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Staring at Kong Xuan, Xuandu said nothing but to activate the tactic. Suddenly, tens of thousands of flashes of the True Concentration Fire were released, turning into numerous firebirds and flying towards Kong Xuan from all directions, leaving him nowhere to hide. As the True Concentration Fire was far from some regular flames, an ordinary man would have been seriously injured or died without a defensive magic weapon.

Looking at the firebirds coming from all directions, Kong Xuan did not even show a hint of panic. He fanned the Five Colored Glaze Fan slightly, and then tens of thousands of firebirds just disappeared immediately without a trace. However, a current of Sword Aura shot towards him right away, at a speed so fast that ordinary people could not react to it timely. Nevertheless, highly cultivated as Kong Xuan, he fanned again, and the Sword Aur just vanished.

Kong Xuan gazed at Xuandu and said indifferently, "Don't tell me that's all your power. It's impossible for you to defeat me with such an attack. Show me your real power and surprise me with the law of the descendant of the 'Grand Pure One'." The Divine Five Colored Light could fan away anything of the Five Elements. Thus even more attacks would be in vain.

Hearing that, Xuandu revealed a faint smile and said,"It was just temptation. However, I found out one thing. My teacher once told me that you abandoned your Heaven Endowed Magic Skill the Divine Five Colored Light, did the separation with the Divine Five Colored Light and then combined the Five Phases Separations to obtain the Mix Nascent Core. It seems that my teachers' words were correct, or my sword would have been fanned away by the real Divine Five Colored Light."

Kong Xuan raised his eyebrow and smiled to say, "So you were testing whether I had abandoned the Divine Five Colored Light. Indeed, I fanned the Divine Five Colored Light by the Five Colored Glaze Fan. It only boasts one-fifth of the power of the original one. But that's enough to confront you."

The two talked easily on the cloud, while the disciples of the three religions were shocked. The fierce Divine Five Colored Light Kong Xuan just presented only showed one-fifth of its original power. That was far too unbelievable. But it was even more incredible that Kong Xuan abandoned his Heaven Endowed Magic Skill only to find another way to actualize his Tao. That was insane.

Nevertheless, the descendants of the Blood Sea were all certainly mad. The master Ancestor Minghe realized his way of Rakshasa and left his Three Separations to actualize the Mix Nascent Core. The first disciple Liu Er boasted profound cultivation and was mad enough to confront the Honored Lord of the Origin directly. Now, Kong Xuan, another lunatic, abandoned his Heaven Endowed Magic Skill just for an ambiguous way to actualize his Tao. Is there any sane person in the Blood Sea?

But this news could be inspiring for the disciples of the three religions since a fragmented Divine Five Colored Light offered them a chance to take advantage. Kong Xuan could not be underestimated. Given that even the incomplete Divine Five Colored Light was hard to deal with, the disciples' incompetent cultivation and worse Magic Weapons compared with Xuandu, a small mistake could lead to their defeat.

Xuandu stared at Kong Xuan and waved his sword. Suddenly, numerous black and white Sword Auras came out, transforming into two Dragons of Flood in black and white with bared fangs and brandish claws, and roaring resounded through the sky. As the two Dragons of Flood were transformed by something outside the Five Elements, the Auras of Yin and Yang, they could not be fanned away by the Divine Five Colored Light.

Glancing at the dragons rushing towards him, Kong Xuan grinned and said, "Xuandu, though the Auras of Yin and Yang don't belong to the Five Elements, my Divine Five Colored Light can also fan them away." He waved the Five Colored Glaze Fan slightly, and then the two Dragons of Flood dispersed and the Auras of Yin and Yang vanished eventually.

Xuandu was taken by surprise since he did not expect that the Divine Five Colored Light could be so fierce towards something even outside the Five Elements. Concerning the present Divine Five Colored Light, he could imagine the real power of it. However, to actualize, Kong Xuan abandoned it without hesitation, which was indeed admirable. Xuandu wondered if he could make the same decision as he did.

The two fought for a long time, with Kong Xuan taking the upper hand. As for Xuandu, being the only disciple of Laozi, he naturally owned varying Magic Weapons. However, as the Divine Five Colored Light was too mighty, even though Xuandu captured the proper timing to use Magic Weapons, he lost several weapons to Kong Xuan. Thus he could only use the Auras of Yin and Yang to fight with Kong Xuan, which contributed to his disadvantage.

