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Sect Leader Tongtian's aggressive war invitation astounded the entire Untainted Land. Ever since the Sages had existed, they had never fought against each other. The only one who had done so was Minghe. Now Sect Leader Tongtian invited Honored Lord of the Origin to war with the God-killing Sword Formation, which would certainly be a stunning war. However, many held a negative view about that war's result.

Now among all the tactical formations in Untainted Land, the God-killing Sword Formation, the Cosmic Stars Formation, the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, and the Veridical Martial Origin Formation were the Four Mysterious Formations, among which the God-killing Sword Formation was extremely powerful and could not be broken by anyone but the four Sages united together. Though Sect Leader Tongtian possessed a profound cultivation, the four Sages—Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Western Jieyin, and Zhunti—were all present. If the four Sages united, the God-killing Sword Formation would be broken.

Anyone with a discerning eye could easily see that. Yet Sect Leader Tongtian still invited war with this formation. Did he expect that Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin would not ally with the Two Sages of the West considering the fame of the Three Pure Ones? Honored Lord of the Origin, Laozi on Mount Shouyang, as well as Jieyin and Zhunti on Square Mountain all failed to figure out what Sect Leader Tongtian could be relying on to invite war with this formation.

Confused, Honored Lord of the Origin went to Mount Shouyang. And upon seeing Laozi, he waved his sleeve to release the disciples of the human and Chan tribes whose Five Auras in their chests had been sealed and the Three Flowers on their heads had been cut. He hurriedly asked, "Elder brother, do you think their cultivation can be restored?" In any case, Honored Lord of the Origin had no solution.

Glancing at the disciples in the main hall, Laozi sighed and said, "What a strong Winding Yellow River Formation that totally destroyed their cultivation. If they had stayed in the formation longer, perhaps the possibility of recovery might have been lost forever." With great wisdom, Laozi immediately recognized the condition of these disciples.

When he heard that, Honored Lord of the Origin was quickly overjoyed. However, Laozi said, "Now their Five Auras in their chests are sealed and Three Flowers on their heads are cut, so their previous cultivations are all destroyed. They have no choice but to restart their cultivation. Fortunately, their enlightenment of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal still exists. Only one Nine Cycles Golden Elixir pill can help them return to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal cultivation. Yet, perhaps they won't be able to reach their peak status. If they want to recover their cultivation completely, they'll need to restart cultivation again."

Upon hearing this, Honored Lord of the Origin's happy expression disappeared. Though the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir could produce a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal expert, they could only reach the early stage. Without a large number of resources, it was impossible for them to recover totally. However, there were not many resources except for the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir that could help them recapture their cultivation in a short period.

Other possible effective resources were the Peaches of Immortality of the Heavenly Court, Zhenyuanzi's Ginseng, and Minghe's yellow plum tree. Zhenyuanzi was friendly with Minghe, so he would not help them. Minghe was totally out of the question. Then there was only the Peaches of Immortality of the Heavenly Court. Yet, the Sages did not get along well with Haotian or Yaochi. If they asked for it without offering a corresponding reward, Haotian might not allow it. Since Haotian was the governor of the Heavenly Court appointed by Ancestor Hongjun, it was not good for the Sages to snatch the Peaches of Immortality.

Irrespective of Honored Lord of the Origin's thoughts, Laozi waved his hand, got a gourd, poured out some Nine Cycles Golden Elixir and distributed it to those disciples of the Human and Chan tribes. Then Laozi, who typically attempted nothing, also showed a miserable expression. The Nine Cycles Golden Elixir was different from other elixirs, not only because it was difficult to refine, but also because many of its materials were hard to find in Untainted Land and what he had stored was also limited.

After the disciples took the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir, Laozi waved his hand and injected a flash of Green Light into their bodies to help them digest the power of the elixir. Then he waved his hand again to send them to the silent room where they could restore their cultivation without interruption. Now there were only Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin in the main hall.

Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Laozi and said, "Elder brother, in one month, Tongtian will arrange the God-killing Sword Formation at Jiepai Pass. This makes me feel strange. It is said that the God-killing Sword Formation can't be broken unless the four Sages unite together. Now the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect have already united together. It is not difficult to get the four Sages to gather. Tongtian is not an arrogant guy, but he still insists on setting this formation. Does he have another purpose?"

Laozi frowned when he heard those words. What Honored Lord of the Origin said was exactly what confused him. Why would Sect Leader Tongtian arrange the formation now that he knew clearly that he would fail? Did he just want to fight with them? It should be impossible. Then why? Pondering that for a long time, Laozi still could not figure out a potential answer.

At just that moment, Jieyin's and Zhunti's voices came from outside the mountain. "Fellow Taoist Laozi, Fellow Taoist Origin, your brothers are visiting you." As they heard this, Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin looked at each other, then they went outside the mountain in a flash. Jieyin's and Zhunti's purpose for the visit was obvious. The Three Flowers of their some disciples had also been cut.

Looking at Jieyin and Zhunti, Laozi said, "I warmly welcome you. Please come in." Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin led Jieyin and Zhunti back to the mountain. The four sat opposite each other. Laozi asked while knowing the answer, "Why do you two Fellow Taoists come to my Mount Shouyang. Is there anything we can help you with?"

Upon hearing that, Zhunti cursed in his heart. Laozi definitely knew their intention. Now that they were seeking help from them, he could only say, "Fellow Taoist, as you know, in the Winding Yellow River Formation, the Three Flowers of the talented disciples in our three tribes were all cut and their Five Auras were also sealed and their cultivations were all destroyed. I hear that you have a kind of elixir named the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir which can help them restore their cultivation. Therefore, we have come for some."

When he heard this, Laozi said indifferently, "Maybe you don't know that an intricate process is required to refine the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir. Moreover, many of the materials are rare. Our disciples also need it, so we don't have any extra to give to you." How could they obtain the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir without offering a reward?

As he heard that, Jieyin's face turned to one of misery. He said, "Please take it easy. We won't ask for the elixir without paying something. We have a Supreme Treasure in the Western Religious Sect named the Merit Pool of Eight Treasures, which has accumulated some pool water. It can help our disciples restore some cultivation and heal their injuries. So, what's your intention?"

Laozi nodded. He had heard of this Merit Pool of Eight Treasures. It was good that the Western Religious Sect would like to share this treasure. In this way, disciples of the three religions could recover most of their cultivation. Although the water in the Merit Pool of Eight Treasures did not compare to the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir, now that they were allies, Laozi did not want to reach an impasse with them.

With the help of the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir and the Merit Pool of Eight Treasures, most of the cultivation of the disciples of the three religions was restored in a few days. What remained could only be cultivated with their own efforts. Seeing the empty Merit Pool of Eight Treasures, Jieyin felt extremely distressed. It had been accumulated by the Western Religious Sect for several years, and now, nothing was left. Yet, Zhunti was lost in thought seeing the Clan of Enlightenment's disciples.

Just now, when observing how the disciples of the three religions restored their cultivation in the Merit Pool of Eight Treasures, Zhunti accidentally discovered that some disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment were potentially related to the Western Religious Sect. This was out of his expectation. Now that the three religions had united, Zhunti had to restrain himself, but when the Battle of the Gods Investiture ended... Thinking about this, he wore a strange smile.

Solving the problem of the three religions' disciples, the four of them began discussing the war with Sect Leader Tongtian one month from now. If they united, the God-killing Sword Formation would be broken. However, they could not figure out why Sect Leader Tongtian did this now while clearly knowing the result. They wondered whether it was out of self-confidence or other factors. Without that being clear, they continuously felt anxious.

Of course, they could not find out the reason. The God-killing Sword Formation had been mended by Minghe. Though only a little defect had been restored, the Sword Formation's power was strengthened greatly. Now, it could undermine Luck, and the fact that it could not be broken by anyone but the four Sages united begot the possibility that it might not even be broken by the four Sages united. That was the source of Sect Leader Tongtian's confidence.

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