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Minghe was speechless regarding Liu Er's behavior. Liu Er had always been impatient. And due to his reckless action, he became a Rakshasa earlier. But that was fine. Minghe nodded his head in satisfaction because although Liu Er's behavior was a little bit opportunistic, he had still achieved his goal, which saved him many years of cultivation.

Although Liu Er's aptitude was good, it somehow fell short of Minghe's expectation. Therefore, Minghe had arranged this shortcut for him, or Liu Er would have had to spend 129,600 years to accumulate enough power to cross over the Divine Punishment to become the Rakshasa. In this way, Liu Er did not have to experience that, but his Real Body of the Rakshasa naturally could not compare to Minghe's.

Minghe's Real Body of the Mazinger was unstoppable and even could defeat Laozi, while Liu Er's could only compare with that of Zhunti and Goddess Nvywa. It meant that the gap between those two in terms of cultivation was really large. Though this shortcoming was obvious, Minghe still had his own considerations. Liu Er was his disciple, so he would not joke around with Liu Er's future.

Nowadays, the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth was less abundant than it had been before in Untainted Land, and it suffered an additional loss after the crisis of the breaking of Untainted Land. If Liu Er did not actualize during these days, due to the thinner and thinner Spiritual Air, it would take him many more years to accumulate enough power to build his body as strong as Minghe's while he was passing tribulation. And nobody knew whether Liu Er could possess enough power before his Cultivation Tribulation arrived.

It would be different if he actualized his Tao first. A Rakshasa was different from a Primordial Mazinger and a Postcelestial Creature in that it could completely absorb the Air of Chaos to enhance his human body and turn it into the Origin of Chaos. Though the Spiritual Air was thin in Untainted Land, the Air of Chaos in the Chaos was inexhaustible. Though Liu Er needed to spend quite a lot of time to enhance his foundation after he actualized his Tao, it was much better than the former plan.

Everybody was shocked when they witnessed Liu Er actualizing his Tao. Was it really that easy to become a Rakshasa? They had not expected that two Rakshasas would show up in Untainted Land successively. Besides, those two had a master-disciple relationship. This definitely made all the cultivators who had tried their best to actualize the supreme Tao speechless and shocked. Comparisons were odious. Nothing could be better than having a good teacher.

After actualizing his Tao, Liu Er reverted back to his original appearance. Walking over to Minghe, he grinned and said, "Master, I made it." Looking at Liu Er, Minghe found that Liu Er's three thoughts of good, evil, and obsession had returned back into his body. He was similar to how he looked when he had taken him as an apprentice, but his realm was different now.

Minghe flicked Liu Er's head with his finger and said with a smile on his face, "Don't be too complacent. Your Real Body of the Mazinger is too weak. Go back now. It's time for me to do something." Liu Er felt pained, but he was still grinning. He stepped back and looked at the other Sages.

"The time for Minghe to do something?" These words made all the Sages and living beings of Untainted Land totally shocked. At that urgent moment during the crisis of the breaking of Untainted Land, they were really shocked when Minghe had helped Liu Er actualize his Tao, but they had not expected that it was just the start. Minghe still had something to show them. As powerful and mad as Minghe was, what would he do for his next step?

Without caring about what the others were thinking, Minghe took action. Three rays of flowing light rushed out of Minghe's body, turning into his Three Separations. Then, Minghe and his Three Separations started moving. Minghe stepped toward the broken location of Untainted Land and the Three Separations went as well. It seemed that Red Lotus Taoist and Musen were protecting Heaven and Earth Taoist.

Upon arriving, Heaven and Earth Taoist looked at the broken pieces of Untainted Land and excitement flashed through his eyes. Maybe it was nothing for the others, but it was a supreme tonic for Heaven and Earth Taoist. Suddenly, he turned into a shadow like a black hole, shouting, "Heaven and Earth are supreme, consuming the heaven and earth."

A supreme power of suction emerged from the black-hole incarnation of Heaven and Earth Taoist, sucking all the broken pieces of Untainted Land, living beings, and even the stars around, and then he swallowed all of it. At the same time, the World of Heaven and Earth grew at a rapid rate after consuming all of the broken pieces.

All the Sages were totally shocked. They had not expected that a small chiliocosm existed inside of Heaven and Earth Taoist. They thought that Heaven and Earth Taoist was just proficient at the Law of Space, but what he was doing now obviously accelerated the growth of his small chiliocosm. After all, those broken pieces of Untainted Land contained abundant powers of the Origin.

Heaven and Earth Taoist's small chiliocosm was at the lowest level, while Untainted Land was different. Although Minghe did not clearly know the level of Untainted Land, he thought that it should at least match the great trichiliocosm. Thus, every piece of the chiliocosm's Origin was a great supplement to the World of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, the World of Heaven and Earth grew at a very rapid rate.

Seeing this, Honored Lord of the Origin shouted, "Minghe, are you mad? How dare you let your separation swallow the Origin of Untainted Land!" Honored Lord of the Origin had no time to stabilize Untainted Land, so he waved his Pangu Banner to start an attack at Heaven and Earth Taoist. Right at the same time, Laozi, Jieyin, and Zhunti also took action. As for Houtu, she planned to take action but stopped for a second.

Heaven and Earth Taoist was protected by Red Lotus Taoist and Musen, so Honored Lord of the Origin alone could not hurt him any. Therefore, Laozi, Jieyin, and Zhunti joined hands. The Way of Heaven would be weakened once Heaven and Earth Taoist swallowed Untainted Land's Origin, which would greatly influence the power of the Sages. They had to stop him.

However, what the four Sages had not expected was that the one who tried to stop them was not Minghe, Red Lotus Taoist, Musen, or Liu Er, but Sect Leader Tongtian. The four Sages' attacks were all swallowed by Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation. Tongtian suddenly realized the real purpose that Minghe had chosen to trade with him.

Now, Tongtian understood the situation clearly. Though Heaven and Earth Taoist was protected by Red Lotus Taoist and Musen, the real purpose of the latter two was not to guard against the Sages but to protect him from Hongjun and the Way of Heaven. Therefore, Minghe chose to deal with him, and the trading terms were too tempting for him to refuse.

Facing Tongtian's inexplicable interception, Laozi shouted, "Tongtian, what the hell are you doing? Don't you know the result of swallowing the Origin of Untainted Land? Don't forget that you are a Sage, too. The only one who can get benefits is Minghe, not you. Get out of our way right now!"

Hearing Laozi's question, Sect Leader Tongtian answered coldly, "It's none of your business. I have my reasons to do this. I think you should focus on the places that haven't broken yet. Just look!" Just then, for a short moment when Laozi and the other three Sages were attacking Heaven and Earth Taoist, Untainted Land broke even more, and the places that remained became even weaker.

Discovering this change, the four Sages had to consume their power to firm up Untainted Land. The breaking of the entire Untainted Land might do more harm to them than the Origin of Chaos swallowed by Heaven and Earth Taoist. Facing the resistance of Sect Leader Tongtian, the four Sages could not spare all of their efforts to fight with him. Therefore, they could only give up.

Upon seeing this situation, Minghe smiled. It seemed that the Way of Heaven could not find a chance to stop Heaven and Earth Taoist's behavior temporarily. This was a good chance for them. However, Red Lotus Taoist and Musen also needed to be alert. It would be awkward if they were to fail. And although what Minghe planned to do was really insane, he had made the perfect preparation to guarantee every step.

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