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Just before, Zhunti had forcefully escaped from the God-killing Sword Formation, which put great pressure on Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin. Overwhelmed with the pressure, Laozi changed his countenance a little. After endless inner struggles, Laozi made his final decision, which was to use his trump card to Break the Formation.

Laozi was particularly an expert at converting an aura into the Three Pure Ones, then three figures jumped out from Laozi—the "Grand Pure One" Taoist, the "Jade Pure One" Taoist, and the "Supreme Pure One" Taoist. Among them, the "Grand Pure One" Taoist was similar to Laozi while the "Jade Pure One" Taoist was similar to Honored Lord of the Origin, leaving the "Supreme Pure One" Taoist to be similar to Sect Leader Tongtian. Each was in the Early Stage of the Origin.

When they appeared, Sect Leader Tongtian, who was managing the tactical formation, greatly changed his complexion. Seeing that Laozi could get the Three Incarnations at the Early Stage of the Origin to appear did not surprise him. But he was startled when he felt his own and Honored Lord of the Origin's vital force of the Origin from the "Supreme Pure One" Taoist and the "Jade Pure One" Taoist, respectively. Although it was not much, it could clearly be felt.

Meanwhile, Honored Lord of the Origin in the God-killing Watchtower was also confused about what on earth touched off his Origin. He certainly had a reaction toward the appearance of the "Jade Pure One" Taoist when Laozi called upon the Three Pure Ones, but the feelings loomed because of the disturbance of the God-killing Sword Formation.

Looking at Laozi, who was Breaking the Formation, Sect Leader Tongtian became furious and burned with anger because Laozi would snatch his Origin to refine Magic Skills without caring about their bond of brotherhood. Therefore, he felt that he had been greatly deceived. Millions of years of brotherhood was entirely just his wishful thinking.

At just the moment that he was staring blankly, the God-killing Sword Formation was broken by Laozi. After coming back to his mind, he waved his hand, brought his God-killing Sword Formation back, and left without saying a word, only leaving the somewhat amazed Jieyin, Zhunti, and the confused living beings of Untainted Land. Certainly, Honored Lord of the Origin was the exception.

After leaving the formation, Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Laozi with confusion, feeling his Origin, the vital force of "Jade Pure One" all around, and saw the response of Sect Leader Tongtian. Being a Sage, how could he not get the point? Hate and anger welled up in his heart, but there was a sense of helplessness as well. He suppressed them in the end.

The Battle of the Gods Investiture did not end, but Honored Lord of the Origin needed to oppose Sect Leader Tongtian with Laozi. Although it was not the time for them to be opponents, the Three Pure Ones had become strangers, only leaving Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Sect Leader Tongtian. Glancing at Laozi coldly, Honored Lord of the Origin turned back toward Mount Kunlun.

Laozi looked at Honored Lord of the Origin and sighed after noticing his expression. Though an aura could be converted into the Three Pure Ones in the Early Stage of the Origin within a short time, that skill was refined by Laozi through collecting the Origin of Honored Lord of the Origin and Sect Leader Tongtian before they were born. Once it was used, the Three Pure Ones would disappear. Hence, it had been not used before.

Laozi also went away after seeing that Sect Leader Tongtian and Honored Lord of the Origin had left one after another. Standing on a cloud, he displayed an extremely bland expression, which was similar to a pool of backwater without any ripples. At the moment, what was he wondering about? No one knew. Was it worth giving up the bond of brotherhood for a skill? He was not clear about it either. In his calm eyes, a sort of confusion disappeared in a flash.

Although Jieyin and Zhunti did not know what had happened, they were clear that it was good news for the Western Religious Sect that the Three Pure Ones had disappeared and the bond of brotherhood had been severed. Originally, they felt that it would be hopeful for the Western Religious Sect to advance toward the east as Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin fell out with Sect Leader Tongtian. At present, Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin broke off as well, leaving them a great opportunity.

