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Furthermore, the reason Sect Leader Tongtian dared do this was because he was sure his God-killing Sword Formation could not be broken even if the four Sages were to unite. His cultivation was equal to that of Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin. However, Zhunti's was not as high now that his Holy Body had been recently slaughtered. Since one of the four had been badly hurt, it would not be easy for them to break the formation.

In the Blood Sea, Minghe smiled when he noticed what had happened there. He also did not know if the four Sages could break the God-killing Sword Formation when it was refined to perfection. Actually, maybe Sect Leader Tongtian was also not fully confident of a victory. Among the four Sages of the three religions, Laozi was the most unpredictable one. Even Minghe did not know what kind of ace in the hole he might be holding.

With this opportunity, Minghe hoped to see Laozi expose his ace in the hole under the suppression of Sect Leader Tongtian. Even if he did not, Minghe could figure out his actual cultivation level through this battle. This was all related to his further plans. If he knew them better, then he could be more prepared. It was really a good opportunity.

A month later, everyone left Jiepai Pass. In this battle, the Sages would arrange their formations and the five Sages would fight with each other. Thus, even Sages-to-be did not dare to stay there. Therefore, except for some birds singing and beasts roaring, the entire Jiepai Pass was as silent as hell. It was even a little bit stifling.

However, far away from Jiepai Pass in all directions, a great many Individual Cultivators gathered to witness the Sages' battle. They came to observe the power of the Sages and were also very curious about who would win this battle. Could Sect Leader Tongtian beat the other four Sages on his own or not? Though many of the cultivators did not think Tongtian would win, some of them had a little expectation.

Late in the morning, a figure appeared in front of Jiepai Pass. It was Sect Leader Tongtian. After a while, four cultivators arrived riding on clouds. They were Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti. When the five Sages were gathered, the atmosphere around suddenly became strange, even if they did not say anything, which made the cultivators that were present alert.

Glaring at Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin, Sect Leader Tongtian showed a hint of anger in his eyes. Though he had already known that the four Sages had united, he had not expected they would all come together from Mount Shouyang. Did that mean that they had discussed some tactics together to fight against him? Thinking about this, Sect Leader Tongtian felt a little bit miserable.

But this feeling disappeared very swiftly. A person like Sect Leader Tongtian would not be easily influenced. He waved his sleeve and the God-killing Sword Formation showed up over the Jiepai Pass, powerful and unstoppable. Compared with the formation arranged by Luohou many years ago, the God-killing Sword Formation was much more terrifying. When it showed up, the Evil Spirits from Heaven and Earth gathered immediately. Its momentum alone could make all the living beings of Untainted Land scared.

After completing the formation, Sect Leader Tongtian looked at the four Sages in front of him and said in a cold voice, "Since the God-killing Sword Formation has been arranged, I will wait for you four inside." At the end of his words, he turned back and moved into the God-killing Sword Formation. Immediately, this formation changed and its unstoppable power became suddenly restrained. From the outside, it seemed that it was not actually the God-killing Sword Formation.

Laozi and the other Sages changed complexion upon viewing this scene. They had witnessed the God-killing Sword Formation arranged by Luohou and the one arranged by Tongtian when mending the sky. However, those two were nothing compared to this one. Beneath its peaceful appearance, it contained terrifying Menace Intent.

Looking at each other, the four Sages stepped into the God-killing Sword Formation. Inside it, a God-killing Sword was hanging facing east, an Immortal-killing Sword toward the south, an Immortal-trapping Sword to the west, and an Immortal-eliminating Sword to the north. It formed into a shield with gloomy Killing Intent, while the abundant Evil Spirits inside enhanced its power.

When they saw this, the four Sages chose one sword gate to break through respectively. Years ago, Hongjun also chose the same method to break through Luohou's God-killing Sword Formation. However, this God-killing Sword Formation was not the former one. Sect Leader Tongtian sneered when discovering that the four had planned to emulate Hongjun's method. It was now time to let them feel the unstoppable power of the updated God-killing Sword Formation.

