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"Ho!" With Laozi's yell, the Map of Taichi in his hand suddenly started to amass Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth, gradually turning into a giant axe, the Pangu Axe. Once it appeared, the Pangu Banner of Honored Lord of the Origin began to itch for actions. However, Honored Lord of the Origin restrained it. He had long been losing faith in Laozi. He could not risk joining Pangu Banner in the Pangu Banner.

"Creation of Heaven and Earth!" Once Laozi waved his axe, the strength it released was overwhelmingly horrible, which even beat the scene when Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery called out the Real Entity of Pangu. Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery only gathered incomplete parts of Pangu, while Laozi, with the power of Three Pure Ones' Incarnations, collected the rest souls of Pangu, and Pangu Axe's shadow he formed seemed even more real due to the existence of Map of Taichi. Thus the power of the axe was naturally fierce.

Honored Lord of the Origin and Jieyin certainly would not stand by once Laozi took action. The two activated all of their power. Numerous Sword Aura of Chaos and golden light shot directly towards God-killing Sword Formation along with Laozi's axe. It seemed that the three intended to comletely break Sect Leader Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation and Countless Immortal Formation with their joint efforts.

Confronting such a terrifying attack, Sect Leader Tongtian became extremely serious. He had to block the attack. Since if it broke the God-killing Sword Formation, disciples outside the Countless Immortal Formation would die. Sect Leader Tongtian put his palms together, and then the God-killing Sword, Immortal-killing Sword, Immortal-trapping Sword, and Immortal-eliminating Sword all presented in front of him.

Tongtian's supernatural power suddenly fluctuated immensely. A Taoist Seal formed in his hands and he shouted, "God-killing Sword, Immortal-killing Sword, Immortal-trapping sword and Immortal-eliminating Sword merge into the one now and present the Sword of Elimination!" The four swords then turned into one with a even stronger killing intention than the former four. Glancing at the three's attack, Sect Leader Tongtian said one word coldly, "Kill!"

How serious the collision this time would be? When the Sword of Elimination collided with the three Sages' attack, a sound of exposion deafened everyone, and the God-killing Sword Formation was torn up immediately. "Humph!" Sect Leader Tongtian recalled his God-killing Map of Formation and the reverted four swords of Immortal-killing. Though he resisted this attack, he obviously suffered a great injury.

However, that was not the end. Such a collision apparently could not be blocked by single the God-killing Sword Formation. The injured four Sages were exposed once the formation broke. At the same time, Laozi, with a pale face, reinstated his former figure, and the Three Pure Ones' incarnations all came out from his body at the present of all the other cultivators..

The moment the Three Pure Ones appeared, the "Jade Pure One" Taoist and "Supreme Pure One" Taoist fell apart immediately. They shot themselves directly towards Honored Lord of the Origin and Sect Leader Tongtian after leaving two pieces Origin Power. Noticing that, Laozi did not intercept them. The attack of the Flag of Six Souls almost destroyed the Original Spirits of the two. After all, being incarnations, they were much weaker that the Original Spirit of the Sage.

When the Origins came back, Sect Leader Tongtian and Honored Lord of the Origin felt pleased, as they owned complete Origins finally. Sect Leader Tongtian had only intended to kill Supreme Pure One Taoist so to take back his lost Origin, while he took Honored Lord of the Origin's as well. He may took it in passing, or just to cut the final fetter.

While apparently, both the two did not sustain their good moods for a long time. Impacts of the attack inside the God-killing Sword Formation had already expanded, and disciples of four religions all suffered from that. Even Daluo Golden Immortals would obliterate immediately in the attack. The four Sages promptly took actions and tried to save their disciples.

Nevertheless, the attack was so supremely fierce which made the whole Untainted Land shaking. All people heard the roaring sound once it fell on Untainted Land. What was more, another crackling sound appeared after that, which shocked them all. The Untainted Land even...broke.

As far as people could see, disasters took over the whole land: mountains fell, earth splited, the Four Seas roiled, and the Heaven darkened, all of which contributed to a doomsday-like scenery. Numerous creatures lost their lives while the rest ones strived to live. All Sages and others then realized that things indeed escalated to a dire extent.

Moreover, Goddess Nvywa from Wahuang Heaven turned up unexpectly, so did Houtu. When Untainted Land broke, the Cultivation Tribulation of God Deification Ceremony ended. Thus, Houtu would not be restrained by the two Cultivation Tribulations that restrained her to stay in The Nether World. Now that Untainted Land broke, Houtu had to come. Given that she was incarnated by Pangu God the Father, she was responsible for protecting the Land.

At the same time, two rays of golden light dropped from the sky, which were the Investiture of the Gods and Gods-hitting Whip activated by Hongjun for the God Deification Ceremony. The two treasures' appearance signified the termination of the Cultivation Tribulation of God Deification Ceremony. The two fell over Jiang Ziya's arm, which did not cause too much disputes. Compared with this, the Sages worried more for the breaking Untainted Land.

Cracks could be seen everywhere in nowadays Untainted Land. Though most of it had not been broken, with time going by, it could totally break soon or later. If people should not make remedies, all creatures in Untainted Land would be in utter misery. Nevertheless, what surprised all was that Ancestor Hongjun, who had merged himself with the Way of Heaven, did not turn up, which was indeed weird.

However, given that Untainted Land was going to break, they did not have time to consider that. The Seven Sages looked at each other and reached an agreement. They made movements together and began to stablize Untainted Land. With their powerful strength and the Way of Heaven's as well, they immediately slowed down the breaking of Untainted Land. However, this might not be a long-term solution.

If Untainted Land broke, Air of Chaos of Heaven would roar in. Besides, abundant Air of Destruction derived between Heaven and Earth. While the two kinds of Air raged on in Untainted Land, creastures dissipated, messes were everywhere and death were widely seen. In such case, varying powers and hermitic Almighties in Untainted Land took actions.

Since Heavenly Court located over Heaven, it could not be immune to that. Haotian happened to have prepared for that. When all immortals filled into their position, a gigantic Formation suddenly rose up in the Heavenly Court, which was the Cosmic Stars Formation. Given that the Heavenly Court took over all stars in Untainted Land and got the Map of Formation with the help of Liu Er, it was not hard for them to set the Formation. Haotian stablized Heavenly Court and kept out Air of Chaos by this Formation.

At the same time, a Formation rose in Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. It was the Nether World Book Formation of Zhenyuanzi, which was set to stablize the leyline of Untainted Land. Moreover, it offered Zhenyuanzi an opportunity to comprehend the Great Way of Earth. Now that he only had a half step to Origin, he could enter the Realm of Origin once he obtained some enlightenments.

Human Tribe took a quick reaction as well. Four Ancestors of Humanity and Three Royals and Five Emperors returned to the Holy Land of Human Tribe at once and set the Veridical Martial Origin Formation so to suppress the breaking of Untainted Land. Besides, Yu the Great even called the Nine Tripod Cauldrons of Yu the Great, by which he tried to steady nine provinces of Human Tribe with people's united mind. However, he could not do more help for other places.

All people of Wu Tribe, Demon Tribe, Dragon Tribe and so on spared no efforts to prevent the breaking of Untainted Land. Though they were not as powerful as the Sages, they might be a little helpful. Yet there was one person who took no action at all, and that was Minghe who was above Tongguan's city gate. He remained absolute indifferent as if it had nothing to do with him.

Noticing that, Laozi could not help shouting, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, since Untainted Land is going to break, please help us." Hearing Laozi's words, Minghe suddenly stood up. He looked at the fragmented Untainted Land and smiled, which surprised the Sages all. How could Minghe beam at this urgent moment?

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