I will be back soon. Hopefully, you will be able to feel delighted then."

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