The disciples of the three religions started to worry. Now that Xuandu was obviously at a disadvantaged position, daring not to use Magic Weapons even though he boasted abundantly. What a shame! If it were not for his Auras of Yin and Yang, they would have been defeated already.

When confronting a master like Kong Xuan, even numerous people may not work. Given that all Magic Weapons might be taken away by the Divine Five Colored Light, any attack within the Five Elements was invalid against Kong Xuan, and few disciples could master the law outside the Five Elements, even though there were a large number of disciples in the three religions, they couldn't help. Besides, ordinary disciples were incapable of a fight between Sages-to-be.

Seeing Xuandu was in disadvantage, Dipamkara, Guang Chengzi and Medicine Buddha looked at each other and flew to the clouds. They wanted to fight against Kong Xuan with joint hands. Noticing that, the disciples of three religions were greatly surprised. It would not sound well if it got out that four Sages-to-be of the three religions fought Kong Xuan alone. However, it was the only wise way to deal with the fierce Divine Five Colored Light, since no one seemed to be Kong Xuan's match in the three religions.

With Xuandu in the east, Dipamkara in the west, Guang Chengzi in the south, and Medicine Buddha in the north, the four surrounded Kong Xuan. Kong Xuan burst into laughter and said, "Great! I won't be afraid even though you have four people. Come and show me your ability." Kong Xuan showed no fear. He did not present his full strength before because he had been wary of the other three, or Xuandu would have been defeated already.

Dipamkara stared at the vigorous Kong Xuan with varying thoughts crowding into his mind. He eventually said, "Kong Xuan, you are highly cultivated with your incomparable Divine Five Colored Light. We know that we can never match you if we fight you alone, so we can only fight you with joint hands. I hope you will not begrudge to present your power." Even though the four fought Kong Xuan alone, these words were dignified, though, shameless as well.

In the east, Xuandu glared at Kong Xuan, lift the sword in black and white, closed his index and middle fingers and moved them from the handle of the sword to the middle of it. Then endless Auras of Yin and Yang came out of the sword, eventually forming a majestic spiritual dragon in black and white. Xuandu pointed at Kong Xuan, and the spiritual dragon rushed towards him, the dragons were several times stronger than the former two, which seemed to be the real strength of Xuandu.

In the west, a horsetail whisk appeared in Dipamkara's right hand. Dipamkara waved it, then numerous Auras of the 'Jade Pure One' formed into a shape of a sword. The Aura of the 'Jade Pure One', the special skill of the Honored Lord of Origin, can only be used by a highly cultivated disciple of the Clan of Enlightenment. It seemed that Dipamkara obtained profound enlightenment of the 'Jade Pure One', or he could not have shown such mastery.

But this is not finished. Dipamkara activated the Taoist Seal with his left hand. Then several black Auras came out, melting into the sword formed by the Aura of the 'Jade Pure One'. The sword turned into ink black immediately. Wisps of Auras of death appeared among the vitality of the 'Jade Pure One', which was the Way that Nirvana Dipamkara had comprehended. As Nirvana was equal to death, the Aura of Nirvana would not be quite bearable.

In the south, Guang Chengzi activated seals, and abundant Auras of the 'Jade Pure One' came out, eventually shaping into a gigantic seal, the same as his Smashing Seal. Guang Chengzi created it through his enlightenment of the Smashing Seal. Thus it was extremely powerful. Whoever got hit by it would either die or be injured. After all, the seal was built while Guang Chengzi was comprehending the Smashing Seal, which combined a small part of Mount Buzhou. Therefore, it naturally boasted some characters of Mount Buzhou, which contributed to its fierce strength.

In the north, Medicine Buddha shook his body and turned into a Seventy Feet Golden Body, exactly as the Ninety Feet Golden Body of Zhunti and Jieyin, only twenty feet smaller. However, its strength could not be underestimated: each of the 18 arms held one instrument, waving with every move of the golden body. Numerous golden lights gathered in his chest turning into a huge symbol, which looked like a swastika and ran to Kong Xuan directly.

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