After the four had gone into the sword gates, Sect Leader Tongtian started the seal formula and said, "The four sword gates are cycling, killing all the gods and immortals. Kill!" At the end of his words, the four sword gates inside the God-killing Sword Formation suddenly disappeared, and then the Evil Spirits started to surge. With all the Sword Aura of Chaos crisscrossing, the inside of the formation was full of Menace Intent.

The four Sages naturally noticed the Sword Formation's changes, but they could not make any reaction when facing the endless Sword Aura of Chaos. Right at that moment, Laozi finally discovered the strangeness of this formation. With the Baraka Exquisite Pagoda hanging over his head, Laozi's complexion changed when he noticed that the God-killing Sword Formation's surviving gate had disappeared.

With things proceeding like this, Laozi would not deserve his title if he did not discover the change to the God-killing Sword Formation. Looking at the formation full of Menace Intent, he muttered to himself, "What's going on? Has Tongtian completely fixed the God-killing Sword Formation?" Suddenly, Laozi's face changed color as he screamed out, "No! We are trapped!"

The four sword gates had just now disappeared, but why would they have shown up in front of them before? They were obviously set there to separate them. Laozi was not worried about Honored Lord of the Origin or Jieyin, but as for Zhunti, it was different. Though Zhunti had gotten the Emerald Lotus Flag back from Medicine Buddha, he could not resist the attack of the God-killing Sword Formation even with the help of the flag, especially when he was injured.

At the side of the Immortal-slaughtering Watchtower, Zhunti had shown his Ninety Feet Golden Body, with the Emerald Lotus Flag hanging over his head and the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures in his hand. He waved the Magical Tree continuously to resist the attack of the Sword Aura of Chaos with difficulty. Looking at his Emerald Lotus Flag now, which was shaking under the attack, Zhunti felt aggrieved. He had not expected the God-killing Sword Formation to be so powerful, but what he did not know was that Sect Leader Tongtian had "paid more attention to" him.

At the Immortal-trapping Watchtower, with the Baraka Exquisite Pagoda over his head and the Map of Taichi beside him, Laozi was able to resist the attack of the powerful Sword Aura of Chaos. However, if he wanted to break through the God-killing Sword Formation, he needed the other three Sages to unite. Laozi was really worried about Zhunti's condition. If Zhunti failed, Sect Leader Tongtian would find a way to defeat them one by one.

When Laozi was thinking about the solution, the formation surged greatly. Laozi's face again changed color. He knew that since the formation had not been broken, someone had to get out of this formation. Now, only three Sages stayed inside, so it was nearly impossible for them to break through the God-killing Sword Formation, unless... When thinking about this, Laozi displayed a complex expression on his face.

Outside the God-killing Sword Formation, Zhunti's retreat out of it shocked all the cultivators around. Only a few days had passed by, but Zhunti tried his best to get out of the formation and embarrassed himself. His robe was torn to pieces. Blood-stained and pale, he had obviously been badly injured. As soon as he was out, Zhunti recovered as usual, but his pale face was proof of his embarrassment from before.

It had been said that the God-killing Sword Formation could not be broken even by the four Sages. And now that Zhunti had failed, did this mean that this formation could no longer be broken? Would Sect Leader Tongtian win this battle? Some Individual Cultivators were excited about seeing Sect Leader Tongtian defeat the four Sages by himself. However, a few days later, the ending was not like what they had expected.

Suddenly, the God-killing Sword Formation was broken, and the four Sages appeared one by one. Taking back his God-killing Sword Formation, Sect Leader Tongtian looked at Laozi furiously, saying in a resentful way, "Laozi, you really deserve to be famous for your tranquility and inaction. I have been your brother for thousands of years, but I hadn't expected you to be such a jerk. Well, well, well, from now on, the Three Pure Ones will never exist in this world. I am Tongtian Taoist, not Sage Supreme Pure anymore."

As he concluded his words, thunder roared from the sky. It was obvious that the Way of Heaven had agreed with what he said. Then, Sect Leader Tongtian left in anger. Looking at Tongtian's shadow, Laozi displayed a hint of bitterness on his face. Even though they had broken Sect Leader Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation, Laozi was not delighted at all. And only he knew the reason.

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