The God-killing Sword Formation was broken and there were no movements in the Tribe of Severity. The Western Zhou army, like a hot knife through butter, had defeated the Shang Dynasty army again and again. After several months of continuous fighting, the army from Western Zhou was not far away from the capital of the Shang Dynasty, so Bo Yikao and Ji Fa decided to temporarily take a rest for several days, then they could conquer Zhaoge, the capital of the Shang Dynasty, in one vigorous effort.

On Golden Island, a formation was operating methodically, with its power not inferior to that of the God-killing Sword Formation. The formation, called the Immortals Formation, had a formation in its Eye of Formation, which was in Sect Leader Tongtian and his God-killing Sword Formation. In addition, there were Taichi, the Yin and Yang Formation, as well as the Four Signs Formation, with each interrelated. It was the super formation set by the entire second generation of the Tribe of Severity as well as disciples of the third generation.

Within several months, Sect Leader Tongtian called all the disciples of the Tribe of Severity back to exercise the formation. The formation had enormous power, making it difficult to control. Therefore, it took time to be familiar with the formation. It was because of this that Western Zhou could be so successful in attacking the Shang Dynasty. Otherwise, given that disciples thwarted them, it would be unlikely for them to arrive at the center of the Shang Dynasty.

Noticing that the God Deification Ceremony had come to its end, Minghe greatly expected that the purpose of Sect Leader Tongtian's movements was obviously to have a final fight with the three religions. Whoever would win did not matter to Minghe. When the fight would begin, something surprising that had been prepared by Minghe would come as well.

However, Minghe was not startled to learn that the Three Pure Ones had broken off their bond of brotherhood, but he found it curious that an aura had been converted into the Three Pure Ones. Perhaps the aim of Laozi doing so was not just related to having the Incarnations of the Three Pure Ones. But Minghe did not care about that.

The Original Spirit of Pangu was divided into the Three Pure Ones with its blood linkages changed into the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, who could set the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation to call upon Real Entity of Pangu. Then what would happen when the Three Pure Ones integrated into a single thing? The Original Spirit of Pangu or Rakshasa? Minghe was very curious about it. Supposing that he had an opportunity, he would have a fight with Laozi to see what kind of trump card Laozi possessed.

In the Nether World, Houtu looked at the battle between the five Sages in Jiepai Pass with a sort of anticipation. After the Cultivation Tribulation, she could be free from the Nether World, where she had been in arduous cultivation for so many years. She thought that her cultivation would not be inferior to that of Lord of the Origin, Sect Leader Tongtian, and Jieyin. Moreover, she had a Primordial Supreme Treasure, the Bell of Chaos, so she did not fear any Sages.

Furthermore, with her hands reaching out, 12 small banners rotated in her hands. The 12 small banners, which were exactly the Twelve Sticks Divine Beings Banner, were refined by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery and had never appeared again after the final battle between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. She gazed at them with a somewhat strange complexion. The sole thing left by her brothers were these Twelve Sticks Divine Beings Banner. However, it was weird that there was not any sad expression on her face.

Then she came back to her mind after a long time of gazing, and as her lips moved, nothing could be heard. But she became very grave, as if she had made a decision. After raising her head to look at the Blood Sea, an intricate look appeared on her face but then was replaced by something firm.

A temporary silence made the entire Untainted Land feel stifling. All the living beings of Untainted Land knew that it was a crucial time for deciding the results of the Battle of Gods Investiture. The Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect had been waiting for it while the enemies from Western Zhou had been ready to attack the last place in the Shang Dynasty. Even though there seemed to be no movement in the Tribe of Severity, the power and influence on Golden Turtle Island indicated that they had prepared for it as well.

Chaos and tranquility coexisted in Zhaoge, which was the center of the battle. Confronted with the upcoming army from Western Zhou, the ministers were in trepidation, especially the crafty and fawning ones. Nine-Tailed Fox and Jade Pipa Spirit, enjoying countless Luck of the Human Tribe, also became worried. Although their cultivation had been raised a lot, it would be unlikely for them to survive in the fight with the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect.

In order to stay alive, the two demons decided to flee rather than stay there waiting to be killed, even though they might fail. Perhaps they would make it. Nevertheless, a figure appeared before they were about to leave. That person looked at them and said coldly, "Do you want to run away?"

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