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Minghe really laughed out loud. "Haha... I've been waiting for this moment for so long. Save Untainted Land? It's not necessary to do that. The Way of Heaven will tackle it, which seems to have confronted some trouble now but will take action later. Before that, I'm going to get through my own matter. Liu Er, your opportunity has arrived. You can start now."

Trouble? What kind of trouble could bother the Way of Heaven? Given that Untainted Land was breaking and the Way of Heaven was in disorder, all the Sages could use only limited power from the Way of Heaven. Furthermore, as most of the Sages were injured, they could not stabilize Untainted Land. Nevertheless, being the Rakshasa, Minghe was able to recognize the secrets of Heaven no matter how severe the disorder that the Way of Heaven was in. He naturally knew something that the Sages did not know.

"Did they make any movement?" Minghe beamed while looking at the secrets of Heaven. "I'm not going to fall behind them," he thought. Liu Er showed up in front of him instantly and Minghe nodded to him. Upon observing that, Liu Er flew to a cloud. Three Flowers showed up on his head, while the Good Separation, Evil Separation, and Selfcentric Separation appeared one after another. Liu Er smiled at the Three Separations and shouted gently, "Unify the Three Separations!"

The Three Separations transformed into flowing light and melted into Liu Er's body. Then his Origin showed up. Once the Wise Monkey's, Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey's, and Long-Armed Ape Monkey's Origins joined Liu Er's Origin, his vigor started to grow wildly, which gradually overcame the limitation of a Sage-to-be, surging toward the supreme Way of the Origin.

Moreover, with the increase of his vigor, Liu Er howled toward Heaven and his body grew outrageously, turning into a giant ape dozens of feet high that continued to grow. Besides that, with the change of his vigor, his vital force changed as well, which was similar to that of a Rakshasa, the same as Minghe.

A tuft of black cloud began to gather on Liu Er's head when the Rakshasa's vital force appeared. That was a sign for the Divine Punishment, the third one in Untained Land. How could the Divine Punishment appear again in such a short period? And for the Rakshasa once again? Yet this time, the punishment was quite weak.

Staring at the gathering Divine Punishment, Minghe smiled. As expected, the Way of Heaven was impaired due to the breaking Untainted Land and was consumed even more as the Sages borrowed part of its power to stabilize Untainted Land. Nevertheless, what was out of his expectation was that it would confront even more trouble, which offered Liu Er the greatest opportunity.

Minghe felt totally relieved when the Divine Punishment finished gathering. The punishment was too weak to be even called one. It only boasted a little vigor of a Divine Punishment, thus, it was even weaker than the one that Zhunti bore. Therefore, for Liu Er, who was turning into the Real Body of Rakshasa, it meant nothing.

The fact that Liu Er passed through the Divine Punishment and became the Real Body of Rakshasa shocked all the Sages immensely. It never occurred to them that Minghe would let Liu Er pass the Divine Punishment at this time. What a wise plot! It seemed that Minghe had predicted this. It was indeed the best time for passing a punishment—with Minghe's protection, none of the Sages were able to interrupt.

Sect Leader Tongtian showed a bit of doubt while looking at Liu Er being showered in the thunder of the Divine Punishment. Minghe had made the deal with him in the Jadeite Palace to let him block all the Sages for him when necessary. However, now the Sages were not able to bother Liu Er even if they would have loved to. Moreover, Minghe was here as well. Could it be that Minghe had other plans?

Houtu turned a sophisticated face while watching Liu Er passing tribulation and Minghe guarding him. She seemed to be planning for something. However, she took a deep breath when she saw Minghe. It seemed that she gave up on some plans, as she knew too well that she only had one chance. Once she missed it, she might never have another one. Thus, she had to be prudent.

All the living beings of Untainted Land were greatly stunned by Liu Er even though Untainted Land was confronting such a desperate situation. Aside from Ancestor Hongjun, there were seven Sages among the living beings of Untainted Land, while Minghe was the only one who could match the seven. Minghe deterred all of the Sages by himself alone. How fierce that was! Now, even his disciple had surpassed numerous people and, as Minghe had done, actualized the Way of Divine Beings. It was expected that he could become someone as eminent as Minghe in the years to come.

In the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi, who were managing the Cosmic Stars Formation, were deeply shocked after seeing Liu Er passing tribulation. Liu Er had grown so quickly that even those who were at the same age as the Sages and Minghe could not catch up. They had thought that Zhenyuanzi or Cangjie might actualize the Mix Nascent Core. However, Liu Er had done it unexpectedly.

Looking at Liu Er, who showed no fear toward the Divine Punishment, Haotian was touched. He had felt proud of serving Ancestor Hongjun as he could never become who he was without Ancestor Hongjun. Nevertheless, compared with Liu Er, he no longer felt any pride. Hongjun offered him the position of Heavenly Emperor, which did not suit him, while Minghe presented Liu Er the opportunity of actualization, and that was a huge difference.

Observing Haotian's expression, Yaochi comforted him. "Haotian, we'll find our own Fated Chances in the endless years to come. Don't let the present scenery confuse your mind of Taoism. What belongs to others are others'. We have our own Tao." Hearing that, Haotian beamed at Yaochi. They had figured that out long before.

In the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, Zhenyuanzi also smiled while watching Liu Er passing tribulation. Liu Er had surpassed him after all. However, he would not fall behind. Thinking of that, he felt confident and said, "The practice of endless years all depends on this current time. What about you, Hongyun?"

In the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, several Formations that linked Heaven and Earth had been set. All the humans strived for their survival. Cangjie, who managed the Characters Formation of the Origin alone, had an unstable vital force that suddenly turned vague and illusory. It seemed that he was in enlightenment. With the enhancement of his enlightenment, the power of his Formation increasingly ascended as well.

In the sea of the Northern Underworld, Kunpeng led the Demon Tribe to set an incomplete Cosmic Stars Formation to suppress the Northern Underworld with the help of his Demon Palace. When Liu Er's vital force of passing tribulation spread through the entire Untainted Land, Kunpeng showed only jealousy. He had been so close to the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, while the mandate of Heaven did not belong to him. Now that even a junior had surpassed him, how could he not feel jealous?

Kunpeng also did not forget to shoot a glance at the Red Lotus of Fire under Liu Er's feet. His expression changed. Except for the vein of the Blood Sea, he was the only one who boasted a Red Lotus of Fire. He had always feared the Blood Sea out of a sort of instinct. He feared the extremely powerful Minghe, thus, he missed the chance of joining the Blood Sea—a chance of making his dream come true.

In the Divine Punishment, numerous thunder dropped down, but Liu Er did not resist it. As Minghe had done before, he bore that with his human body. What was different was that Minghe's human body started the transformation in the Divine Punishment, while his started before the Punishment and transformed much faster. Thus, a Divine Punishment with such strength could cause no real harm to him.

Looking at the sky and the Divine Punishment, Liu Er suddenly smiled, opened his huge bloody mouth, and roared, creating endless suction power in his mouth. Much to everyone's terror, the Divine Punishment was sucked down by this power and rushed into his mouth. Suddenly, Liu Er seemingly turned into a giant ape of thunder, shining with thunder strength. Once the thunder strength had dissipated, the true vital force of the Rakshasa shot into the sky. Liu Er had succeeded.

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