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Houtu was more than pleased to see the rebirth of her brother, and the rebirth of the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery brought the Wu Tribe hope to stage a comeback. Though the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery including Emperor Jiang had just been newly reborn, all of them were Sages-to-be, which could be a decisive force as the Sages and the Origin were forbidden to take any actions.

Among all the living beings of Untainted Land, except for in the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, no force could boast such numbers as the Sages-to-be. But considering that the Wu Tribe was much weaker than the Human Tribe, Houtu temporarily was not concerned about scrambling for the position of the ruler of Heaven and Earth. People in the Holy Land of the Human Tribe were still fearless even though all 10 Ancestors of Sorcery had been reborn because the experts and mid-level forces among them were all superior to the Wu Tribe.

However, the Wu Tribe had the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, but Houtu could not take any actions in Untainted Land and the Real Entity of Pangu could not be called without her. And the Human Tribe had the Veridical Martial Origin Formation and the Characters Formation of the Origin, which meant that they were invincible if the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery could not set the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation.

Moreover, even if the Wu Tribe were able to match the Human Tribe, the Way of Heaven and all the Sages would not allow it to rise again and become the most powerful tribe. Houtu fully understood that. Thus, she was more than satisfied that the Wu Tribe could somehow recover its Essential Qi. However, she could not relax at this moment because she had to face Minghe's revenge.

Minghe stared at Houtu and said coolly, "Do you know the reason why I won't die if the Blood Sea still exists? Because I was born in the Blood Sea, it's like another body of mine. It's not a bad move to revive the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery with the Blood Sea, but it also means that I have another 12 Puppets of the Blood God."

Houtu glanced at the Blood Sea after hearing that. Several blood stains began to appear on the bodies of the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery and the other two Mazingers, which were exactly the same ones as on Wu Tian's body when Minghe had forcibly refined him into a Puppet of the Blood God. Yet Houtu was so calm and relaxed that all the people were somewhat surprised.

Houtu stared at Minghe and smiled coldly, "Minghe, how could I take any action without being fully prepared? I studied the Blood Sea for a long time when I was living in the Nether World. I surely know about what you said. So, don't you dare to refine my brothers into Puppets of the Blood God!"

After Houtu's words, the Hall of Pangu in Xuan Ming's hand gradually rose up in the Blood Sea. A mysterious strength suddenly dropped from it and melted into the bodies of the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery and two Mazingers. The blood stains of the Puppet of the Blood God stopped expanding immediately and began to slowly vanish. It did not take long for the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery, as well as the two Mazingers, Xuan Ming, and Houtu, to recover.

Upon seeing that, all the people were stunned at Houtu's measures and were immensely interested in the Wu Tribe's Hall of Pangu, especially Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Sect Leader Tongtian. Those three had sensed something familiar in the Hall of Pangu, so there had to be something left by Pangu inside it.

Hongjun, who had been curing his wounds, suddenly opened his eyes when the Hall of Pangu showed its power. Hatred appeared on his face, but Hongjun did not move immediately. Though he boasted the strongest cultivation in Untainted Land at present, he did not dare to take actions easily because he had sensed danger in the Hall of Pangu. Given that he had already been seriously injured, he should not cause complications or others might get the advantage.

Minghe's failure surprised everyone, as Minghe had never made such a huge mistake before. He had even plotted for a Sage of the Way of Demons to be refined as a Puppet of the Blood Law. However, now he suffered a loss from Houtu, which was somewhat unexpected. Even more surprising was that he did not even seem to care about it.

Minghe looked at the Hall of Pangu located above the Blood Sea and mused. He did not care a bit about the Puppets of the Blood God refined from the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery, as Puppets of the Blood God in the realm of the Origin might be the only ones that could impress him a little. What he did care about was the Hall of Pangu, or more specifically, the thing inside it.

Minghe had been inside the Hall of Pangu once, but he could not explore any secrets because of his low cultivation. Now that he had gotten the opportunity, he naturally would not miss it. When the Hall of Pangu eliminated the Puppet of the Blood God's stains, Minghe successfully saw the secret of the hall—there was a huge heart beating powerfully deep inside it.

Minghe was totally stunned after viewing Pangu's heart. Pangu had transformed his body into all living things. Even his blood linkages and Original Spirit were transformed into the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery and the Three Pure Ones respectively, but no one knew what his heart had transformed into. It now turned out that he had left it to the Wu Tribe. No wonder the Hall of Pangu had always been the Holy Hall of the Wu Tribe and was guarded by experts all the time.

But Minghe was confused about how the heart could still beat so powerfully, as Pangu had created Heaven thousands of years ago. Even Mount Buzhou, which was once the pillar supporting the Sky, had lost its coercion and broke after a collision as time went by.

After the Cultivation Tribulation of the God Deification Ceremony, Minghe had planned to leave Untainted Land and go to the Chaos to pursue the ancient Mazinger. Besides, given that the Way of Heaven had forbidden the Sages to take actions in Untainted Land, he was even more relieved. But he worried about two issues now. First was Hongjun, who had separated from the Way of Heaven, and the other was the mysterious heart of Pangu.

Pangu, known as the "son of the Great Way", had been one of the 3,000 Mazingers of the Chaos. He had boasted three supreme treasures of the Chaos—the 36-grade Green Lotus of Fate, Pangu Axe, and Jade Butterfly of Fate. He had been able to kill all the other Rakshasas alone. Moreover, he had created Untainted Land, such a powerful world. Thus, his strength was hard to imagine.

Besides, it was indeed terrifying that a heart of a Rakshasa like Pangu could maintain its vitality after hundreds of thousands of years. Though the remaining Rakshasa vital force of Pangu was thin, seeing a clue and knowing the entire picture, Minghe already had a rough guess of Pangu's strength.

He should at least be at a level equal to the Way of Heaven. As the saying goes, destruction is far easier than creation. The Sages might be able to destroy Untainted Land, but they could never create a world like it. It was overly complex. Besides, one could tell from the ability of Untainted Land giving birth to the Way of Heaven that Pangu's power should not be weaker than that of the Way of Heaven.

Minghe was a bit far from reaching the level of the Way of Heaven. To realize his supreme Great Way, he first needed to become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of the Origin. Then he had to become a Fate Golden Immortal of the Origin, which was equal to the Way of Heaven. Finally, he needed to become the Supreme Golden Immoral Origin Formation, the same as the Great Way. As for whether there were other realms, Minghe did not know either.

Considering the present situation, Pangu was in the second stage. Minghe was impressed while he was observing Pangu's heart. He hoped to understand more about Rakshasas through the heart. But a strong will dropped and obliterated the Spiritual Thoughts that Minghe had left in the Blood Sea.

Minghe frowned a bit. That was... Pangu's will. Mount Buzhou had collapsed due to Pangu's fading thought. But there was still such a strong will in this heart, which was quite terrifying. Such a will might not be inferior to a Sage's will. So, was this the last trump card that Pangu had left to the Wu Tribe?

Both the Three Pure Ones and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were from Pangu. The Three Pure Ones had actualized and become Sages due to the Cultivation Will left by Pangu, while it seemed that Pangu had not left the Wu Tribe anything. Even Houtu's Fated Chance of actualization had been offered by Minghe. Yet everything made sense now. Pangu had not preferred the Three Pure Ones, but the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery might be the only ones who knew about the secrets.

Minghe felt some regret. He should have refined the 10 Ancestors of Sorcery into Puppets of the Blood God, so he might figure out the secrets. Now it was too late. However, Minghe would not dwell on that. What was missed was missed, there was no need to wrangle with it. Instead, he would look forward.

Now that he had already figured out some secrets of the Hall of Pangu, Minghe had no intention to waste time here. It was time to end the farce. He smiled, which scared Houtu a bit, then all the people of the Wu Tribe were knocked out of the Blood Sea. In the Blood Sea, a giant ape roared toward Heaven and the sound echoed between Heaven and Earth.

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